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Carefully guide employees and vehicles across the construction site

Appropriate traffic engineering behind the barrier keeps construction site traffic flowing. Moreover, you have to pay attention, particularly on large construction sites. Every day, construction materials are delivered and transported onward, or construction debris is removed.

There is the hustle and bustle between workplaces, parking areas, sanitary facilities, offices, and recreation rooms. Therefore, you must carefully plan construction roads and walkways to guide transport vehicles safely. Moreover, you should pay attention to the safety of construction machinery and employees and visitors across the construction site.

Safely guide away from obstacles.

Moreover, we offer protective equipment with a special signaling effect for road safety. Similarly, this includes roadway dividers and cable protection bridges. Therefore, these safely guide vehicles past or over obstacles. Moreover, these include a sophisticated cable protection system. Similarly, you can also extend the system to a flat width and supplemented it with extra-flat ADA ramps.



Suitable road safety and protective devices must secure cables or hoses that run temporarily over roadways or sidewalks. A cable bridge or hose bridge fulfills several functions at once.

It fixes C-hoses, power cables, or other wires and guides them neatly along the ground. Moreover, cable bridges protect the cables from damage. Similarly, these protect against electrostatic discharge and avoid tripping hazards.

Cable Protection for heavy-duty traffic

Moreover, heavy-duty cable ducts allow transporters and construction machinery to drive over them gently. We offer maximum support for simple floor channels for construction offices and overrun protection for heavy-duty traffic. Moreover, cable protection is available in numerous forms.

In addition to such protective measures, guardrails and lane dividers also ensure the safety of man and machine. Moreover, our guidance systems are ideal for guiding routes and direct traffic for speed bumps or guides walls.

Guide traffic orderly

Long-term construction sites on large-area or less clear sites require precise regulation and lane delineation. This helps guide traffic in an orderly manner. Moreover, some of these protective measures are also ideal as approach barriers in parking lots, temporary transition zones, or lane narrowing to calm traffic.


In addition to separating traffic and walkways, there are many other safety aspects to consider on a construction site. These include cable protection bridges. Therefore, we offer cable protection solutions of various sizes, designs, and load-bearing capacities. Moreover, these come with easy-to-fold covers.

Their traffic engineering modular design opens up a high degree of flexibility. Therefore, it allows them to be optimally adapted to local conditions. Moreover, the non-slip, tread-resistant profile increases safety for vehicles and construction site personnel.

Extendable solution

Signal colors guarantee fast perception. Therefore, the cable bridges are easily recognizable from a distance. Moreover, it leads to a reduction in driving speed similar to a speed bump.

Similarly, you can extend our AMS cable protection solution in width as required. Therefore, it can accommodate a vast number of cables and hoses. Moreover, the joined center sections create a level surface. Supplemented by mainly flat ramps suitable for wheelchairs, this system provides optimum accessibility for trucks, forklifts, and the like.


We are also the right partner for those who want to rent traffic engineering solutions. These include water-filled traffic barriers. Moreover, the red and white lines created by the individual elements have a signaling effect.

Similarly, you can fill each guide element with water or with sand. Moreover, it has reflectors, so that marked lanes and borders are visible even in the dark.

Usable over long periods

Water-filled traffic barriers: If you choose plastic for such a lane divider, you benefit from the robust nature of the material. Therefore, you can use the individual elements over long periods.

A simple plug-in system makes it possible to assemble and disassemble stable yet movable link chains quickly. Therefore, you can enjoy flexibility in two respects. Moreover, you can invariably assemble the firmly interlocking plastic elements up to an angle of 90 degrees. Similarly, you can implement changes at short notice in no time at all.


Moreover, we can provide you with the best traffic engineering solutions for shorter or longer-term rental periods. We can handle everything from planning to transport, assembly, and dismantling to final cleaning. Therefore, you can enjoy everything from a single source. As an inexpensive alternative, we also offer our material for self-collection.

Create safe construction site conditions

Moreover, we carry associated components such as end pieces, corner elements or other special elements, and various types of ramps. Similarly, these complement the respective cable bridges. Therefore, we keep the necessary accessories on hand as a matter of course.

Moreover, thoroughly functional and safe construction site equipment is our goal. Therefore, construction projects run without incident and stay on schedule: Traffic engineering.