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Cable Protectors

Sturdy conduits for safeguarding equipment and audiences

Cable Protectors protect cables. Moreover, they create areas that are easy to walk and drive over. These can secure events, construction sites, and more. Cable Protectors protect in two ways. First, they guide cables and hoses of various designs across the terrain in orderly paths and cover them securely. Secondly, this type of covering opens up edge-free areas for pedestrians and vehicles alike. You can walk and drive over these areas without any problems.

Outdoor and Indoor Usability

We offer various modular cable protection solutions, such as Black Line, Red Line, or Defender Mini and Midi. Moreover, these are ideal for outdoors and indoors. Similarly, they make their mark on the floors of construction sites, filming locations, and event venues of all kinds.

Likable and Expandable

Defender XXL is suitable even for large C-hoses of the fire department. Moreover, the AMS system (red Floor) offers many advantages. You can easily extend Cable Protectors in width as necessary and above all levels.



You can use Cable Protectors to route cables across a driveway or through the audience area. Moreover, you can use these in a multicore running from the stage to FOH. Similarly, these so-called Yellow Jackets provide optimal protection.

Cable Protectors protect fire hoses, cables around lighting, sound and video equipment, or other power cables from damage. These protect sensitive cables from damage by driving over them, weather, or even vandalism.

Guide Employees and Visitors Safely Over Obstacles

You can easily cover temporary cables or hoses with cable protection. Similarly, it guides employees and visitors across the site unharmed. The signal colors of the covers or housings draw attention to the overbuilt obstacles. Moreover, the cable ramps guide safely over the potential sources of danger.

Obstacles Resistant And Robust

We provide several cable protection systems. Similarly, we make these from durable polyurethane and with channels of varying numbers and sizes. The robust systems and modular design principle have proven their worth at numerous festivals, concerts, construction sites, and other events.



What products are available? What are their outstanding features, and where can I use them? How can they be combined?

The name says it all. You can identify the respective model by the lid color in the Black Line and Red Line Cable Protectors. Black Line has comparatively light cable protection elements. This means certain ease of laying. However, it also means a higher loading capacity and transport efficiency.

From Lightweight Transport to Heavy Vehicles

The lightweight Cable Protectors are eligible for lighter loads, such as pedestrian traffic or low car traffic. Similarly, Red Line excels in heavy-duty load capacity. Heavy vehicles, such as trucks or forklifts, can cross this cable protection bridge without hesitation.

Made in Germany

Moreover, Defender Mini and Midi, and Defender XXL are made in Germany. These belong to our product range. They immediately catch the eye with their bright yellow lids. Similarly, these are suitable for different tasks.



Defender Midi accommodates multicores or other power cables. If you need a single or a few sensitive cables of small size, the space-saving Defender Mini is ideal.

For Strong Current Cables and C Fuel Cables

For special requirements, Defender XXL comes into play once again. This cable protection solution withstands extreme loads. Moreover, this Cable Protector has particularly wide channels. This makes it suitable for power cables, C-fire hoses, and other cables with large diameters.

It eliminates the need for depressions

Above all, the AMS system stands out among all Cable Protectors. Its strength lies in the possibility of extending it to any width. Moreover, it is particularly stable and flat. The solution is composed of several individual parts.

You can connect the centerpieces laterally simultaneously. Therefore, it eliminates the need for depressions by ramps. Moreover, various special parts and ramp types, including extra-flat ADA ramps, allow highly flexible and customized cable protection lines.


Our Cable Protectors are based on a simple plug-in system. Their profiled and non-slip surfaces ensure optimum grip. Moreover, they also have hinged covers. In other systems, you must insert these separately.

Flawless Ramping

We have separate ramp parts, corners, or other special elements for the AMS system. Moreover, we also offer an XXL version. Furthermore, we recommend our GIGS Multicore barricade modules with Cable Protectors. This allows cable protection models of any size to pass through barricades without any problems.

How Events Go Smoothly Across the Stage

We are happy to support you on request with various services such as project planning, transport, assembly, and dismantling. Cable Protectors create essential conditions for events, filming, and construction work to go smoothly.