GIGS Line-Up Gates are designed and engineered to accommodate and support gatherings of large crowds at events, particularly where attendees tend to congregate most, at the entrance points. With our GIGS security Line-up Gates and the FORIS security gates, we provide two stable and pressure-resistant access gate solutions.

Controlling access points

The locking models are versatile and can be seamlessly integrated with different barricade systems. The GIGS system provides maximum speed, simplicity and flexibility in structural assembly and breakdown. These solid and highly-engineered crowd separation systems create optimal conditions for controlling access points – ensuring that all event participants can enjoy their experience in safety and comfort.



Security checks at event entrances require both diligence to ensure thorough inspections and speed to avoid long lines and unhappy attendees. Our crowd control gates provide event planners and security personnel the tools they need to effectively control large crowds and regulate flows at entrance points and within event sites.

Crowd orientation

The gates allow security checks to be carried in advance of, or behind the entrance points. Additionally, they help with crowd orientation by providing clear visual impacts indicating entrance and line-up areas.

Secure separation of areas

A security gate system is a critical component of the overall security and crowd control strategy at any properly planned event. Providing a seamless, stable transition to adjacent barricade lines is important to ensuring the secure separation of buildings within arenas and stadiums, festival grounds or other event areas.


Lightweight, but robust GIGS security Line-up Gates are easy to transport and quick to deploy; they guarantee the highest level of security at high-profile events where large crowds are expected. The Gates pack into eps’ proprietary transport dollies which eliminates the need for costly transport equipment and provides the benefit of being available for transport and storage of other items on site.

Maximum flexibility

The Gates offer a maximum flexibility: the individual Security Barriers and Gates can be installed from left to right or vice versa as well as from the center. To maximize configuration efficiencies, we have designed the gate system so that entire sections can be removed from a row and reinstalled as desired.

Compatible with GIGS series

Additionally, GIGS Line-up Gates variants are compatible with all barricade options and other components within the GIGS series. Our proprietary modular approach to crowd control barricade opens a wide range of high-quality, adaptive solutions fit for any individual requirement.


Whether it’s at business or sporting events, music festivals or concerts, award ceremonies, film festivals or premieres, our two Line-up Gate models stand up and perform across all event applications. We also offer a cost-effective alternative in the FORIS security gate, which is equally impressive with its solid, force-resistant properties. By utilizing specialized clamps, our gate systems are capable of being quickly integrated with mobile fencing, barricade grid, bike rack and other site fencing variations to create seamless access control areas of varying importance around event sites.

Robust and fireproof

While the FORIS model is made of galvanized steel, an extremely stable material, the GIGS model uses aluminum, which combines light and stable properties. Both models are robust and fireproof. In addition to the simple version, the GIGS system is also available in various other versions with different diffusers – from a short lock to a wheelchair lock to a double lock that can even be used in emergency exit areas.

Wheelchair-accessible version

The FORIS security gate is also available in a wheelchair-accessible version. Associated individual parts such as floor plates, side rails or connecting arches, with which the individual locks can be joined, as well as corresponding accessories, round out the range. We can handle transport and logistics as well as the assembly and breakdown of the configuration.


The GIGS In/Out (IO) Gate is a unique system that connects an entrance and emergency exit at the same time. Constructed as a security double line- up gate, it enables controlled and secure audience entrance at any type of event. Due to its dual function, the pioneering GIGS IO Gate can become a reliable emergency escape route within less than one second.

Body temperature screeneing and ticket scanning

The Intelligent Access Gate is an all-in-one indoor and outdoor solution for safe and secure entrance control of employees and visitors – completely contactless and flexible. The system includes video screening technology, which measures the body temperature of moving masses of people in real-time. If fever is detected, the software immediately activates an alarm and the entrance gate is automatically close. Due to the integrated AI, the system also allows for simultaneous counting of people and ticket scanning.