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Orientation and Advertising Aid For Safe Events and Construction Sites

Mobile lighting provides a safe environment at events and construction sites. So, it makes it easier for festivalists to find their way to the toilets, emergency exits, or ambulance services. Moreover, it creates favorable working light for stagehands, other support staff, or other crew members on the premises.

Set The Scene for Event Venues and Construction Sites

Our product range includes powerful lighting systems. You can easily install these and set the stage brilliantly for any event location and construction site. The transportable Floodlight Mast Hydro Power Cube illuminates extensive event areas and construction sites. Moreover, it comes with a long running time. Similarly, a single person can install this light. Mobile flagpole with Powermoon: This intelligent solution serves as a large-area illumination and an effective advertising solution.

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In addition to construction sites, temporary events such as open-air concerts with high attendance, popular festivals, special sporting events, or similar large events require high-quality lighting systems. They need systems that can illuminate large areas and are easy to install.

Assembly and Disassembly In No Time

We provide floodlight poles or flagpoles. This comes with balloon-like light and can illuminate extensive event areas extensively and evenly. Moreover, you can set up and take down mobile event lighting in no time.

Pleasant Atmosphere and Best Orientation

Mobile lighting creates a pleasant atmosphere on a concert site or at any other venue. Guests and staff can find their way around better in the dark and at night. A brightly lit site conveys safety and contributes to a relaxed experience. Similarly, the needs of the construction industry are similar. Properly illuminated construction roads and work areas ensure safety and prevent work accidents. Moreover, good lighting prevents excessive eye strain.


Portable lighting provides powerful and, at the same time, environment-friendly LED technology. The flagpole with Powermoon comes with a high-quality LED lamp and the Hydro Power Cube features four LED spotlights.

High Value on Recyclable Materials

Many of our products are made from recycled and reusable materials. For example, the mast with the light balloon is also made of recyclable aluminum.


  • Eco-friendly LED technology
  • Made from recyclable aluminum


We provide mobile lighting with the powerful Hydro Power Cube. The compact and robust lighting system has four LED spotlights you can configure individually. For example, you can rotate and adjust the height of the mast through 360°.

Hydraulic Mast

Using a hydraulic lifting system, you can easily extend this to a height of around 9 meters. Due to these functions, you can align the floodlight. Moreover, it illuminates an area of around 3,900 square meters (41,979 square feet). The equipment is easy to transport and easy to control. It can be set up and operated by just one worker. Similarly, it is ideal for open-air events of all kinds.

Up To Ten Days Continuous Operation

It illuminates escape routes and sanitary areas. Moreover, it is a valuable aid during the assembly and dismantling phase. The light runs for up to ten days with a tank filling and continuous operation of 24 hours. Also, you can operate it with an integrated power generator and with an external power source.


This mobile lighting can be ideal for clearly marking essential points. The mast has a high-quality balloon light at the top. This can cover an area of up to 3,000 square meters (32,292 square feet). Moreover, it can optimally illuminate the flag attached to the rotating and extendable boom.

Flagpole With Lighting

Printed flags indicate assembly points, sanitary facilities, or other important areas. Therefore, construction staff and event participants can find their way around in the best possible way. The versatile construction of flagpoles and lighting illuminates and signs event sites, halls, and construction sites. It marks parking spaces, entrances, and walkways.

Glare-Free LED Light

The special advertising effect benefits anyone who uses the mobile flagpole with the eye-catching light source as an advertising medium. Furthermore, this dust and splash-proof LED lighting provides daylight-bright, glare-free light. It also makes it easier to set up and dismantle work when it gets dark.

Illuminating Key Areas Across Sites
Entrance Routes and Walkways
Work Areas
Greenfield Sites
Construction Sites
Outdoor Events
Corporate Events


The flagpole comes with a solid steel base and can withstand a wind force of level 8, i.e., up to 74 kilometers per hour (46 miles per hour). Moreover, the telescopic mast of the floodlight system can withstand a wind force of up to 80 kilometers per hour (50 miles per hour).

Many Accessories

We provide any accessories necessary for the transport or installation of the system. These include weighting blocks or pegs for anchoring the system in the ground. On request, we will be happy to take care of transport, assembly, and dismantling.

Customized Flag Printing

On-demand, we also take care of the preparation of flags printed individually or with standard designs. For example, these can show the way to the toilets or to the regular exits or provide better orientation for wheelchair visitors. Mobile lighting makes any event and construction project look advantageous.


  • CAD-Drawings
  • Implementation of local approval requirements and administrative formalities
  • Preparation of flags with individual or standard designs
  • Delivery and removal
  • Assembly and disassembly
  • Cleaning

Special mobile lighting issues? No problem. Our team has got for all your needs the right solution.


Would you instead look for your own first? Our checklist helps with product selection. Check It Out.
  • Where is the open-air or construction site located, or how is it structured? Is it very wide or very winding, for example?
  • When at what time of day and season will the event or construction project take place? What weather or lighting conditions can be expected then?
  • In which locations is mobile lighting source required?
  • Are these work-only areas or special viewing areas?
  • Should the light source fulfill further functions and, for example, serve as a guide or advertising aid at the same time - and which flags, if any, are needed for this?
  • How extensive is the area to be illuminated, and how many lumens are necessary?
  • How much space is available for a lighting system at the chosen locations?
  • What connections are available on-site? Does it make sense to use a system with an integrated power generator?
  • For what period should the location be illuminated, and which system is best for it?
  • How important is flexibility in equipment - for example, are multiple floodlights needed to illuminate different areas, or should the equipment be adjustable in height?
  • How important are dust and splash-proof or glare-free at the chosen location?