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Mobile Lighting

Mobile lighting solutions that enhance event safety and security

You can quickly deploy these devices. Moreover, you can also easily transport and store mobile lighting. So, these offer safety and comfort for event environments. Our products help visitors find their way to restrooms, vehicles, health services, emergency exits, and so much more.

These solutions offer strong illumination in low-light conditions. Moreover, these are ideal for stagehands, auxiliary staff. Similarly, these are also ideal for crew members working on the site.

Floodlights That Make Any Venue Shine

Our product range includes powerful lighting systems. Moreover, these systems deploy quickly. Similarly, these products can also shine at any venue.

Hydro Power Cube is a transportable floodlight mast. It can effectively illuminate broad event areas. Moreover, it offers a long service life. You can also install this with ease. A single person can install it. Moreover, this offers extensive deployments across large areas in a short time.

We also offer the mobile flagpole with Powermoon® technology. This intelligent solution provides extensive LED lighting. Moreover, it also serves as an effective platform for advertising content.




Mass-attendance special events need high-quality solutions. These events include:

  • Outdoor Concerts
  • Festivals
  • Competitive Sports

You need quick-deploy lighting systems. Moreover, these systems should offer broad coverage areas.

Illuminate Service and Event Areas

The floodlight pole is an example of mobile event lighting. We also offer flagpoles equipped with a balloon-like orb. You can quickly assemble these systems. Moreover, these can evenly illuminate:

Attendees, production staff, and event employees can enjoy these. Moreover, such options offer broad-coverage illumination. This illumination offers safety, security, and directional orientation.


Our mobile lighting offerings include reliable products. Moreover, these products offer broad coverage. The Hydro Power Cube is an example of this. This compact and robust lighting system has four individually adjusting LED headlights. Moreover, it also has an adjustable mast.

Similarly, you can rotate this mast 360-degrees. You can also extend the mast to nine meters high. This is possible with the system’s hydraulic lifting feature.

Simple and Easy To Control

The floodlights illuminate an area of 3,900 square meters under the best conditions. This system is easy to transport. Moreover, it is also simple to control. Similarly, a single operator can deploy it. You can also power it with an integrated power generator. Moreover, you can also use an external power source. The system can deliver 24-hour operation for up to ten days.


Mobile flagpole with Powermoon®. You can use this solution to illuminate important landmarks around large event sites. The system offers a high-quality balloon light. This balloon light rises high. Moreover, it can illuminate an area of up to 3,000 square meters below. Similarly, it also holds a large flag. You can attach this flag to the balloon via a rotating and extendable arm.

Illuminate Paths, Meeting Points, and More

Event planners can design, print, and customized flags. These flags state meeting points and sanitary facilities. Moreover, these flags also state important areas. So, these flags ensure that all event participants can navigate around the site. The versatile construction of flagpole and lighting illuminates:

  • Parking Lots
  • Entrance Paths
  • Exit Paths
  • Designated Event Areas
  • Venues
  • Important Locations

Attractive Advertising Platform

Additionally, event planners can take advantage of mobile and illuminated flagpoles. These serve as an advertising platform. Moreover, these allow you to engage with event attendees. The flagpoles generate bright and glare-free lighting during the day. Similarly, these assist with illumination for assembly. Moreover, these flagpoles help with dismantling work in low-light conditions.


A solid steel base supports the illuminated flagpoles. Moreover, these can withstand a wind force of level 8, i.e., up to 74 kilometers per hour. Similarly, the floodlight system’s telescopic mast is also durable. It can withstand a wind force of up to 80 kilometers per hour.

Extra accessories

We provide all accessories for transport and installation. These include:

  • Fork shoes for the forklift
  • Weight-bearing concrete blocks
  • Ground nails to anchor the system into the ground

Logistics and design

We can offer transport logistics. Moreover, we can offer assembly and dismantling. Additionally, we offer flag design and print services to assist event planners. Moreover, we can help produce customized units. These units can direct attendees to various areas around the site, such as:

  • Restrooms
  • Wheelchair-Accessible Pathways
  • Exit Points
  • Concessions
  • Event Viewing Locations