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For safe competitions, you need more than referees

Our declared goal is to enable the first-class infrastructure for sporting events. Therefore, we help athletes get off to a good start. Similarly, we let fans share in sporting success.

Spectator stands, catering areas, and paths

Therefore, our range includes extensive rental equipment, and detailed CAD drawings, and many other services.
Moreover, we handle the playing field, spectator stands, catering, and merchandising areas. Moreover, we provide sufficient sanitary facilities. Ground and turf protection systems create stable substructures and paths.

Backstage areas, VIP zones, and parking lots

Moreover, we also provide professional route fencing and set up backstage and VIP zones. Similarly, we guarantee safe parking and camping. Moreover, our entry gates ensure controlled entry. Our GIGS IO Gate even guides streams of visitors out again as quickly as possible if necessary. We offer services at the push of a button.



Fair play is a must. However, safe fights need more than referees. Moreover, it needs infrastructure for sporting events that meet high safety standards. Therefore, we develop individual concepts for sports festivals, tournaments, and similar sporting events. Similarly, we master all the rules of the game, just like a referee. This helps us create an optimal basis for fair competitions.

Comfortable and space-saving seating

Barrier and admission systems can withstand high personnel pressure. Moreover, these ensure successful crowd management. Similarly, we also offer versatile ground and turf protection solutions. These stabilize and protect green areas and other surfaces. Therefore, you can equip playing fields with seating.

Our mobile grandstands provide a wide variety of sports event locations with comfortable seating. For marathons or bicycle races in city centers, space-saving standing stands to prove to be the ideal solution.

For fitness competitions or other fights

Moreover, we supply infrastructure for sporting events and competitions of all kinds. Similarly, we handle stock car races or other fights. In the same way, we set up ice rinks, public squares, or other places for public screening. In doing so, we always strive to make logistical processes and workflows as efficient as possible.


Mobile lighting, such as our flagpole with Powermoon® or the Hydro Power Cube, is ideal for effectively illuminating large-scale event areas. These can handle specific locations, such as entrance, catering, and merchandising areas. Appropriately printed banners and flags mark entrances, escape routes, and more.

Such and other site materials are also part of our wide range of infrastructure for sporting events. Moreover, ideal safety precautions can only be ensured with comprehensive and customized equipment for sporting events.

Event size also plays a role

The type of sport, event location, and individual wishes determine the choice of equipment. Similarly, the size of the event also plays a key role. This is true for major sporting events, such as the Olympic Games and sports festivals, barriers are the be-all and end-all. This applies, for example, to major road cycling races such as the Tour de France. Barrier fences along the competition routes protect athletes as well as spectators and prevent unwanted interruptions.


Barrier solutions also make up an important part of the infrastructure for sports events. Moreover, these are ideal in stadiums, halls, and arenas or outdoor venues. Similarly, they delineate complete grounds as well as individual backstage and VIP zones. Among other things, we stock mobile fencing, crowd control barriers, and police fencing.

Access control – particularly fast and contactless

Our GIGS barricades are extremely pressure-resistant. Moreover, they also have a wide range of functions. Similarly, their modular construction principle allows maximum flexibility. Various extras are a part of our entry gates. The GIGS IO Gate converts into an emergency exit at the push of a button. With the GIGS Smart Gate, access control is fast and absolutely contactless.

Protect Stadium turf, tartan tracks, and other surfaces

Ground and turf protection solutions provide support. These are ideal wherever there is a lack of safe paths and resilient foundations. Moreover, they also protect stadium turf, tartan tracks, and other surfaces. For example, if a boxing match is happening on a soccer field, ground protection, such as our Arena Panels, and turf protection, such as Terraplas, come into play.

Ground protection also promises slip-resistant surfaces in ski resorts, outdoor pools, or when camping as part of sports festivals. Moreover, you can set up temporary parking spaces in no time at all. So, everyone is spared a long search for a parking space.


We handle cycling and motorsports, combat and ball sports, water and winter sports. Despite numerous differences, all sports have one thing in common: they need proper facilities for safe execution and satisfied fans.

Water-filled traffic barriers, cable bridges, and much more

Therefore, we keep water-filled traffic barriers, cable bridges, and production vehicles ready and set up sanitary facilities. We organize tents and other mobile space systems. Moreover, we ensure safety, and also hygiene, and comfort.

Fast response times and adjustments at short notice

On request, we can take care of the planning, including CAD drawings and transport. We can also handle all assembly and dismantling work and final cleaning. We do everything to ensure that athletes, helpers, and fans are comfortable. We offer fast and flexible services. We do our best since fast reaction times, and short-term adjustments are also important in our industry. Athletes shine with top performances. This is where we are at our best: Infrastructure for sporting events.