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Mobile and Creative Event Rooms For a Variety of Occasions

Tents open the possibility of creating tailor-made locations for temporary events. Moreover, these are ideal for different types and dimensions at various locations. Similarly, these are suitable for catering, trade fairs, exhibitions, musicals, large gala events, or smaller company celebrations. We offer catering, event, and theatre tents in numerous designs, shapes, and sizes. If necessary, we can also provide customized Tents.


  • Highly adaptable modular system
  • All tents systems conform to the strictest safety standards
  • A range of door and window options are available
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Portable tent flooring

Special room systems needed? No problem. Our team has got the right solution for you.


Our Tents are stable, robust, UV-resistant, weather- and winterproof. Moreover, they are ideally equipped for high solar radiation, heavy rainfall, storms, and snow. Also, they are excellent for individual needs, which makes them suitable for use in many places. Similarly, you can easily set up these flexible and creative constructions within the shortest time.

Product Description

The scaffolding of the event tents is made of sturdy aluminum or steel. Moreover, this ensures high stability. In addition to waterproof PVC tarpaulins, solid PVC walls are ideal for cladding. The Tents are available in various sizes, shapes, and colors. Similarly, many different versions are available, including side panels, doors, and windows.

A Wide Range of Versions Reflects the Wide Range of Use

The wide range of versions reflects the wide range of use. Even stable double-deck tents with stairs, balconies, and railings are available. We will gladly take care of delivery and removal and assembly and disassembly. Moreover, if necessary, we will also take care of the final cleaning.

Optional Extras

We provide everything that increases safety and comfort. So, you can enjoy tent accessories for floor fastening and weighting, floor frames and ramps, lighting and mobile heating, or power and air conditioning units. Moreover, our extensive range includes room partitions, ceiling suspensions, stage platforms, other installations, and high-quality furniture and equipment.

Floor Coverings, Furniture, And Decorative Materials

Various floor coverings, tables, seating furniture, decorative materials, plants, and accessories for the wardrobe and catering area are available. You can get everything from one source. Tents make almost everything possible, whether fair tent, mobile theatre, or gala, with appropriate equipment. Similarly, most tent systems have their floors. Otherwise, we recommend installing our drivable event flooring, Hexagon.



Our Tents come in a variety of standard sizes and styles, as well as custom configurations


In addition to high stability, the Tents are also flexible. On the one hand, mobile tent systems open a wide range of application possibilities at various locations. On the other hand, you can quickly adapt them if necessary.

Short-Term Extensions and Conversions Are Possible

If the expected number of visitors increases or if other short-term changes occur, you can carry out extensions or other conversions in no time at all. Simple construction systems contribute to rapid implementation.

Safety Guaranteed

In addition to this, the event tents can withstand any weather condition thanks to their stability and weather resistance. We guarantee security. All models have valid test books and the officially prescribed equipment, such as emergency exit signage.

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  • Highly adaptable modular system
  • All tents systems conform to the strictest safety standards
  • Walkways available to connect multiple structures
  • Unique lighting options
  • A range of door and window options are available
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Usually, people use mobile tent constructions outdoors. These are ideal to ensure that all event participants have a pleasant stay under the tent roof, even in bad weather conditions. Moreover, some types of tents are suitable for indoors. For example, to divide a large exhibition hall.

For Various Occasions

We have a long-standing and trusting cooperation with our partner companies. It makes it possible to offer a wide range of products, from pavilions to party tents, with suitable interior equipment and spacious storage tents. We organize simple marquees for garden parties as well as elaborate circus tents. Whether mobile movie theaters, temporary exhibition halls, or luxurious gala pavilions: We offer Tents for various occasions.