Mobile toilets are indispensable at every event, whether it is a small event, an open-air festival or even a construction site. Wherever people gather, hygiene plays a particularly important role. Portable toilet systems are the optimal solution.

Shorten waiting times with the right solution

From chemical toilets to toilet trailers and toilet containers, we offer sanitary facilities in various designs. We have systems that help reduce waiting times, especially at large events: instant access units and urinals.


Portable toilet solutions provide the possibility of configuring many toilets for open-air events, large construction sites, or other projects in no time. If sufficient toilet facilities are available, employees and visitors have a greatly improved experience.

Comfort for the guests

At open-air events with high spectator numbers, it is important to provide adequate sanitary facilities. Big crowds require big facility plans. In addition temporary events require mobile solutions that can be set up and dismantled quickly and easily.

Fast and straightforward design

The systems we offer can be set up on the most diverse terrain with little time and effort. Tour units ensure clean sanitary supply and comfort to open air sites. A single toilet house or a container with several cabins: We procure mobile sanitary systems for every need.


Easy to access for event guests and crew members: Arranged in rows, the chemical toilet dominates the backstage, public, and camping areas of large festivals. Ubiquitous in its use on construction sites, festivals, sports venues and many more locations. We offer the proven unisex toilet in different versions all of which provide spacious facilities.

Simple or upscale equipment

In addition, the individual toilet cabin has a holding tank with a large capacity. The generous tank allows relatively long service lives without intermediate cleaning, depending on the area of application. For smaller summer parties as well as for street parties or larger open-air festivals the high-quality equipped toilet trailer is ideal. As a two-axle trailer, it can be transported particularly easily with a suitable car. Fold-out stairs provide comfortable, safe access to the separate ladies’, gents’ or gender-neutral areas.


Mobile toilets of this type used in conjunction are designed for high-frequency usage and are therefore ideally suited for large events. The toilet stalls are accessible from the outside walls of the structure. Thus, comfortable and solid steel containers prevent crowds and promote a high visitor flow.

Space-saving variant with short waiting times

Urinals in the form of channel-shaped basins, which can be used by several people at the same time, are an ideal supplement to sanitary planning. The hygienic stainless-steel basins can be used to create various urinal places in a space-saving way. Installed in the conjunction with other toilet systems such as channel urinals can additionally reduce waiting times in front of the container cabins.


All these sanitary facilities boast stable and robust construction. Our range is completed with various accessible models suitable for wheelchair users and people with disabilities. In case of missing (sewer) connections, we offer drinking water and wastewater tanks, which guarantee a smooth operation.

Basic accessories

Elementary accessories such as toilet paper holder, mirror, towel and soap dispensers are also available. Our range also includes mobile flagpoles and printed signage flags as well as temporary fences and corresponding banners that provide additional privacy whilst serving as effective signposts.

Planning, transport, assembly, and dismantling

If desired, we can take over all services from planning, transport, assembly, and disassembly to cleaning. Mobile toilets create the best conditions for hygiene, cleanliness and a relaxed atmosphere.