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Guide cables and hoses safely and correctly across the area

Cable protectors serve a dual purpose of guiding cables and hoses of various designs across the terrain in organized paths and securely covering them. Additionally, these coverings create edge-free areas for safe pedestrian and vehicle movement.

Indoor and Outdoor Solutions

We offer a range of modular cable protection solutions, including Black Line, Red Line, or Defender Mini and Midi, which are ideal for indoor and outdoor events, construction sites, filming locations, and event venues.

Sideways Flat and Expandable

Defender XXL is designed for large fire hoses, and the Cable Guard System (red Floor) offers numerous advantages, including the ability to expand flatly in width for added convenience.

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Cable Protectors: Frequently asked questions

Why are cable protectors important? What are the outstanding features of each model? What are they suitable for? And what’s the best way to guide them through barricades? We’ve compiled all the necessary information to answer these and other questions.



We offer several cable protection systems made of resistant polyurethane channels of different sizes and numbers. These robust, weather-resistant systems have a modular design principle and are ideal for numerous festivals, concerts, film, and TV productions, and construction sites, and can withstand different levels of exposure. Profiled and non-slip surfaces ensure optimum stability. Our systems’ hinged covers are a unique feature that sets them apart from other solutions, eliminating the need for separate cover installation and minimizing the risk of loss.

For Power Cables and Fire Hoses

The color of the cover distinguishes the particular model of the Black Line and Red Line cable protectors. The Black Line is comparatively light and easy to install. The Red Line, on the other hand, is much stronger. The Defender Midi is also heavy-duty and can accommodate several power cables. If you need to protect only a single or a few sensitive cables of small size, we recommend the space-saving Defender Mini. For special needs, the Defender XXL comes into play, which has extensive channels suitable for power cables, fire hoses, and other cables with large diameters.

Avoid Indentations

Among the cable protectors, the Cable Guard System is particularly outstanding. The strength of this system lies in its ability to extend to any width and remain remarkably stable and flat. The solution comes with several individual parts, and the centerpieces can be connected sideways if necessary. This allows you to avoid indentations caused by placing ramps end to end. Moreover, various particular parts and ramp types, including extra-flat ADA ramps, enable flexible and customized cable protection lines. We understand the importance of ensuring safe and secure protection for cables and hoses, and our products are designed to provide just that.


Cable protection systems not only fulfill the requirement of protecting cables from bending, crushing, abrasion, or other damage, but they also contribute to sustainability. By making cables last longer, cable protectors help to reduce waste and conserve resources. The polyurethane material used in our cable protectors is remarkably durable and wear-resistant, ensuring a long lifespan.

Keep In The Circular Economy For a Long Time

In addition, our goal is to keep our products in the circular economy for as long as possible by exploring recycling options. This way, we can further minimize our carbon footprint and promote sustainable practices.


  • Protects cables from damage and extends their lifespan
  • Made of highly durable and wear-resistant material
  • Focus on recycling to minimize carbon footprint and promote a circular economy


Cable Protectors protect cables from damage and eliminate (tripping) hazards in the audience area, for example at the Coldplay concert in Berlin or at the Toten Hosen concert in Essen, Germany


Our cable protection systems cater to various load requirements, from pedestrian to heavy traffic. For moderate car traffic, we recommend our Black Line solution, while the Defender Mini can easily accommodate light vehicles.

Suitable For Heavy-Load Transport Vehicles

We offer solutions such as Defender XXL, Defender Midi, and Red Line for heavy-load transport vehicles. These cable protectors are designed to withstand extreme loads, forklifts, trucks, and other heavy-duty vehicles, making them ideal for transporting heavier loads.



Our cable protection systems feature a simple connection system, making it easy to cover temporary cables or hoses. Assembly and disassembly can be done by hand without the need for special tools.

Easy Barrier Crossing

We offer separate ramp parts, corners, and other special elements for the Cable Guard System to facilitate barrier crossing. Our GIGS Multicore Barricades come with integrated cable passages, allowing cable protection models of any size to pass through barricades easily. We also provide support services such as project planning, transport, assembly, and dismantling to ensure a hassle-free experience.


  • CAD-Drawings
  • Implementation of local approval requirements and administrative formalities
  • Delivery and removal
  • Assembly and disassembly
  • Cleaning


At our company, safety is a top priority. We take every precaution to protect our staff and guests at all times. Whether it’s a special event, filming, or construction project, careful and safe installation of cables is essential. Our cable protection systems help keep fire hoses, lighting, sound, video equipment, and other power cables safe from damage, preventing the danger that can be caused by driving over them or exposure to weather or vandalism.

Safely Guide Staff and Visitors Over Hazards

Our cable protectors guide staff and visitors, clearly marking the areas of potential hazards with their signal colors. The ramps and solutions like the Cable Guard System and flat ramps ensure safe and wheelchair-friendly access and smooth vehicle crossings. With their non-slip surfaces, our cable protectors are slip-resistant even in wet conditions, ensuring maximum safety.


Low weight is crucial for cable protection systems regarding installation, dismantling, and transport. The lightweight design of our Black Line cable protectors simplifies installation, increases loading capacity, and improves transport efficiency.

Efficient Packing Methods and Excellent Loading Conditions

In addition, we optimize transport volume by combining cable protectors with other rental materials. We use special software that suggests economical packing methods to ensure the best possible loadings and efficient logistics.

Events and Trade Shows
Construction Sites
Filming Locations
Cable Routing Across Driveways
Laying Through Audience Areas
Multicore Cable Routing to FOH
Protection of Sensitive Cables
Pedestrian or Road Traffic
Heavy Traffic


Cable protection solutions, called Yellow Jackets, provide maximum safety when routing cables across driveways or through audience areas, typically in a multicore running from the stage to the FOH. These solutions can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Temporary Events Such as Concerts, Festivals, or Exhibitions

Temporary events such as concerts, festivals, or exhibitions often require a special supply of electricity, water, or other utilities, as well as the installation of cable protectors. This is true for both large and small events.

Smooth Events, Filming, and Construction Work

Indoor and outdoor locations for film and TV productions also require a sufficient power supply, as do construction sites, where cable protectors suitable for heavy loads are typically ideal. Therefore, cable protectors are essential in ensuring the smooth operation of events, filming, and construction work.


Special cable protection issues? No problem. Our team will be happy to help you.


Would you instead look on your own first? Our checklist can assist you in selecting the right product. Check it out.
  • Which loads will the cable protection systems be subjected to, and how high are they? Is a heavy-duty model required?
  • Does the location require turf or ground cover under the cable protectors?
  • Do the sizes of the cable ducts comply with the diameters of the cables to be laid?
  • How many cables are installed? How many cable protectors with how many cable ducts are required for this?
  • How much is (pedestrian) traffic there at the site in question? Does it possibly make sense to have a cable protection system there that can be expanded to the same width and has ADA ramps?
  • How long are the cables? How many components are required for this?
  • Is it necessary to pass cable protectors through barriers? Can suitable barricades with cable passages be used there?