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Flat and Laterally Expandable Cable Protection Covers

The intelligent AMS system is a versatile, low-profile cable protection system. Moreover, it comes with various unique parts and ramps suitable for wheelchairs. The ramps are often necessary with other systems. However, this cable ramp solution has a separate center and ramp sections. Moreover, you can also permanently connect center sections in width and extend them as necessary.


  • You can extend the modular connection system, flat in width and as necessary.
  • Available as 5-channel standard system or as a 3-channel XXL variant for large cables or hoses
  • Various ramp types, including extra-flat ADA ramps
North & South America
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Construction Sites
Cable Routing Across Driveways
Laying Through Audience Areas
Multicore cable routing to FOH

Special cable protectors issues? No problem. Our team has got for all your needs the right solution.


We offer a cable protection system with five cable channels or an XXL version with three channels. The latter is suitable for cables and hoses with larger diameters. We make all elements of the AMS System from durable polyurethane. Therefore, these feature a profiled, non-slip surface. Moreover, the central parts consist of a black plastic housing and a hinged red lid.

Product Description

Another plus of the AMS System is the Extra-flat ADA ramps. These provide accessibility. The XXL design includes red links to connect XXL centerpieces. Similarly, these wheelchair-accessible ramps can also connect to centerpieces. Sometimes, there is a change in the longitudinal direction between red ADA and black space-saving standard ramps. Therefore, we have triangular connecting pieces in black or blue.

Different Variants and Ramp Types

The 5-channel-centerpiece weighs approximately 7.30 kilograms (16.10 pounds) and is about 31 centimeters (12.20 inches) wide and 4.80 centimeters (1.90 inches) high. Similarly, the XXL centerpiece weighs approximately 9.30 kilograms (20.50 pounds). It is about 23 centimeters wide (9 inches) and 7.70 centimeters high (3.10 inches). Both variants are 91 centimeters long (35.80 inches). The overall width varies depending on the variant, ramp types, and the number of center sections joined laterally.

Technical Data
PU (polyurethane)
Dimensions (l x w x h)
AMS 5-channel (modulare system): 0.91 × 0.31 × 0.048 m (35.8 × 12.2 × 1.9 in)
AMS XXL 3-channel (modulare system): 0.91 × 0.23 × 0.08 m (35.8 × 9.0 × 3.1 in)
AMS 5-channel: 7.30 kg (16.1 lbs)
AMS XXL 3-channel: 9.30 kg (20.5 lbs)
AMS 5-channel: 40 per dolly / steel box
AMS XXL 3-channel: 40 per dolly / steel box
Optional Extras


The AMS System in action: at the Coldplay concert in the Olympiastadion Berlin and at the Muse concert in the Giuseppe Meazza Stadium or San Siro, in Milan


We recommend our GIGS Multicore Barricade Module or our GIGS Flex. This is true for those who need to pass the cable protection bridges under barriers. Similarly, this creates optimal conditions. Therefore, the AMS system guarantees the supply of power and more.

Advantages and Benefits arrow down
  • Protects lines on the ground, guests, personnel, and equipment
  • You can extend the modular connector system, flat in width and as necessary
  • Available as 5-channel standard system or as a 3-channel XXL variant for large cables or hoses
  • Best drive-over properties, as you can get a level surface even in the lateral extension
  • Various ramp types, including extra-flat ADA ramps
  • Various special pieces for flexible solutions
  • Non-slip
Application Details arrow down

The lateral extension offers a clear advantage. Other solutions create depressions when you place ramps side by side. However, the AMS system ensures a level and better walkable and passable surface. Moreover, this is true even in the lateral extension. Similarly, you can also plug the individual elements together in the transverse direction. This will help increase stability.

Flexible and Precisely Fitting Cable Protection Lines

The system consists of several special parts and ramp types. Therefore, this makes it possible to implement flexible and precisely custom-fit cable protection lines. Similarly, the AMS System securely encloses temporarily laid cables. Therefore, it protects people at construction sites, events, or other locations.