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Tour Essentials Supplied in Robust Space Optimizing Road Cases

We offer professional-level Concert Touring Equipment for catering and backstage areas. We deliver our products in custom road cases, whether you want from fans to refrigerators. Our road cases offer maximum damage protection and ease of loading. All electrical units are plug-and-play. Moreover, we can provide you with voltage convertors as per tour requirements.


  • Optimize utilization of truck space
  • Can withstand the continuous unloading, unpacking, repacking, and loading of tour life
  • Stackable and easy to maneuver
North & South America
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Temporary Event Spaces

Special equipment needed? No problem. Our team has got the right solution for you.


Reliable and appropriate fire extinguishers are necessary for every event. We have class B carbon dioxide extinguishers (CO2). Also, we have ABC powder extinguishers. The concert touring equipment also includes refrigerators and freezers in several sizes.

Product Description

There’s room for plenty of drinks behind the fridge model’s glass door. Moreover, the door holds 290 liters (79.61 US liquid gallons). Similarly, our energy-efficient freezers offer storage space for every food and beverage requirement. It offers capacities of 258 and 461 liters (68.16 and 121.78 US liquid gallons). The units feature refrigeration control, interior lighting, and condensation drainage.

Generous Counter Surface

Our twin-basin stainless steel sinks have a counter surface. So, you can use this for washing large quantities of dishes. They feature integrated hot water heaters, freshwater, and gray-water connections. Moreover, they also feature larger handwashing basins with integrated wastewater outlets in alloy steel with integrated water heaters.

Cooling On Hot Summer Days

Our air-circulation fans ensure cooling on hot summer days. Therefore, they are stable and height-adjustable. Moreover, they feature low-noise operation and come with four-speed settings. We will happily take care of the delivery and removal on request. Also, we can handle the assembly and disassembly of the Concert Touring Equipment.

Optional Extras

The Concert Touring Equipment also includes a first aid kit per the current standard. This kit ensures quick first aid in case of need. Moreover, it contains all the necessary utensils. So, you will find everything, from simple plasters to bandages and rescue blankets for emergencies.

For All Needs and Requirements

Moreover, we offer various accessories necessary as part of the setup. These include practical socket strips with switches, cables, cable drums, adapters, cable ties, and gaffa tape. Waste garbage cans and brooms for clean lounges and event areas complete the range. Therefore, our Concert Touring Equipment covers all needs and requirements.


  • First-aid kits meeting DIN 13169 standards
  • Cable, cable drums, and adapters
  • Waste bins, brooms, and much more
  • Consumables such as cable straps or gaffer tape
  • Beyond our standard tour materials, eps can provide a wide range of service equipment to suit your tour needs, from full kitchen suites to furniture and heating systems


We offer professional-level Concert Touring Equipment: practical furnishings and appliances for catering and wardrobe areas


Our Concert Touring Equipment comes in practical cases. This proves advantageous for transport and handling on-site. You can easily move the robust transport boxes on wheels from A to B by hand. Therefore, this can allow short-term rearrangement or relocation. Moreover, the mobile boxes offer optimum protection for high-quality equipment. Resistant and durable materials such as stainless steel also ensure durability.

Quiet Even at The Highest Power Level

You can store large quantities of food and beverages in the spacious freezer chests and cabinets. Furthermore, the stable fans come with the convenience of regulating height and speed optimally. Moreover, they are particularly quiet even at the highest power level.

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  • Optimize utilization of truck space
  • Can withstand the continuous unloading, unpacking, repacking, and loading of tour life
  • Stackable and easy to maneuver
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With our Concert Touring Equipment, you can take care of artists and crew members backstage or trade show personnel in the fastest way possible. The extensive event equipment provides the necessary comfort in the backstage area. For example, it covers essential basic needs in dressing rooms or other common areas, whether chilled water, snacks, or simply fresh air.

Basic Equipment for Every Event

Mobile appliances ranging from refrigerators to freezers ensure the refrigeration of food and beverages. Therefore, these can cater to the event team or guests at the after-show party. A sink provides clean cutlery and dishes. Fans ensure well-ventilated lounges, especially pleasant in high temperatures or after a fast-paced performance. Fire extinguishers are also part of the basic equipment for every event. These optimally round off the Concert Touring Equipment.