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Benefits of Ground Protection Mats in Los Angeles

eps is the leading name in the field of ground protection mats. eps has a worldwide service network with 24 offices. Moreover, eps is the epitome of the ground protection system in the USA. The ground protection mats in Los Angeles are the result of technological advancement.

Los Angeles is a city with global appeal. Every day, thousands of events take place here. Furthermore, the infrastructure industry of Los Angeles is flourishing day by day. Therefore, the demand for ground protection systems is consequently increasing. eps is the best quality manufacturer of these mats in Los Angeles.

What Is a Ground Protection Mat?

A ground protection mat is a temporary surface that protects the floor underneath. It increases the efficiency of work by covering the rough surface. Moreover, its core purpose is protecting grass. It also serves as an anti-slip surface.

What Are Different Types of Mats in Los Angeles?

There are different types of lightweight mats in Los Angeles. The types vary depending on the requirements of the location. In addition to this, the load capacity also determines the choice. These are all roll out. Roll out means that they come in rolls of a certain length. Following are the common types in Los Angeles: –


The length of this product is 2.4 meters. It can easily accommodate low to medium loads. Moreover, it is also very suitable for sloppy terrains. These are lightweight mats that are easy to install.

HD Panels

The HD panel is another type. It has a length of 2.5 meters. It has a thickness of 2 inches. The design of HD panels makes them suitable for heavy equipment. Furthermore, they can support the load of construction equipment. Moreover, they can be used to create a temporary passage like a road. The HD panels find their best use in the construction industry. In short, they are heavy-duty floor mats.

Box Panels

The standard length of Box Panels is 2.44 meters. Box panels are heavy-duty panels made of aluminum. The aluminum makes them robust. They can withstand heavy loads. Box Panels are mats for heavy equipment.

Arena Panels

Arena panels come in a length of 2.15 meters. They are suitable for large events with thousands of people. They provide a uniform surface. Moreover, they are inexpensive for grass protection. Arena panels are lightweight mats that can accommodate large crowds.

Benefits of Using Ground Protection System in Los Angeles

Ground Protection Mats in Los Angeles 05.jpg

They have a number of advantages. They are best suited for any large-scale event. However, the construction industry is also using them for heavy equipment. The following are the main advantages: –

Anti-Slip Hazard

These lightweight mats are all made of fibrous polyethylene. Both of these materials are anti-slip. In an event with thousands of people, the problem of slipping may occur. The grass surface is very prone to slipping.

Therefore, we need a flooring material that is slip-resistant. Hence, these roll out mats can counteract the slippery surface. They provide a non-slip that you can walk on without the risk of slipping. Moreover, they are best for grass protection.

Bearing the Loads of Construction Equipment

The use of ground protection mats for heavy equipment is on the rise. A construction industry needs temporary passageways so that their machines can work smoothly. The roll out mats can provide a temporary roadway for use. These lightweight mats can support loads of heavy equipment. They are the temporary road mats that provide smooth surfaces for construction equipment.

Flexible to Install and Remove

The major advantage of these ground protection mats is their easy installation. They are simple ground protection mats. It only takes a couple of hours to install them in a large area. Just roll out these mats to cover your area. It is also very easy to take down the mats. All you have to do is to roll the mats back.

Protects the Grass

During large events, the turf is the most susceptible to damage. Therefore, a mat is the best possible option for grass protection. Moreover, the upper porous layers provide air to the grass. These portable tent floorings are a great tool to protect the grass.

Use On Uneven Surfaces

Most of the time, we come across uneven surfaces. Moreover, the construction machinery also needs a smooth surface to work properly. You can use these lightweight mats on uneven surfaces. The aluminum surface provides a firm surface on which the machines can work. Temporary road mats are extremely beneficial for vehicles on uneven terrain.

Countering Pollution

Spills happen all the time at large events with thousands of people. The spillage damages the ground underneath. If there is grass underneath, the damage becomes even worse. However, these mats are the solution for grass protection. They ensure that the spillage does not reach the surface underneath. Therefore, the grass is safe from spills. Moreover, you can easily clean up solid food spills.

Why Should You Choose eps for Ground Protection Mats in Los Angeles?

Ground protection mats are the ultimate underground savior. eps is a world-famous brand in this field. Moreover, eps offers a variety of different mats depending on the area. Therefore, you can choose from any of these mats depending on your need. Furthermore, eps provides top-notch customer service for all its services. The products from eps are durable.

Are you looking for ground protection mats in Los Angeles? Contact eps.