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Provide Safe Viewing Solutions for Any Event Location

Get up close and personal with the action – our temporary grandstands are designed to turn every event into an unforgettable experience. Whether you’re standing and cheering on marathon runners at the finish line or sitting and enjoying a solo violin concert, our systems offer the best vantage point. Our standing grandstands and seated grandstands can also be equipped with benches, seat shells, and upholstered covers to enhance comfort. Quick to set up and dismantle, you can install them at various locations, providing clear views and superior comfort.

Modular and Space-Saving Design

Our stable systems come with appropriate safety certificates, and their modular construction and space-saving design allow for optimal use of space. This means that in addition to constructing traditional arenas, you can easily set up spectator stands for events in city centers or other challenging locations in no time.

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Temporary Grandstands: Frequently asked questions

Which temporary grandstands are available, and which systems are suitable for what? How important is the public space? And where is silent installation particularly relevant? Here are all the answers to these and other questions. Enjoy reading!


Modules and frames in a modular design: Our temporary seated and standing grandstands allow optimal adjustment to the size of the crowds. The mainly used materials – steel and aluminum – provide high stability. Moreover, space-saving standing bleachers, such as our five-tier folding grandstands, can accommodate large crowds even in the smallest spaces. On the other hand, a seated grandstand provides ideal comfort and a good view. Both systems are suitable for indoor and outdoor use, which allows the audience to enjoy concerts, sports, or other events everywhere in the best possible way. Last but not least: We have the safety certificates for every grandstand system in our range.

Temporary Grandstands: Flexible, Fast, and Simple

The temporary five-tier grandstand is a flexible construction that can be set up and folded quickly and easily. Depending on requirements, you can connect several modules. In addition, the space-saving design creates plenty of room for large crowds, even in limited spaces. On the standing areas of this stable and load-bearing steel and aluminum construction, spectators get a safe platform to witness the athletes’ finish at close range, even in narrow streets.

Temporary Grandstands: Excellent View with High Seating Comfort

When seating is required, we recommend our alternative grandstand system. Temporary grandstands based on this system can serve as standing versions but also come with benches and seating shells. The grandstand seats have strong floorboards and a stable frame made of steel and aluminum. So, these offer an excellent view with high seating comfort. Height differences on the ground can be easily leveled out.


We mainly use steel, aluminum, and planed wood for our temporary grandstands, i.e., durable and renewable materials. Simple plug-in connections ensure the lowest possible wear on the individual construction elements. In addition, gentle handling and winter maintenance work help guarantee our equipment’s long-term usability.

Long-Term Use and High Transport Capacities

Above all, the multiple and long-term use contributes to the sustainability of our temporary grandstand systems. In addition, the high transport capacities are also beneficial and enable a reduction of CO₂ emissions.


  • Long-lasting and sustainable materials
  • Simple plug-in connections help avoid wear
  • Regular maintenance work extends the longevity of the material
  • High transportation capacities


Temporary Grandstands guarantee the best view at major events in famous locations, such as here at the Wimbledon Championships in London or at the Cologne Carnival


The rising rows arranged like stairs reach considerable heights, depending on the design. Therefore, the importance of stability is obvious. All temporary grandstands from our range meet the requirements of the statics and have a valid certificate of approval, which we regularly renew.

Robust and Non-Flammable

Furthermore, our temporary grandstands are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The substructure of all load-bearing and bracing elements is made of non-combustible aluminum and steel, which is especially important indoors. Moreover, the robust materials withstand wind and weather.


The basis of the flexible and self-locking plug-in system is a simple modular principle, which makes it ideal for creating linear and arena-shaped structures. You can assemble even larger grandstand constructions quickly and easily using modules and scaffolding. At the same time, the stands can be precisely adapted to the number of visitors and various surfaces. Another advantage of the folding standing grandstand is: The system is known for its noise-free installation – an aspect that is relevant in quiet inner-city areas, residential areas, or similar locations.

Ramps, Wheelchair Ramps, and Co.

Our range of products includes various extensions, such as special components for additional rows of seats or ramps for platforms used as wheelchair ramps. All kinds of accessories complete the product range, including labels for individual seat numbering, adapters for attaching flags, and covering the bleachers with gauze.

Planning, Approvals, and Administrative Issues

On request, we are happy to provide transport and assembly/disassembly services. Moreover, we can provide support during the preparation phase with a site inspection, site measurement, precise planning of the grandstand positioning, handling approval procedures, and necessary dealings with the public administration. Our temporary grandstands open up custom-fit solutions for events of all kinds.


  • Location measurement and CAD Drawings
  • Handling of local approval and administrative requirements
  • Delivery and removal
  • Assembly and disassembly
  • Label equipment
  • Final cleaning
  • Maintenance


Our temporary grandstands are certified and meet all national and international standards and regulations requirements. The possibility to quickly compensate slopes and uneven surfaces is an essential advantage in terms of the stability of standing and seating grandstand systems. And after all, stability is the top priority for temporary structures.

Fire Protection Measures, Emergency Routes, and Barriers

Many other factors influence the safety assessment of a grandstand structure. These include fire protection measures, escape routes in compliance with regulations, barriers, and fixed seating. Our temporary grandstands meet all safety requirements.


Logistics processes, in general, still generate a large proportion of carbon dioxide emissions. So, we are also focusing on the transport efficiency of our products. After all, it is essential to operate more sustainably.

650 Spectator Seats Per Truck

The transport capacities of our temporary grandstands are high. In other words, material for around 650 spectator seats fits on one truck. This is how we keep our ecological footprint as low as possible.

Road Races
Sporting Events
Corporate Events


Short-term events, such as festivals in undeveloped areas or other non-traditional locations, often require temporary grandstands that can be set up and dismantled quickly and easily. With our solutions, you can create grandstand systems in no time, providing ample space for many event guests.

On Grassy Areas, Asphalt Squares, or The Sea

Our temporary grandstands are designed for seating and can be adapted to various surfaces. For example, they create the perfect conditions for open-air concerts on grassy or asphalt surfaces. They are also ideal for a beach volleyball match by the sea or a motocross event in a stone quarry.

Ideal for Small Areas

Temporary standing bleachers, such as our folding system, are characterized by their space-saving design and low-noise assembly, making them particularly suitable for inner-city events such as bicycle races, marathons, parades, or rallies, where many spectators need to be accommodated in small areas. Whether standing or seated, our temporary grandstands provide spectators with a safe vantage point to enjoy the event to its fullest.


Special Temporary Grandstands request? No problem. Our team will be happy to help you.


Would you instead look on your own first? Our checklist can assist you in selecting the right product. Check it out.
  • How many steps or rows do you need to provide space for all visitors?
  • How much space is available at the venue? Which model helps you optimize the area?
  • Which event is it about, and which system fits best?
  • Is seating or standing required for the event?
  • Do you need protective turf or ground protection for the location under the bleachers?
  • Are seating numbers needed? And does this require more appropriate accessories?