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Line-up Gates

Secure access control and crowd safety for events

We design our Line-Up Gates to care for large crowds at events. Moreover, these gates are ideal where visitors congregate most. So, these gates are perfect for entrance points. We offer stable solutions. Moreover, we offer pressure-resistant access gate solutions with GIGS security Line-up GatesFORIS security gates, GIGS IO Gates, GIGS Smart Gate and the Intelligent Access Gate.

Versatile and Flexible Access Points

The locking models are versatile. Moreover, you can integrate these with different barricade systems. The GIGS system provides maximum speed. Similarly, it offers simplicity. Moreover, it offers flexibility in assembly and breakdown. Further, it can be combined with the GIGS IO Gate, which transforms from an entry gate into a reliable emergency exit in less than a second.

These highly-engineered crowd separation systems create the best conditions for access points. Moreover, these ensure that all event participants can safely enjoy their experience.



Security checks at event entrances need diligence. Moreover, it helps ensure thorough inspections. Similarly, it helps avoid long lines. So, it limits the number of unhappy attendees. Our crowd control line-up gates offer the right tools to control large crowds. These tools are ideal for security personnel. Moreover, our solutions help regulate flows at entrance points. Similarly, these solutions also help with safety within event sites.

Crowd orientation

The gates allow for security checks. You can carry out these checks in advance. Moreover, you can also do these checks behind the entrance points. Moreover, they help with crowd orientation. These solutions offer clear visual impacts for entrance and line-up areas.

Secure separation of areas

A security gate system is a critical component of the overall security. It is also important for crowd control strategy. It offers a stable transition to adjacent barricade lines. Moreover, this is important to offer a secure separation of buildings within arenas, stadiums, festival grounds, and event areas.


Lightweight and powerful GIGS security Line-up Gates are easy to transport. Moreover, you can quickly deploy these. These solutions offer the highest level of security at events with large crowds. You can easily pack these gates into eps’ proprietary transport dollies. Moreover, this eliminates the need for costly transport equipment. Similarly, it offers the benefit of easy transportation and storage.

Maximum flexibility

The Gates offers the best flexibility. Moreover, you can install Security Barriers and Gates from left to right. Similarly, you can also install these right to left. You can also install these from the center. We offer a gate system that maximizes configuration efficiencies. You can also remove entire sections from a row and reinstall them.

Compatible with GIGS series

Additionally, GIGS Line-up Gates variants are compatible with all barricade options. Moreover, these are compatible with components within the GIGS series. Our proprietary modular approach to crowd control barricades offers high-quality solutions. Similarly, these solutions are also an adaptive fit for any individual need.


We also offer a cost-effective alternative in the FORIS security gate. Moreover, this is equally impressive and offers solid properties. Similarly, it also offers force-resistant properties. Our gate systems can quickly integrate with mobile fencingstage barricades, bike racks, and site fencing variations.

This is possible with specialized clamps. Moreover, it helps create seamless access control areas. Moreover, these areas are of varying importance around event sites.

Powerful and fireproof

We make the FORIS model from galvanized steel. Moreover, this is an extremely stable material. However, the GIGS model uses aluminum. So, it combines light and stable properties. Both models are powerful. Moreover, these are also fireproof.

Similarly, the GIGS system is also available in other versions. These versions come with different diffusers. We offer everything from a short lock to a wheelchair lock to a double lock. You can even use these in emergency exit areas. The FORIS security gate is also available in a wheelchair-accessible version.

Body Temperature Screening and Ticket Scanning

The Intelligent Access Gate is an all-in-one indoor and outdoor solution. Moreover, it offers a safe and secure entrance control for employees and visitors. Similarly, it is completely contactless and flexible. The system includes video screening technology. Moreover, this technology measures the body temperature of people in real-time. If it detects fever, the software immediately activates an alarm.

Moreover, it also closes the entrance gate automatically. The system also offers simultaneous counting of people and ticket scanning. This is possible due to the integrated AI.


The GIGS In/Out (IO) Gate is a unique system. It connects an entrance and an emergency exit at the same time. We made it as a security double line-up gate. Moreover, it enables controlled and secure audience entrance for events. You can turn the pioneering GIGS IO Gate into a reliable emergency escape route. This is possible due to its dual function.

Detailed and tamper-proof information in real time

Moreover, the GIGS Smart Gate is developed modular solution that can be optimally combined with the GIGS IO Gate additionally to the barricades and other admission systems from the GIGS series. The automated turnstile with integrated ticket scanner enables contactless and hygienic admission control. In addition, the system is compatible with all common ticketing systems and provides detailed and tamper-proof information in real time.

Accessories and extras

We offer associated individual parts, floor plates, side rails, connecting arches, and individual locks. You can join these locks with corresponding accessories. We can handle transport and logistics. Moreover, we can also handle the assembly and breakdown of the configuration.