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Maximum Protection for Green Areas and Safe Event Spaces for Maximum Visitor Comfort

Open-air events in green spaces require pedestrian event flooring. This flooring creates load-bearing, pedestrian-friendly event grounds. Moreover, it provides the best possible protection for the turf. Therefore, we offer various systems for natural and artificial turf, level, and uneven terrain. The subsoil condition, in particular, is essential when deciding on a turf protection system.

Turf Protection Panels or Rolls

The ideal conditions allow Terraplas and Terraflor to remain in place for up to a week. ArmorDeck 1 is especially suitable for level sports turf. Supa-Trac and eps Pro are also ideal on sandy grounds. In addition to turf protection panels, we also offer rolled products such as Portafloor and Rollaway. And Logis Event Grip opens up very special design possibilities in many colors.

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Pedestrian Event Flooring makes stadiums and other venues suitable for concerts and visitors, like here for a Metallica concert at Busch Stadium in St. Louis.

Pedestrian Event Flooring: Frequently asked questions

For what purpose is pedestrian event flooring used? How long can it be left on green areas? We explain. We also provide information on what else you can cover with it.


We offer pedestrian event flooring solutions that are easy to install by hand and form smooth, pedestrian-friendly panels. Thanks to non-slip surface structures, they ensure secure flooring. Moreover, the light- and air-permeable ground covers allow sufficient light, air, and water to reach turf areas. However, you must consider the recommended laying time. This varies from system to system and also depends on the application area. Similarly, it is particularly relevant for events lasting several days on sensitive green surfaces. Some turf protection systems can also be ideal indoors. For example, Terraplas can be suitable on artificial turf in indoor soccer arenas or Supa-Trac in indoor riding arenas.

Weather-Resistant Structure and Flexibility

Another essential feature of turf protection is the weather-resistant nature of our products. This also applies to Terraplas and Terraflor, which can protect lawns for up to a week under optimal conditions. However, Terraplas is only suitable for level surfaces, and Terraflor can handle gentle hills due to its flexible connections.

Set the Scene for the Event Spaces

Is the event on a flat soccer pitch, a hilly golf field, or a slippery ice rink? The selection of a suitable turf protection system always depends on the nature of the ground to be covered. We offer solutions for different loads and surfaces. In addition to ground protection, the focus is always on safety and comfort for pedestrians. Therefore, some cover systems, including Supa-Trac and eps Pro, can be driven over by light vehicles. Moreover, many of the ground mats or rolled-up strips are available in a variety of colors. Logis Event Grip offers a vast range of colors in this context. You can easily decorate those event areas with company logos, slogans, or another lettering.


The importance of pedestrian event flooring for a healthy and safe environment is obvious. Natural green areas, which are extremely damaged by events, receive under the cover effective protection. Similarly, natural green areas play a major role in biodiversity. So, you need to protect these. The ground cover systems prevent damage to the ground and soil compaction. They prevent soiling and damage to sensitive surfaces. Similarly, you can also avoid damaging crops under certain conditions. Complex renaturation, which also costs time and money, is no longer necessary.

Recycling, Transport Efficiency, and Durability

Moreover, we would like to encourage everyone to choose environmentally friendly products. We carry plastic panels made primarily from recycled, reusable materials. In comparison, our specially developed lawn protection eps Pro, Supa-Trac, and Terraplas stand out as particularly sustainable. In addition to recycling, factors such as transport efficiency and durability also play an important role in leaving as small a CO₂ footprint as possible.


  • Protects natural green spaces and, thus, biodiversity
  • Avoids field damage
  • Prevents ground compaction
  • Prevents pollution and damage to sensitive surfaces
  • Minimizes harvest failures
  • Saves expensive renaturation


Pedestrian Event Flooring is used in a variety of ways, whether for smaller structures or as a complete spectator area – for example, in the Olympiastadion Berlin during the filming of the Bundesliga trailer or at the P!nk concert


Different ground covers are available for light to heavier loads. Primarily, they can create surfaces suitable for pedestrians. For example, these are ideal in the spectator area in front of the stage, for walkways on the campsite, or as a tent floor. However, some of the solutions are also suitable for larger loads. Moreover, these provide short-term parking facilities or serve as substructures for smaller-stage constructions.

