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Optimal design and protection of festival locations - a carefree celebration

Festival locations make up a large part of the festival character. Moreover, these are the linchpin for the selection of supplementary infrastructure. These are ideal for temporary parking spaces, accommodations, or sanitary areas. They say you have to celebrate the festivals as they fall. Somehow, somewhere, sometime? However, we see it somewhat differently and consider the venue, design, and timing of a festival quite crucial to its success.

Safe festival locations, carefree festivals

Celebrating is our craft. We create safe festival venues to make carefree celebrations possible. This is made possible with site barriers, load-bearing ground protection systems, large-scale lighting, and other event equipment. Moreover, these are ideal for open-air festivals in the countryside, beach festivals, city festivals, or indoor festivals. Once everything is optimally set up and secured, the party can get started.



City, country, celebration! We can party almost anywhere. Moreover, when we think of festivals, images of classic festival meadows certainly come to mind for many of us. This is where the sounds of live music echo across from the stages to the tent sites. However, the festival landscape is constantly evolving.

In nature or in urban surroundings

Meadows, fields, and forests or event areas on river banks and lakes have long since been joined by unusual venues, such as bunkers or airfields. While some gather on the beach to chill-out sounds, others prefer to party in the desert. Whether festival grounds in the great outdoors, venues such as amphitheaters and stadiums, or urban event locations: special experiences and good vibes are possible with the right festival infrastructure.

Wide range of rental equipment

Therefore, we take care of individually tailored equipment. Moreover, we offer a wide range of rental materials. Similarly, our range includes barriers, such as flexibly combinable barricade modules or construction fences, admission gates, ground and lawn protection, grandstands and seating, and mobile sanitary systems. Moreover, we offer site equipment, such as cable bridges, production vehicles, and lighting.


In some cases, music festivals or other cultural festivals give rise to entire festival villages and towns. Moreover, you have to erect these as quickly as possible before the festivities and dismantle them as quickly as possible afterward. Similarly, the diversity and originality of the locations also demand maximum flexibility from the festival equipment.

Optimally safeguarding sites and areas

Our GIGS series can do just that. All GIGS barricades and special elements are compatible with each other. Moreover, these offer a variety of functions. Similarly, they can withstand the highest personnel pressure. Moreover, we offer supplementary entry systems as well as mobile fences, barriers, and police barriers. Therefore, you can optimally secure entire grounds as well as individual areas.

Quick replacement solutions

In case of continuous rain or extreme temperatures, open-air festivals on green areas or beach festivals require quick replacement solutions. Festival locations such as arenas with retractable roofs often have an advantage in this respect. Whether open air in the forest, on castle grounds, or by the sea: with tents, mobile room systems, drinking water stations, showers, and toilets, we ensure reliable provision for festival guests and crew members.

Crowd Control Strategy with Crowd Control Barriers


The erection of gigantic stage structures requires transport routes. Moreover, these transport routes have to be suitable for heavy loads and solid foundations. Therefore, such tasks are easily mastered by the aluminum panels. We develop and produce these panels. Moreover, we also offer other ground protection or turf protection solutions. These include PistEco, Remopla, or eps Pro. These are ideal depending on the ground conditions and type of load.

Protection for natural and sensitive surfaces

Similarly, these open up safe substructures, access roads, and walkways on the event site. Natural areas receive the best possible protection. If the multi-day event takes place indoors, in music clubs, event centers or concert halls, barracks, warehouses, market halls, or exhibition halls, floor protection panels protect sensitive surfaces from damage.

Popular in colder seasons: indoor festivals

Therefore, we also supply city festivals, street festivals, or street food festivals in public squares. We offer suitable floor covers to protect pavements or other substrates and increase their load-bearing capacity.


Events in cities often take place indoors and outdoors, such as in several places. For parades, standing bleachers guarantee a safe view. Moreover, with folding chairs like the Big Boy or the Samsonite A and seating grandstands, we offer comfortable seating for everyone everywhere.

Get quickly and comfortably to your destination

Our flagpole with Powermoon® illuminates important locations and escape routes. Therefore, custom banners and flags serve as useful signposts. Moreover, during nighttime assembly and disassembly, the Hydro Power Cube promises optimal working light. The all-terrain John Deere Gator facilitates work on extensive event areas. A Club Car brings VIPs quickly and comfortably to their destination.

Locations you will remember

Moreover, we organize everything that is necessary to make the festival a success. Similarly, we are happy to support you on request with comprehensive services such as CAD drawings, transport or assembly, and dismantling work. Together, we create festival locations that will be remembered.