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Safe and Secure Access to the Venue

Line-up Gates should withstand a high traffic volume, especially in an event’s admission area. So, special measures are necessary to provide security at the beginning of every event, where all guests come together. Our GIGS Security Line-up Gate, FORIS Security Line-up Gate, Intelligent Access Gate, GIGS IO Gate, and GIGS Smart Gate provide pressure-resistant and multifunctional entrance gates.

Contactless, Hygienic, and With An Integrated Emergency Exit

You can combine all Line-Up Gate models with different barrier systems. The GIGS system is extremely flexible in terms of assembly and disassembly due to its special design. The modular GIGS Smart Gate comes with turnstiles and ticket scanners. Therefore, it enables contactless access control. Moreover, you can easily combine this with the GIGS IO Gate, which becomes an emergency exit at the push of a button.

Temperature Measurement and Disinfection

Our solid and well-engineered entrance systems create optimal conditions for admission control. Similarly, the Intelligent Access Gate enables special hygiene through contactless temperature measurement, disinfection, ticket, and body scanning.

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Industrial or sporting events, music festivals or concerts, award ceremonies, film festivals or premieres: Our Line-Up Gates can be ideal for various occasions. Security requirements are particularly important at the entrance to an event location, including bag and ticket checks. The main goal is to avoid excessively long waiting lines. This is especially true at events with huge crowds of visitors. Professional equipment is a must at every event.

Organization and Navigation of Visitors

Our Line-Up Gates provide an intelligent system for achieving a controlled and smooth admission flow for the public. They also help with orientation by providing arriving visitors with a visual indication of the entry area. A lock system is a significant part of a crowd safety barrier at a wide variety of events. Similarly, smooth and stable connections to barriers are essential. These ensure the best possible protection for everyone. Moreover, these provide the safe organization of venues, arenas, stadiums, festival grounds, and other event areas.


Robust and long-lasting: Our Line-Up Gates can stay strong for many years due to the materials and high-quality manufacturing. Aluminum is part of the majority of the models. So this makes it easy to melt it down and recycle it.

Recycled, Reusable Materials and Environment-Friendly Manufacturing

In short: There is no more sustainable way. We are always looking to use recycled, reusable materials in selecting our products. Therefore, we focus on the most environment-friendly manufacturing methods.


  • Robust and durable materials
  • Made mostly from recyclable aluminum
  • High-quality manufacturing
  • Many years of use


The GIGS Security Line-up Gate is lightweight and easy to transport. It also provides maximum security at events with expected high crowd pressures. Moreover, it is quick and easy to assemble and disassemble due to a few individual parts. Our aluminum-made gates are available in various models, from a standard Line-Up Gate or a Wheelchair Gate to a double Line-Up Gate you can use in emergency exit areas.

Wide Range of Possible Combinations

Furthermore, the models are extremely flexible: You can connect each Line-Up Gate from left to right or the other way around and straight out of the center. Similarly, you can remove entire components from a row and use them again. Also, all variants of the GIGS Security Line-up Gate are compatible with the other barricades and components from the GIGS series. This modular principle offers a wide range of high-quality barrier solutions customized to individual needs.


The FORIS Security Line-up Gate proves to be very robust and fireproof in addition to the GIGS series. We make this Line-Up Gate from galvanized steel. Therefore, it convinces with its massive and resistant nature. Furthermore, the stability is optimized by its own high weight.

Easy to Expand with Other Barrier Systems

You can combine other barrier systems, such as temporary fencing, with this Line-Up Gate. Therefore, you can create a solid extension of the safety barriers in no time with the help of suitable clips.

Disinfection, Temperature, Ticket, and Body Scan

Combining technology with an entry system creates an Intelligent Access Gate. The model combines a gate with an intelligent video screening system. Moreover, this measures the body temperature of crowds in real time. Therefore, if the temperature is high, the gate closes automatically. Similarly, the integrated AI also counts people and scans tickets simultaneously. Extras such as mobile disinfection and a body scanner offer even more security and hygiene.

Site Access Control
Bag Check Stations
Security Checkpoints
Arenas and Stadiums
Arts and Culture Institutions
Commercial Premises
Public Events
Sporting Events
Limited Escape Route Capacites
Workforce Safety


The multifunctional GIGS IO Gate offers new possibilities in the event area due to its dual function. The gate serves as a double line-up gate and transforms from an entry gate into a reliable emergency exit in less than a second. You can move the center handrail at the push of a button, creating a wide escape route.

Detailed and Tamper-Proof Information in Real-Time

Moreover, we have developed a modular solution with our GIGS Smart Gate. So, you can optimally combine this with the GIGS IO Gate in addition to the barricades and other admission systems from the GIGS series. The automated turnstile with an integrated ticket scanner also enables contactless and hygienic admission control. Similarly, the system is compatible with all common ticketing systems. So, it provides detailed and tamper-proof information in real-time.

Wide Range of Additional Accessories for Perfect Admission Area

We provide individual elements such as ground protection mats, mesh elements, or connecting bends to connect the individual Line-Up Gates and a wide range of accessories. In addition to our rental materials, we also offer various services. If necessary, we will be happy to take care of transport, assembly, and disassembly. Our Line-Up Gates fit easily and safely into the barricades.


  • Tailor-made solutions for entry and exit
  • Implementation of local approval requirements and administrative formalities
  • If necessary, connect to the existing ticketing system
  • Delivery and removal
  • Assembly and disassembly
  • Cleaning

Special admission issues? No problem. Our team will be happy to help you.


Would you instead look for your own first? Our checklist helps with product selection. Check It Out. 
  • Is it about an outdoor area or an indoor area?
  • How large is the event site, and does it require multiple entry areas?
  • What entry solutions are already available?
  • Are there additional separated spectator areas, such as a Golden Circle or Near-Stage Zones, that require entry gates?
  • What conditions do you need to consider at the locations? How much space is available for setting up, moving, and dismantling? And how flexible does the Line-Up Gate need to be?
  • How much time and how many hands are available for set-up, modification, and dismantling?
  • How many entry and security people are available, and does an automated solution provide support?
  • What about emergency exit space and what to consider in case of evacuation? Are models with emergency exits and anti-panic functions necessary for this purpose?
  • How many visitors and what kind of crowds do you expect? How many line-up gates will ensure a controlled flow of people?
  • What kind of event is going to happen? How is the crowd composed, and what conclusions can be made about crowd behavior?
  • How strong is the need for security among guests? And how critical are the entry and exit situations in this context?
  • How much transparency or detailed, tamper-proof, real-time information is necessary for the size of the event to ensure control over crowd density?
  • What kind of hygiene regulations do you need to compile? And do they require systems that allow contactless controls?
  • What are the ground conditions at the entrance areas, and may ground protection be needed there?
  • Are crowd control barricades or police barriers needed for routing in waiting areas to guide visitors through entry areas safely?
  • When do entry and exit points take place, and is lighting required at these times?
  • How well are the entrance areas visible to incoming visitors? Are outdoor flags, banners, and mobile flagpoles necessary for better orientation?