From Pedestrian-Only to Drivable

Supa-Trac or eps Pro offers a wide range of applications. These turf protection systems can withstand heavy trolleys or cases and light vehicles such as Golf Carts or Gator Utility Vehicles. Similarly, they can handle the medium-heavy loads caused by FOHs or delay towers. To cover all possible requirements, you can combine almost any turf protection system with heavy-duty ground protection systems.


Stable and even event floors are created by installing individual panels, pre-assembled sheets, or roll-shaped delivered sheets. To further optimize the preservation of green areas, we recommend placing soft underlays under the cover. For example, PE film or non-woven geotextile.

Design Event Spaces in No Time At All

The manual installation of the ground covers is comfortable and low-noise. Moreover, many solutions are quick and easy to assemble and remove due to their intelligent connection systems. For example, with the help of simple click systems, such as Supa-Trac and eps Pro, you can create solid event surfaces in no time, also on uneven surfaces such as sandy ground. Other solutions, such as ArmorDeck 1, Terraflor, or Terraplas, have special locking systems. These systems allow the panels to be firmly connected to each other with the help of integrated locks and related locking keys.

Roll Out and Create Large Event Floors

Rolled products such as Portafloor also enable a very simple installation. You can easily roll out the material. Therefore, you can create large-area event grounds in no time at all. We have additional components, such as ramps. These ramps ensure smooth transitions or balance expansion gaps. Moreover, we are happy to take care of transport, installation, and many other services on request.


  • CAD-Drawings
  • Implementation of local approval requirements and administrative formalities
  • Delivery and removal
  • Assembly and disassembly
  • Cleaning


Protecting people and materials is always the focus of our planning and implementation. With our Pedestrian Event Flooring products, we aim to preserve green areas. Moreover, we also aim to create safe conditions for a successful event. Turf protection guarantees surfaces and paths that are resilient and safe to walk on. The non-slip surfaces ensure the best possible support. Similarly, systems with particularly flat ramps enable barrier-free and wheelchair-accessible access.

Protection From Slipping or Sinking

Safety and comfort for event guests and employees always have priority. Therefore, it is especially recommended to use suitable turf protection systems on unpaved grounds. During continuous rain, such grounds easily become soft and muddy. A pedestrian-friendly ground cover protects against slipping or sinking. Moreover, it can be ideal on stony grounds to prevent visitors from stumbling and injuring themselves.


Lightweight, manual solutions such as our pedestrian event flooring require minimal installation effort. However, the low weight also has an impact on transport. Portafloor, Logis Event Grip, and ArmorDeck 1 are especially transport-efficient.

Less space – less cost

Logis Event Grip requires minimal space for transportation and storage. The result: lower costs. The same applies to ArmorDeck 1. This turf protection can be stored in a particularly flat stack, making it highly space-saving and economical to transport and store.

Sensitive Ground Protection
Stadium Turf and Running Tracks
Golf Courses
Greenfield Sites
Undulating Ground
Temporary Event Spaces
Temporary Entrance Areas
Medium Duty Crowd Solutions


Generally, we take care of temporary events such as concerts, festivals, or trade fairs on soccer fields, horse racing tracks, or other grassy areas. In such cases, pedestrian event flooring provides optimum protection for sensitive green areas. Lawn protection is used at major events as well as at smaller events.

Public Areas, Walkways, Parking Lots, and More

Typically, lawn-friendly flooring is used in the audience area to create a safe and tripping hazard-free surface for visitors. It is also used at event sites to create pedestrian-friendly walkways. Furthermore, some systems can be ideal as an event surface under a tent roof, for the provision of temporary parking spaces, or even as a substructure for smaller stages.

From Meadows to Sandy Soils to Ice Rinks

The places of use are versatile. Some cover systems can also be ideal on uneven meadows, sandy soils, gravel or crushed stone subsoils, tartan tracks or even ice rinks. We also have suitable pedestrian event flooring for permanent use, such as in bike and amusement parks.


Special ground issues, difficult surfaces? No problem. Our team will be happy to help you.


Would you instead look for your own first? Our checklist helps with product selection. Check It Out.
  • Is the project in an indoor or outdoor area?
  • What is the nature of the substrate to be covered - for example, is it firm or flexible, dry or damp, level or uneven?
  • How strong is the load on the soil?
  • Do drivability and pedestrian-friendliness play a role?
  • Does the application site require additional protective materials?
  • How long does the event take, or how long does the turf protection have to be on the surface?