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Tools, accessories, or other loads for an event reach their destination safely and quickly in a John Deere Gator. Moreover, the production vehicle proves to be a great help. Similarly, it is useful when erecting and dismantling construction fences. These fences cordon off an extensive festival site.

John Deere Gators offer mobility and productivity. Moreover, we offer petrol-powered and off-road vehicles with two seats and a loading area. Similarly, these are widely useful across the event world. Therefore, these vehicles serve a broad range of requirements.

The reliable Gator series safely transport people and equipment through events sites. Upon request, we can supply road-legal permits and insurance. So, you can use your rental fleet on public roads (with a valid driver’s license).

Off-road utility vehicle

The two-seater has a practical loading area. Moreover, you can use it for transporting materials on larger event sites due to its high speed. Managers, such as the site crew leader, the supervisor, or the technical manager, use the vehicle to make their journeys easier and faster. Moreover, they can speed up their work. You can easily manage rough, bumpy, and muddy event sites with the all-terrain, gasoline-powered Gator utility vehicle.



The high-quality and proven transport vehicle is available in various versions. Moreover, the Gator CX weighs around 335 kilograms. Similarly, it measures 2.38 meters long, 1.22 meters wide, and 1.15 meters high. The Gator TS is a few centimeters longer and wider. However, it is around 2.43 meters long, 1.25 meters wide, and 1.12 meters high. Moreover, it weighs around 450 kilograms, making it considerably heavier.

Also available with road approval

Both models are available in the color combination of green, yellow and black. Moreover, these have a trailer coupling. Similarly, we can also provide the Gator TS with road approval. It comes with a license plate and a TÜV sticker.
This means that you can use the heavy-duty utility vehicle in public traffic areas with the appropriate driver’s license. This applies to stadium parking lots, storage areas, camping sites at festivals, or other outdoor areas at a major event. On request, we can take care of delivery and removal.


Gator brand utility vehicles are suitable for off-road use. Moreover, these are ideal for impassable and muddy terrain. Models are available with a ball-mount trailer hitch. We deliver production vehicles in customized transport racks or secured with tension belts on pallets.

If no forklift is available, we can organize delivery with a loading ramp. We can coordinate transportation to and from your site with other EPS rental equipment for maximum efficiency.


Tired of traveling around the event site? No Problem. Our team has the solution for all your needs.


Our options are off-road capable, and robust. Thanks to these advantages, you can also drive the durable John Deere Gator on difficult ground. Moreover, it masters mud and slopes with ease. It’s also faster than some other production and utility vehicles, making for particularly effective work processes.

With low-pressure tires that are gentle on the turf

You can transport heavy loads very well with a highly stable trolley. Moreover, this trolley comes as standard with low-pressure tires that are gentle on the turf. Both models also feature intuitively understandable controls. Similarly, these controls are arranged and within easy reach. We are happy to provide a suitable means of transport with a roof and windshield. This is ideal for those who value additional comfort. So, you can also enjoy the Club Car, depending on the intended use.

What are the Advantages of John Deere Gator?

  • Petrol powered
  • EPS offer trailers to increase utility
  • Road-legal options available
  • Suitable for use in pedestrian areas
  • The box loading area for transporting site materials


We offer safe transport. Therefore, we deliver the production vehicles on a solid transport frame. We also deliver the Gator TS on a corresponding transport platform. We can transport eight vehicles of the Gator TS model and up to 18 vehicles of the Gator CX on one tractor-trailer.

Popular for festivals and stadiums

We do loading by forklift. It has a load capacity of one to two tons, depending on the model. Moreover, the John Deere Gator is ideal for a popular open-air festival or an extensive outdoor event. It is the right choice for traversing large-scale event sites.

What are the Extensions for John Deere Gator?


  • Escort vehicles for larger event traffic
  • Stadiums and arenas
  • Festivals
  • Greenfield sites