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Single or Multi-Layer: Drivable Plywood for Light to Heavy Loads

Plywood is universally applicable. It is suitable for covering natural surfaces, such as lawns, plastic floors, and tartan tracks. The easy-to-work wooden panels can be used to build short paths, roads, and surfaces quickly. The load-bearing capacity depends on the nature of the floor to be covered and on the layers laid.


  • High transport and cost-efficiency
  • Allows for onsite flexibility and adaptability
  • The ease of installation makes Plywood suitable for dry hire
North & South America
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Special ground issues, difficult terrain? No problem. Our team has got the right solution for all your needs.


Plywood consists of thin layers of wood glued and pressed into a single robust panel. It is easy to transport as a relatively lightweight material, and you can install it manually. The nature of the material makes it easy to process and cut to size, resulting in a wide range of bespoke applications.

Product Description

The 2.4 centimeters (1 inches) high Plywood panels are made of solid layered wood. They are 2.44 meters (8 feet) long and 1.22 meters (4 feet) wide. Each panel can cover an area of around 3 square meters (32 square feet). Also, the stable wooden panels have smooth surfaces on both the top and bottom.

Versatile Applications

The highly durable and versatile ground protection system is available in the natural color of wood. We supply these units in stacks of 50 panels. In addition to transport, we can also take care of the installation, the dismantling, and the final cleaning.

Technical Data
Uncoated, glued wooden board (Elliotis pine)
Dimensions (l x w x h)
2.44 × 1.22 × 0.02 m (8 × 4 × 1 ft)
Area: approx. 3 m² (32 ft²)
Approx. 35 kg (77 lbs) dry
Up to 50 kg (110 lbs) damp
PE foil, geotextile, special ramps (steel)
12 Pallets à 50 sheets per standard trailer pallet
Approx. 1,800 m² (19,375 ft²)
Optional Extras

We also have protective underlays to counteract any indentation on the covered floor. You can lay out the underlays before the installation of the panels. This way, it is also possible to prevent the bottom of the panels from becoming too dirty.

Best Protection and Optimal Load Distribution

For soft floors, we recommend tear-resistant geotextile. This fleece underlay is also suitable for higher loads. For harder soils and low loads, we provide PE foil. In extreme loads, such as when using a crane on the sensitive lawn of a football pitch, the three- to four-layer panels may have to be additionally stabilized with steel panels, wooden planks, or both supplements. Plywood provides the best protection for grounds and ensures optimum load distribution.


  • Optional range of underlays to protect the subsurface and adapt to ground conditions
  • Supa-Trac and eps Pro are effective solutions for pedestrian access requirements
  • Box Panels, Arena Panels, and LD Rolls can facilitate heavy-duty, pedestrian-friendly vehicle access


Plywood is quickly ready for use and withstands even heavy vehicles on soft surfaces due to the very good load distribution


This solution offers high transport and cost-efficiency. What’s more, various possible applications characterize this drivable event flooring. Another essential feature is the rapid construction of short transport routes and the excellent load distribution on soft grounds.

Easy to Process and Cut to Size

The material makes it easy to process and cut the panels to size. On the one hand, this results in a wide range of applications. On the other hand, it fills gaps and allows surfaces to be precisely laid. However, wood is more susceptible to weather influences. Humid panels are prone to high solar exposure.

Pay Attention to The Weather Conditions

Thus, and because of the slippery nature of the boards when wet, you should not use them in spectator areas. Since the floor covering is neither translucent to light nor permeable to air, we recommend a maximum of three days of rest on sensitive green areas, depending on the weather conditions.

Advantages and Benefits arrow down
  • High transport and cost-efficiency
  • Allows for onsite flexibility and adaptability
  • Capable of supporting high point loading when installed in multiple layers on a firm subsurface
  • The ease of installation makes Plywood suitable for dry hire
  • Suitable for flat ground conditions
  • As sunlight and air cannot penetrate the wood, the system is optimal for short-term installs
Application Details arrow down

Depending on the intended use, the floor protection system is laid in one or more layers. For example, one layer is enough for temporary transport paths such as mixer roads to supply the lighting and sound equipment with the necessary material. You can also use the ground protection system to create substructures for small stages and grandstands.

Even for High Point Loads

You can optimally distribute even high-point loads in multiple layers. For example, the ground cover, which protects the base, offers additional protection at stadium entrances. It also provides ample protection for driving vehicles such as forklifts, cranes, or trucks. Plywood is also used to construct heavy-duty roads, ramps, or other safe transitions, for example, via drainage channels.