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The practical single cabin solution

Chemical Toilets create privacy and offer privacy even where thousands of people gather. Moreover, the portable toilet is indispensable as a sanitary facility for festivals and construction sites. Therefore, it is available at the roadside for marathon runners. You can also use it at the edge of fields at harvest time. The toilet is always within easy reach when things have to move quickly.


  • Each unit contains a toilet seat, urinal, paper holder, mirror, and a coat hook
  • Waste Tank 250 L
  • We also offer planning services, delivery, connection, intermediate and final cleaning, and collection

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  • USA

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Greenfield Sites
Corporate Events
Sporting Events
Outdoor Events and Functions
Spectator Areas

Special mobile toilets needed? No problem. Our team has got the right solution for you.


We provide stable Chemical Toilets in several variants. The 80-kilogram (176.37 pounds) standard model is 1.14 meters (44.88 inches) long. Moreover, it is 1.20 meters (47.24 inches) wide and 2.33 meters (91.73 inches) high. Similarly, we offer a handicapped-accessible version, which provides wider access, a spacious interior, and grab bars.

Product Description

The handicapped-accessible model is 1.55 meters (61 inches) in both length and width. Moreover, it is the same height as the standard version. Both models offer a generous holding tank. So, it can hold 250 liters (66 US liquid gallons). The walls are made of plastic. The plastic surface makes the floor slip-resistant.

With toilet paper holder, mirror, and coat hook

The translucent and high roof offers more brightness in the cabin. The door is self-closing. Therefore, it closes automatically. You can also lock it from the inside. Similarly, you can unlock the door from the outside in emergencies. Moreover, it also has an indicator marking the mobile toilet as free or occupied. All Chemical Toilets come with a toilet seat, urinal, toilet paper holder, mirror, and coat hook.

Technical Data
Walls: plastic
Door: two layers of plastic film
Ground: slip-resistant plastic
Dimensions (l x w x h)
1.14 × 1.20 × 2.33 m (45 in × 47 in × 92 in)
1.55 × 1.55 × 2.33 m (61 in × 61 in × 92 in) (handicapped accessible)
80 kg (176.5 lbs)
Standard equipment: toilet seat, urinal, paper holders,
mirror, coat hook , black water holding tank (250 L)
With a special loading carrier
Optional Extras

From practical coat hooks to toilet paper holders and mirrors, the Chemical Toilets have all the accessories to ensure comprehensive comfort. Moreover, the accompanying holding tank opens up the possibility of setting up the sanitary facility regardless of location or far away from the sewer system.

Highly visible orientation aids

We also carry flags printed with appropriate information. These highly visible orientation aids make it easier for visitors to find their way around. Therefore, all guests can quickly and safely reach the sanitary facilities on an extensive event site.


  • eps offer a range of pedestrian and drivable flooring to service all site access requirements
  • Crowd Control Barriers
  • Temporary Fencing
  • eps offers CAD design to help optimize the planning process


Chemical Toilets are suitable for use in the audience, camping, and backstage areas


Thanks to the waste-holding tank, you can set up the spacious Chemical Toilets independently of the sewage system so that you can use them in various locations. Moreover, the large capacity of the tank has a decisive advantage. It allows long-standing times without intermediate cleaning. However, it depends on the area of use.

Quick and easy to set up

This transportable WC is quick and easy to line up. Moreover, it serves as the optimum toilet solution for large events. We can easily transport small and light plastic containers in large numbers with appropriate means of transport. After all, only a sufficient quantity creates the necessary conditions to prevent long queues.

Advantages and Benefits arrow down
  • Wheelchair-accessible models available
  • Female, Male, Gender Neutral, and Accessibility signage available on request
  • Each unit contains a toilet seat, urinal, paper holder, mirror, and a coat hook
  • Consumables such as paper towels and toilet paper are included with hire
  • Waste Tank 250 l (66 US gal)
  • Inbuilt eyelets in the unit base for easy transport via forklift
  • We also offer planning services, delivery, connection, intermediate and final cleaning, and collection
Application Details arrow down

Chemical Toilets are suitable for big events, such as festivals or sports events. Therefore, they offer everyone the necessary privacy at all times. You can set up the individual toilet cubicle anywhere.

In rows in the backstage and public areas

The portable unisex toilet is also called a porta-potty or outhouse. You can set up the toilet in rows in the backstage, public, and camping areas. Moreover, they are accessible to a large number of visitors. In a nutshell: When many people gather in the open air, Chemical Toilets take on the function of a temporary retreat in addition to their hygienic task.