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Cable bridges protect in two ways. Firstly, they guide cables and hoses of various designs. These bridges make orderly paths across the terrain and cover them safely. Secondly, this covering provides pedestrians and vehicles with surfaces. Moreover, these surfaces are free of tripping hazards. Similarly, you can walk and drive on these surfaces without any problems.

These protectors are highly durable. Moreover, these are trip-proof. So, cable-protection systems allow cables and wires to run safely through areas with high pedestrian footfall. These are also ideal for areas with wheelchairs and vehicles. Moreover, these systems do not restrict routing to important equipment. They are ideal for outdoor events, construction sites, factories, and film or TV productions.

Modular Systems for Every Type of Event and Construction Site

Our robust, modular cable protection systems have already proven their worth at numerous open-air concerts. Moreover, these were also useful at other events, film and TV productions, and construction sites. Similarly, these are ideal for routing cables across a driveway or through the audience area. In addition to this, these cables function in a multicore running from the stage to the FOH. So, a resilient cable protection bridge provides optimal protection.

Protection for People and Technology

The cable protection bridge is also known under the term “Yellow Jacket.” It protects fire hoses, cables around lighting. Moreover, it protects sound and video equipment or other power cables from damage. This damage happens due to driving over them, weather, or even vandalism.

Technical Data
PU (polyurethane)
Dimensions (l x w x h)
Black Line (standard systems): 0.91 x 0.45 x 0.05 m (36 x 18 x 2 in)
Defender XXL (XXL): 0.70 x 0.69 x 0.087 m (28 x 27 x 3 in)
AMS XXL 3 (expandable systems): 0.91 x 0.25 x 0.08 m (36 x 10 x 3 in)
Cable Protectors AMS XXL 5 (expandable systems): 0.91 x,0.31 x 0.05 m (36 x 12 x 2 in)
Black Line: 10.20 kg (22 lbs)
Defender XXL: 21.30 kg (47 lbs)
AMS XXL 3: 9.50 kg (21 lbs)
Cable Protectors AMS XXL 5: 7.30 kg (16 lbs)
Black Line: 33 per (euro) pallet
Defender XXL: 44 per (euro) pallet
AMS XXL 3: palletized
Cable Protectors AMS XXL 5: palletized


We offer several cable bridge systems. Moreover, we make these systems from resistant polyurethane. Each solution is available in a version with three or five channels. We also offer this in an XXL version with wider channels. Suitable cable ramps are available to complement the basic elements.

XXL Variant for C Fire Hoses and Power Cables

Our standard light system, Black Line/Red Line, is transport-efficient. We offer a black line with a black cover. Moreover, we offer the red bottom part and vice versa for the red version. The corresponding variant Defender XXL comes with a yellow lid and black bottom part. Moreover, it is perfect for special requirements. The high-quality, patented model is made in Germany. Similarly, it is suitable for power cables, C fire hoses, and other cables with large diameters due to wide channels.

Disabled Cable Bridges

You can extend our AMS (red Floor) solution in width. It can accommodate any number of cables and hoses. For this purpose, you can connect several middle sections laterally and without tripping hazards. These are also suitable for wheelchair users. Depending on the design, the ramps are available with yellow, red, or black cover color.


Standard Systems:

The Black Line/Red Line cable-protection systems feature five ducts. These are extremely sturdy and easy to assemble.

XXL System:

The Defender XXL cable-protection system features five extra-wide channels. These are ideal for running wider power cables or fire hoses.

Expandable Systems:

Redfloor 3, Redfloor 5, and Redfloor XXL are expandable systems. Each basic system comes with individual five-channel units. You can connect these laterally. It will allow an unlimited number of channels to run parallel without creating unwanted gaps or other trip hazards.


Special cable issues? No problem. Our team has the right solution for all your needs.

Cable Protectors: DID YOU KNOW?

Our standard Black Line/Red Line system is comparatively less loadable. Moreover, it is light and efficient to transport. Therefore, this version impresses with its high load capacity. In contrast, the Defender XXL variant stands out with its particularly wide channels.

Flat Surfaces for Barrier-Free Transitions

The advantage of the AMS cable protection system lies in the possibility of extending it to any width. Since you can connect the center sections laterally, the surface remains level. This is because it eliminates the need for recesses by inserted ramp sections.

Flexible Solutions Due to Various Special Parts

Also, you can use various types of ramps with this system. We make this system from several individual parts. Various special parts allow particularly flexible solutions. All the cable bridge models have a hinged cover. With other systems, this can get lost. SO, you must insert it separately.

What are the Advantages of Cable Protectors?

  • Made of polyurethane, they are oil, acid, and fuel resistant.
  • We can supply it with ADA ramps, which provide easy access for pedestrians, wheelchairs, carts, and forklifts.
  • Protect audio and power cables from the heaviest of event traffic
  • Ease of installation means suitable for dry hire.
  • You can use it in conjunction with the GIGS Multicore for safe delivery of power and cables to the stage, mixing desk, delays, and other superstructures through secure barrier lines.


We offer end pieces, corners, or other special elements relevant to some cable protection bridge systems. Moreover, we also provide all suitable ramp types. Similarly, some systems have integrated ramps. Some systems have separate ramps. You can supplement AMS cable protection bridges with steeper standard ramps. Moreover, you can also use barrier-free access, with particularly flat ADA ramps.

Ramp Elements Suitable for Wheelchairs

For the XXL model, there are also special ramps. Moreover, these serve as intermediate links. Similarly, you can attach wheelchair-suitable ramp elements to this. Corner elements are also used when widening or tapering a cable route.

XXL Cable Bridge Suitable for Barricade Line

We also recommend our GIGS Multicore barricade modules with cable passages. This allows any cable protection to pass through the barricade. Even the XXL version fits through the barricade line without any problems. Cable bridges create essential conditions for events to run smoothly through the barricade line. Moreover, cable bridges create essential conditions for events to run smoothly.

What are the Extensions for Cable Protectors?


  • Stadium and arena shows
  • Festival sites
  • Power and audio cable runs.
  • Temporary event spaces