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The perfect combination of high-visibility signage and low-glare illumination for various site applications

Portable Flagpoles with Powermoon provide both advertising and orientation assistance in one solution. The surrounding area is illuminated uniquely thanks to the balloon-like lighting fixture. You can attach a printed flag cloth to the crossbar or outrigger of the pole, making it ideal for displaying vertical flags, decorative banners, advertisements, and sponsorship logos. The Powermoon feature ensures low-glare illumination, making it a versatile and practical option for various site uses.


  • Bright low-glare illumination of 75,000 lumens
  • The light radius of 3,000 m² (32,292 ft²)
  • Gentle, non-industrial look compared to other mobile lighting systems

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Entrance Routes and Walkways
Greenfield Sites
Corporate Events
Outdoor Events
Illuminating Key Areas Across Sites

Need special advertisement displays and lighting? No problem. Our Team has the right solution for you.


Our Portable Flagpole with Powermoon is made from durable aluminum and has a sturdy steel base. It is designed to withstand wind forces up to level 8, ensuring stability in various outdoor environments. The rotatable boom can be extended to 1.5 meters (59 inches), allowing for flexible placement of flags and banners. The balloon light is constructed from a robust fabric of glass and aramid fibers, making it ideal for providing day-bright illumination with powerful LED technology.

Product Description

This system offers an impressive luminous flux of 75,000 lumens while consuming only 550 watts of power, making it energy-efficient. It can effectively illuminate an area of up to 3,000 square meters (32,292 square feet), providing ample visibility in dark or low-light conditions. The shell of the balloon light is 60 centimeters high (24 inches) with a circumference of 90 centimeters (35 inches), and it features a white base and black top for a sleek appearance.

Lower version

In addition to the 8-meter-high (315 inches) construction, we also offer other options. For those who prefer a lower height, we provide a non-hoistable flagpole without Powermoon. Additionally, we offer services for transport, erection, and dismantling upon request, ensuring a hassle-free experience for our customers. We can also take care of the production of flags with individual or standard motifs, providing a comprehensive solution for all your advertising and orientation needs.

Technical Data
Extruded aluminum
Dimensions (l x w x h)
Pole height and Powermoon: total 8.00 m (315 in)
Pole diameter: 0.09 m (4 in)
Length of horizontal flag-hanging rod: adjustable up to 1.50 m (59 in)
Height of flag: 4.00 m (157 in)
Diameter of flag-hanging rod: 0.03 m (1 in)
Powermoon: diameter 0.90 m (35 in), height 0.60 m (24 in)
Lighting kit: 14 kg (31 lbs)
Total assembly weight: 89–104 kg (196–229 lbs)
+ 20 dead weight stones à 35 kg (77 lbs)
Pole: White
Powermoon: Black / White
Flags (various standard motifs or individually printed), adjustable base, mast caps
Additional Information
Lightballoon LED 600: power consumption 650 watt @ 230 V 50 - 60 hz.
Dust and water protected to IP54 standards, light output 75,000 lumens, light color 5,600 K daylight white
On a standard trailer
Optional Extras

In addition to the light balloon and the boom, all other necessary utensils are part of the delivery. These include the base, four spindles, and concrete blocks. Moreover, these blocks serve as weights. Furthermore, the pole mount, corresponding screws, three open rings, and one ring with weight belong to the offer.

Individual flags available

These flagpoles are ideal for signposting regular or emergency exits, restrooms, and assembly points. You can also use these as a signal for wheelchair users or paramedics. We provide numerous standard motifs for flag cloths. Custom printable flags are also possible. Portable Flagpole with Powermoon: You can use this to put events in the right light.


  • eps can design and custom print banners or flags for signage or branding.
  • eps offers a range of pedestrian and drivable flooring to service all site access requirements.
  • Cable Protectors are available to safeguard equipment and audiences across event sites.
  • eps offers CAD design to help optimize the planning process


Flagpole with Powermoon are used to mark entrances, evacuation routes, restrooms, and other points of interest

Portable Flagpoles with Powermoon: DID YOU KNOW?

The Portable Flagpole with Powermoon offers a compelling combination of height and brightness, ensuring it can be easily seen from a distance. The unique lamp design with the outrigger makes the flagpole a captivating visual element, creating a special advertising effect.

Excellent Signal Effect

The brightly illuminated balloon, which should be set up away from easily flammable materials such as gasoline or gas, provides a daylight-like quality of light. It also serves as an excellent signaling tool in dark environments, ensuring increased visibility and safety. Moreover, it creates efficient work areas for the crew and offers a safe environment for event guests. Last but not least, the balloon-shaped luminaire on the flagpole has a wide range of applications, from advertising media to marking restrooms, making it versatile and practical.

Advantages and Benefits arrow down
  • Bright low-glare illumination of 75,000 lumens
  • The light radius of 3,000 m² (32,292 ft²)
  • Lamp height of 8 m (315 in)
  • Flag/banner height of 4 m (157 in)
  • Only 550-watt power consumption
  • Gentle, non-industrial look compared to other mobile lighting systems.
  • Dust and water protected by IP54 standards
  • High visibility flags and banners
  • Bespoke banner and flag printing
Application Details arrow down

In addition to illuminating advertising flags, this high-quality LED lamp also serves as a luminous signal, indicating emergency exits, assembly points, sanitary facilities, and more. It can be combined with matching flags for added visibility and effectiveness.

Glare-Free Working Light

The light balloon is ideal for illuminating paths, catering areas, sales stands, parking lots, and other event spaces, providing a glare-free working light. The portable flagpole with a light source is easy to install and highly versatile, making it suitable for signing event areas, halls, and company premises and marking entrances and escape routes. The Portable Flagpole with Powermoon is an effective advertising measure that offers multiple applications and benefits.