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We are committed to sports events: mobile infrastructure for every venue

Sports events promote a sense of community. There is a good reason to stand up for them. Thanks to mobile infrastructure, we can optimally prepare every venue for sports events.

From smaller tournaments to the Olympic Games

Moreover, we support Olympic Games, sports festivals, and smaller tournaments in shooting sports or fitness competitions. Every sport is important. Therefore, we are committed to competitions in ball sports and motorsports, all-around sports, and equestrian sports. We also handle disciplines from winter sports, water sports, or martial arts.

Essential in athletics and cycling

Moreover, we provide various venues with ground and turf protection. Similarly, we also supply grandstands, lighting systems, and much more. Barriers are indispensable, especially in athletics and cycling. Watching sporting events live on big screens? We love public viewing.



A large number of sports shows the fascination that sports have always had for many people. In ball sports alone, numerous disciplines have emerged. These include soccer and handball, beach volleyball, baseball, and tennis. However, no matter what the discipline, our team is there long before the starting signal and even after the final whistle.

Stadiums, beaches or public places

In addition to comprehensive rental equipment, we also offer a wide range of services related to sporting events. Moreover, we equip competition venues with spectator stands, seating, and sanitary facilities. We can handle anything, be it stadiums, halls, arenas, meadows, beaches, or public squares. This also includes the safe demarcation of competition courses for marathons and bicycle races.

Boxing, swimming or archery

Suitable ground and turf protection systems open up non-slip paths. Moreover, these are ideal in ski resorts, outdoor pools, or other outdoor locations. Similarly, they also protect and stabilize stadium turf or other sensitive surfaces. We are there when it comes to boxing matches or winning first place in triathlons. We are also there when competitive athletes take titles in swimming and victories in fencing or archery.


Different sports require different sports event locations. Therefore, it affects the equipment. For example, the surface determines which ground or turf protection solutions are ideal. For example, do you need to protect a tennis court or a lawn?

Temporary parking lots, grandstands, and transport routes

Moreover, the type of load also plays a decisive role. Are temporary parking lots or substructures for grandstands or seating on the agenda? Are pedestrian or transport routes involved? Remopla can be ideal for laying supply roads on tartan or artificial ice rinks, among other things. Moreover, our Arena Panels and Terraplas transform a green playing field into a fighting ground for world boxing champions.

Motocross, stock car racing or horse show

Whether it’s motocross, stock car racing, or a horse show, all sporting events depend on safety, hygiene, and comfort. Moreover, we make sure of that. For example, we handle everything by taking care of safe parking or foundations for catering and merchandising areas.


Stable barrier systems ensure effective perimeter and route fencing. Moreover, this also includes the demarcation of individual areas, such as backstage and VIP zones. Similarly, our GIGS barricades are particularly pressure-resistant. Therefore, they are also ideal with preference at large events.

More than a regulated entry

Moreover, the modular construction principle and many special elements offer a wide variety of assembly options and functions. Similarly, our product range also includes other barriers such as construction fences, bike racks, and police fences. Our access gates allow more than just controlled access.

Emergency exit at the push of a button 

The GIGS Smart Gate convinces with the intelligent ticket scanning system. Moreover, the GIGS IO Gate can be ideal for an emergency exit at the push of a button. Similarly, we offer other elementary equipment, such as mobile sanitary systems.

We also provide valuable site material. These include banners and flags, production vehicles, and cable protection covers for sports events.


Above all, we want to offer as many fans everywhere as possible the chance to be present at major sporting events. That’s why we’re just as happy to organize public screenings as we are to host the corresponding sporting event on-site. For each event, our team works flexibly and quickly.

For multi-day outdoor events

Is a sports festival taking place outdoors or even an outdoor event lasting several days? If so, we can also organize event tents, lodges, or similar mobile space systems for camping. Moreover, if you are looking for complete tailor-made solutions, you have come to the right place.

Full commitment before, during, and after the competition

If you wish, we can take care of the planning, including CAD drawings, transport, assembly, and dismantling, as well as the final cleaning. In doing so, we always show full commitment everywhere. We can handle everything before, during, and after the competition. Some things can really only be done by professional athletes. But we are experts when it comes to sports events.