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Secure hazardous areas, protect structures and materials

When it comes to construction site safety, there are many rules to follow. The last person to leave the site must close the site fence properly. Moreover, fencing off a construction site prevents unauthorized persons from entering. Similarly, it protects structures, equipment, and materials from theft and vandalism. Moreover, it safeguards hazardous areas, such as construction pits.

Secure access

Mobile barriers are ideal when temporary construction site safety is necessary. Therefore, we offer stable barriers for all types of construction sites. Moreover, these include the classic construction fence, half-height crowd control barriers, and entry systems. Similarly, you can use these to regulate access safely. We also offer mobile barrier technology for self-pickup and construction site fencing. You can set it up in no time.



If you want to rent a construction site barrier, we are there to help you. Moreover, when setting up a construction site, many things revolve around construction site safety. Similarly, construction site safety includes temporary fencing.

Therefore, professional securing of construction sites depends on the site of operation. Moreover, it is true for construction site barriers. Similarly, these barriers on construction sites must adapt to local conditions. Moreover, these should also adapt to legal requirements. Similarly, you need to inspect these regularly.

Supplements for Construction Site Fencing

If road work is in progress or a gardening and landscaping company has been commissioned to maintain the roadside greenery, this affects the public traffic area.

Therefore, you must supplement construction fencing with barriers. Moreover, these barriers also depend on whether they run crosswise or lengthwise. Similarly, these barriers can be retroreflective, usually red and white guide beacons and barriers, as well as warning lights.

Make obstacles visible even in the dark.

In this way, barriers make construction sites and associated obstacles visible even in the dark. The fencing protects passersby. Moreover, a tried-and-tested mobile fence with wire mesh or crowd control barriers protects construction site personnel from falls. Similarly, these also protect them from other accidents and keeps unauthorized persons out.


When it comes to construction site safety, barriers, and other site equipment are essential. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a single cell tower or a complex school building. Moreover, sometimes, additional costs and time-consuming new purchases are incurred. Similarly, it happens if structures or equipment are damaged or even stolen. Therefore, high construction site protection such as construction fencing can prevent just that.

Prevent Climbing

Our construction site safety equipment includes construction fences in various sizes and designs. Moreover, these promise high stability. Similarly, this also includes temporary fencing panels with very close-meshed wire mesh. Therefore, these prevent climbing over.

We also offer high-quality privacy tarps that conceal expensive construction equipment and materials and can be printed with safety signs or company logos. If construction work occurs on highway bridges, privacy screens can prevent driving too slowly or suddenly braking on the highway.



We provide supplements. Moreover, these include lockable doors and rollers that transform temporary fencing elements. Similarly, we offer crowd control barriers and security gates. Therefore, the secured construction site remains accessible to employees and suppliers.

We also offer half-height fencing in different variants. Moreover, we have suitable covers available for construction site safety. You can also design these individually.

Easy handling and advanced solutions

The grids are suitable for short-term use due to their easy handling. Moreover, you can set these up in no time at all. Similarly, we regularly review and expand our product range with advanced solutions. Therefore, it includes intelligent entry systems. Moreover, these ensure secure access control at all times and in all places.



To rent or to buy temporary fencing? If you would rather rent a portable fence than buy a portable fence, you will enjoy several advantages. For example, renting saves space and storage costs. Moreover, the amount of work is low.

If you wish, we can take care of all the services involved in the construction project in question. Therefore, we can handle needs-based planning, transport, assembly and disassembly, and final cleaning.

Favorable alternatives for self-pickup

We offer construction site safety equipment for shorter or longer-term rental periods. Therefore, you can get everything from a single source. Moreover, you can enjoy favorable alternatives for self-collectors whose construction sites are located within the radius of our warehouses.

Similarly, we keep storm struts, anti-lifting devices, locks, and many other utensils. Moreover, these are ready for the mobile fences that contribute to safety because safety needs limits: Construction site security.