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Durable, Lightweight Matrax Capable of Supporting Heavy Loads

Matrax is a lightweight plastic ground protection system. This system can support loads of heavy equipment and large crowds. The panels interlock, forming a stable base for large stages and grandstands or safe access for forklifts, site traffic, and heavy goods vehicles. The system offers an all-in-one solution that combines several properties relevant to floorings. The ground protection system provides optimized load distribution and creates even surfaces. Moreover, it protects sensitive turfs due to its translucent quality.


  • Pedestrian-friendly textured grip and surface flush cam-lock connections create a seamless working surface
  • The material is 100 % recycled and is proudly manufactured in the USA
  • The internal geometry combined with the product’s physical properties results in a mat with a load rating of 3.63 t per m² (80,000 lbs per sq ft).
North & South America
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Special ground issues, difficult terrain? No problem. Our team has got the right solution for all your needs.


The Matrax ground protection system features translucent panels. These panels permit sunlight allowing natural grass to grow for 14+ days. The individual panels have non-skid surfaces and solid undersides. This combination offers seamless contact with surfaces beneath.

Product Description

Panels are lightweight, enabling quick handling, deployment, and transport. The Matrax system uses 100% recycled HDPE materials and is entirely manufactured within the USA.

In grey or translucent white

The lightweight ground protection mats are available in grey or translucent white. They are 3.80 centimeters (1.50 inches) high and weigh only about 21.50 kilograms (47.50 pounds) each. They measure 1.22 by 1.22 meters (48 x 48 inches) – 10 centimeters (4 inches) less on each side in cover dimensions. The panels are made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE).

Stable, durable, and reusable

The thermoplastic material of this type is stable and durable. Also, the material is 100 % reusable. The slightly structured surface ensures optimal hold. The panels, connected in pairs, are delivered on pallets. Each pallet is equipped with 25 pairs of mats. If required, we are happy to take care of transport, construction, breakdown, and final cleaning.

Technical Data
Polyethylene (HDPE)
Dimensions (l x w x h)
1.12 × 1.12 × 0.038 m (44 × 44 × 1.5 in)
Approx. 21.50 kg (47.5 lbs) per panel
Slightly textured
Transparent and grey
Ramps for smooth vehicle access, PE foil, geotextile
16 Pallets à 50 panels per standard trailer
Approx. 992 m² (10 677.80 ft²)
Optional Extras

The corresponding tool required for laying the ground protection or fixing the connections is included in the scope of delivery. Furthermore, you can extend the ground protection system with flat ramps. These ramps are suitable for wheelchairs, which comply with the US ADA standards for accessibility under building law.

Gentle access and exit for wheelchair users

The ADA ramps create smooth transitions to the adjacent floor and ensure gentle access and exit for wheelchair users. These are ideal for smaller vehicles that can drive on the light yet robust event floor covering. Matrax is a versatile ground protection system covering sensitive surfaces and many different needs.


  • ADA Ramps to ensure smooth transitions to subsurface and facilitate wheelchair access
  • Optional range of underlays to protect the subsurface and adapt to ground conditions
  • Transition products to seamlessly connect Matrax panels with other ground and turf protection systems
  • Compatible with eps’ range of drivable and pedestrian flooring
  • Cable Protectors are available to safeguard equipment and audiences on the event floor


Matrax is a lightweight plastic and pedestrian-friendly ground protection system, often used in stadiums – here at a Coldplay concert


Matrax has several advantages. The extremely low weight facilitates and accelerates both transport and the construction and breakdown phases. Altogether, the system offers easy handling. The simple and intelligent design comes with an integrated vertical locking system and dispenses with loose parts. This makes it a lightweight and manually installable solution with panels that are easy to connect and disassemble.

Translucent: Longer Lying Time

As a hybrid system, the solution proves to be a real all-rounder. In addition to balanced load distribution and flush surfaces, the stable ground protection mats also protect sensitive lawns. This is particularly important in the case of natural grass. Thanks to their translucent nature, the panels promote photosynthesis. This means that natural turf can be covered longer with Matrax than with other drivable event floorings.

Advantages and Benefits arrow down
  • Pedestrian-friendly textured grip and surface flush cam-lock connections create a seamless working surface
  • The weight distribution of load protects the sub-surface and reduces compression
  • The material is 100 % recycled and is proudly manufactured in the USA
  • The internal geometry combined with the product’s physical properties results in a mat that attains a load rating of 3.63 t per m² (80,000 lbs per sq ft)
  • Optimal performance on flat, stable ground
Application Details arrow down

A festival on the grass track of a racetrack or a concert on the green area of a stadium needs these solutions. These situations require solid stage foundations, work surfaces or access roads, and additional lawn protection. The functional, drivable event flooring is suitable for temporary use.

For Natural and Artificial Lawns

It can also maintain natural and artificial lawns. This system creates smooth, stumble-free, and stable surfaces for all event participants. You can also drive on Matrax with smaller construction vehicles.