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Box Panels

Loadable Box Panels for foundations and access roads in the event and construction industry


Our Box Panels withstand the heaviest loads. Moreover, you can use these for event sectors and the construction industry. Similarly, they are suitable for flexible surfaces. These panels ensure the best load distribution. Moreover, these create a stable and safe surface for trucks and other heavy vehicles.

Transport routes, stage foundations and access roads

These are laid with special rubber mats. You can also lay these ground protection mats on cobblestones or plastic floors, such as on tartan tracks in stadiums. You can also use these for stage foundations, transport routes and truck access roads at events, the creation of construction site access roads, installation platforms, storage areas, and for path widening. The floor protection offers various application possibilities.

Combination of strength and flexibility

Box Panels are ideal for building temporary roads, walkways, landing pads, work platforms, and stage foundations. Moreover, these panels facilitate safe access across either flat and uneven/undulating ground conditions. This happens due to the combination of strength and flexibility.

Technical Data
strand-cast aluminum
Dimensions (l x w x h)
standard: 2.44 x 3.00 x 0.048 m (8 ft x 9 ft 10 in x 2 in)
Australia: 2.17 x 3.00 x 0.048 m (7 ft 3∕8 in x 9 ft 10 1∕8 in x 1 7∕8 in)
approx. 300 kg (660 lbs) per panel
slightly textured, pedestrian friendly
PE foil, geotextile, EnkaMat®, rubber mats
Additional Information
Load bearing capacity:
139 t per m² (28,400 lbs per ft²)
(depending on underground)
75 Panels per crane truck
Approx. 549 m² (5909 ft²)


We make our silver Box Panels from cast aluminum with a slightly profiled surface. This gives them high stability. Moreover, it makes them fireproof and non-slip. You can screw the individual heavy-duty plates together. One panel is 2.44 meters long and three meters wide. The height is 4.8 centimeters. In addition to these ground protection mats, which weigh around 300 kilograms, we also offer a lighter version.

Neo-Panel: the lighter version

The lighter version is the Neo Panel. It weighs around 250 kilograms. This variant is compatible with our Arena Panel. In addition, the lower weight increases the loading capacity. As standard, we offer the panels for long-term rental. Moreover, we deliver these in stacks of ten units. Similarly, we also use an open truck for transportation.

Completely even surface

Box Panels connect on all sides via an internal bolt and plate system. This creates a completely even surface. Moreover, it ensures the most efficient weight distribution possible. Box Panels provide a stable surface capable of supporting the heaviest of site traffic.

If required, we can take care of the transport. Moreover, we can also take care of construction and breakdown. Similarly, one of our experienced supervisors can provide on-site support.


Special ground issues, difficult terrain? No problem. Our team has got the right solution for all your needs.


The Box Panels are extremely adaptable in the laying direction. Ideally, you should lay down access roads or areas in three-meter units, i.e., three, six, nine meters, and so on. This is because the panels are screwed together on their three-meter-long side. Moreover, the individual rows connect laterally with brackets.

Small team for construction and breakdown

A small team is sufficient for the construction and the breakdown. However, you should get a crane truck or rear-loading crane for the installation. A less cost-intensive alternative would be a forklift with a load arm and chain suspension. In this case, however, you should allow enough time for the construction.

You should also note that the screws on this system protrude slightly. Nevertheless, the loads are distributed in the best possible way by this floor covering. Moreover, the load capacity is significantly optimized.

What are the Advantages of Box Panels?

  • Pedestrian-friendly textured grip and counter-sunk connections
  • The weight distribution of load protects the subsurface and reduces compression.
  • Enhances the load-bearing capacity of the subsurface
  • Supports access for heavy vehicles up to a maximum weight of 12 tons per axle
  • Box Panels are installed by a rear-mounted crane, guaranteeing safe access from the outset.
  • Constructed from 100% recyclable materials


We use PE film, geotextile made of non-woven, Enkamat mats, or mats of rubber granulate. Moreover, we provide various underlays to provide additional protection for the covered ground. We also offer accessories, such as screws, brackets with rounded ends, curved elements, and other additional components.

Ramps for smooth transitions

If required, we also offer plates in half the size. The range also includes suitable start and end ramps. Moreover, we also offer universal ramps on the transverse sides of the panels. In this way, you can create smooth transitions to the drivable event flooring. Therefore, you can enable gentle ascent and descent. In addition, you can combine a wide variety of turf protection systems with our Box Panels.

What Are the Extensions for Box Panels?

  • Ramp accessories ensure safe and smooth transitions to the subsurface.
  • ADA Ramps facilitate wheelchair access
  • Flex Panels create seamless curves in roadways.
  • eps offers an optional range of underlays to protect subsurface and that adapt to a variety of ground conditions
  • eps offers CAD design to help optimize planning processes


  • Stadiums: turf and running-track protection
  • Stage pads
  • Temporary access roads
  • Path widening
  • Festival sites
  • Greenfield sites
  • Sensitive ground protection
  • Parking lots
  • Construction sites
  • Compounds