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Temporary Grandstands ensure a safe view at any event location

Live and close at hand; temporary grandstands turn every event into an experience. Whether you are standing up and cheering on the marathon runners at the finish or sitting and admiring a violin concert soloist, our systems provide the best vantage point.

Clear view and enhanced comfort

The standing grandstands and our seated grandstands can also come with benches, seat shells, and upholstered covers. Moreover, these offer a clear view and enhanced comfort. Similarly, we test the stable systems thoroughly. In addition to this, we also offer corresponding safety certificates.

Modular and Space-saving Design

Space-saving design and modular construction of our temporary grandstands allow optimum use of available space. In addition to the construction of classic arenas, there are other uses for these. You can also use these spectator stands for events in the city center or at other challenging locations.



Short-term events such as festivals in still undeveloped areas require a temporary grandstand. You can quickly and easily set up our systems. With our solutions, you can make temporary grandstands in no time. Moreover, these are capable of accommodating large crowds of event guests safely.

For Large Numbers of Visitors

The tiered rising rows offer spectators a safe vantage point. Moreover, they can use this vantage point to follow the action in the best possible way. We offer space-saving temporary grandstands without seating, such as our mobile folding grandstand. Similarly, these can accommodate large numbers of visitors even in the smallest of spaces.

Best Experience From a Great Viewpoint

In addition to a good view, seated grandstands also offer an extra level of comfort. Our range of comfortable grandstand seats is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Our adaptable systems help your audiences to get the best experience from a great viewpoint.


The standing grandstand is a flexible, quick, and easy to deploy grandstand construction. You can also connect several modules. Moreover, you can adjust height differences in the ground. Also, the space-saving design creates plenty of space for large numbers of visitors, even in confined spaces.

Suitable for Inner-City Events

This makes the standing grandstand particularly suitable for inner-city events, such as:

  • Cycling Races
  • Marathons
  • Processions
  • Parades

These can accommodate spectators in a small area. In the standing areas, our solutions offer spectators the opportunity to experience the finish line’s thrill. Moreover, they can use our solutions to enjoy the action up close, even in narrow city streets. The stable and load-bearing aluminum construction offers low-noise assembly. Moreover, it is certified to all static requirements.


For a greater comfort level, we recommend our grandstands with benches and seat shells. In addition to this, you can also get matching upholstered covers. The grandstand seats offer robust floorboards and a stable steel and aluminum frame. Moreover, this combination offers an excellent view with high seating comfort.

Self-locking plug-in system

The flexible and self-locking plug-in system uses a simple grid principle. Therefore, it can offer linear progressions and curved progressions. In addition, it adapts to a wide variety of surfaces. Moreover, it is ideal for:

  • Open-Air Concerts in Meadows
  • Beach Volleyball Tournament by The Sea
  • Motocross Event in A Quarry


You can tailor our temporary grandstands standing according to the size of the expected crowd. Moreover, you can also set up larger grandstand constructions with the modular scaffold system. The range also includes various extensions, such as:

  • Special Components for Additional Rows of Seats
  • Ramps for Platforms Used as Wheelchair Viewpoints

Labels, Flags, and More

All kinds of accessories complete the range, including:

  • Labels for Individual Seat Numbering
  • Adapters For Attaching Flags
  • Additional Ballast Options

Moreover, we will be happy to assist you with transport, construction, and breakdown.

Precise Planning and Approval Procedures

We can also support you during the preparation phase by carrying out site inspection, site surveying, and precise planning of the grandstand positioning and handling approval procedures and necessary administrative procedures. Our temporary grandstands open up tailor-made solutions for events of all kinds.