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Stop Vehicles and Protect Pedestrians with A Custom-Fit Bollard System

Egida is the modern solution to recurring vehicle attacks on pedestrians. The Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM) system successfully blocks the way of car or truck drivers who want to speed into a crowd of people. The barrier can help fend off such attacks. Especially when larger events take place at public locations, a customized barrier solution is essential. Based on a modular construction principle, the mobile bollard system meets all the requirements. It is quick to install and can be used almost anywhere.


  • Ideal as a mobile bollard construction in a wide variety of locations
  • Honeycomb-shaped modules for excellent fitting barrier solutions
  • Allows plantings as a camouflage effect and as an optical integration into the environment
North & South America
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Special crowd control issues? No problem. Our team has got the right solution for all your needs.


We have tested the robust barrier system Egida according to current standards. Moreover, we made the hexagonal anthracite grey modules from solid steel. They are easy to assemble. Similarly, you can firmly and securely connect them with solid metal pins. Therefore, you can create large-area and precisely fitting barriers in no time.

Product Description

The honeycomb design allows for a variety of shapes. In the center, each 281-kilogram (419-pound) module has a round bollard. Together, they reach a height of 1.01 meters (39.76 inches). The bollard measures 27.30 centimeters (10.75 inches) in diameter. Moreover, you can extend this by another bollard if necessary.

Support During Transport, Assembly, And Dismantling

The length and width of each module are 1 meter. We are happy to take care of transport, assembly, dismantling, and other tasks on request.

Optional Extras

Do you want to make event venues or areas with large crowds a little safer? We are the perfect partner for tailor-made barrier solutions. Our wide range of products includes barriers of all kinds. Moreover, you can easily combine our barriers and enhance them with various accessories. For instance, we are happy to provide suitable attachments with border lighting for the Egida barrier system on request.

Lighting Elements and Plantings

You can easily attach the lighting elements to the top of the bollards. Moreover, the barricade allows you to add plants for an attractive appearance. Similarly, it is possible to construct shapes with straight-ending edges using appropriately cut components. Therefore, Egida ensures custom-made obstacles and successfully secures any area.


  • Lighting elements
  • Cut-to-size components for straight terminations
  • Other barriers for better Crowd Control


Egida, erected at focal points of public life, conveys more safety to passers-by


Egida is highly adaptable. Moreover, the system’s portable hexagons make it easy to build various barriers at various locations. Similarly, you can optimally arrange the shapes to suit the local conditions and other requirements. Many figures are possible. So, you can create anything from rectangular to asymmetrical. This is possible due to the honeycomb design. Therefore, the mobile bollard construction is unique.

Positive Effects on The Urban Climate and Well-Being

This innovative system can quickly implement fitting solutions for short-term events. Moreover, it is possible to decorate the barrier with plants and enhances the surrounding.

Advantages and Benefits arrow down
  • Ideal as a mobile bollard construction in a wide variety of locations
  • Honeycomb-shaped modules open up precisely fitting barrier solutions
  • Allows plantings as a camouflage effect and as an optical integration into the environment
Application Details arrow down

Egida is ideal for short-term use. For example, the system is an effective safety measure in front of pedestrian zones, public squares, or buildings of special importance. Moreover, you can individually assemble the honeycomb-shaped modules. Therefore, you can optimally adapt to any location.

Designed For Heavy Impact

Whether it is used to close a street in the inner-city area or set up at the marketplace or railway station: The protective barrier is ready for use in no time. Egida is ideal for heavy impact and ideally stops vehicles at an early stage.