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Road Mats by installation type: assembly by hand or crane-truck

Ground protection solutions significantly increase work safety on construction sites, especially if you optimally match these to the construction sites and loads. Therefore, we keep a comprehensive selection of ground protection matting solutions on hand. The material and composition of a ground protection system determine its use.

Installation by hand or by a truck?

The installation process is also a decisive factor. Moreover, the connections in the process are also important. In the case of our HD Panels and Box Panels and the PistEco floor protection system, installation is done by crane truck. Moreover, these ground protection panels ensure ideal load distribution for heavy-duty transport. Easymats and Hexagon are easy to lay by hand. Moreover, Remopla provides remarkable application possibilities.



Ground protection matting is all about the functions a cover system performs at a given site. Moreover, trafficability and traction are decisive factors. Similarly, if heavy construction machinery is in use, load-distributing properties become more relevant. Moreover, in all of this, the speed of installation plays an essential role. This is because of the short deadlines that have to be met in the construction industry.

Manual laying

The ease of use of a manual ground protection solution speeds up installation. Moreover, it speeds up the removal processes. Similarly, such cover boards have indentations along their edges. Therefore, it makes them easy to assemble without screws. Moreover, arborists or janitorial services use them as bases for lifting platforms in home, garden, and landscaping construction.

Installation by rear-loading crane

You can lay down floor slabs and firmly connect them with the trailer. Moreover, you can do this with a rear-loading crane that creates surfaces of the highest stability. Similarly, these heavy-duty systems open up transport and access routes to renewable energy facilities. Moreover, they are ideal for road and pipeline construction and forestry. They serve as outrigger pads or temporary parking lots.


You can install mobile roadway slabs by crane truck. Moreover, these ground protection matting options can withstand extreme loads. The truck can move on the already placed heavy-duty slabs during the entire installation phase. In this way, the heavy-duty floor protects the ground to be covered right from the start.

For sloping terrain, forest, and swamp areas

We develop and manufacture aluminum panels. Moreover, the PistEco plastic flooring protects soft forest soils, meadows, and farmland. The HD Panels are strongly profiled and are very slip-resistant. Moreover, they guarantee excellent traction in swamp areas, damp, and even sloping terrain.

For sensitive surfaces and field paths

Our seamless bolt-on Box Panels are highly adaptable in the laying direction. Moreover, it also covers cobblestones, asphalt, and sensitive surfaces such as tartan tracks or stadium turf. PistEco panels, relatively flexible path panels for mobile construction roads, adapt perfectly to rutted forest and field paths.


Lightweight ground protection mats: In addition to low-noise installation, construction companies benefit above all from easy handling and fast assembly and disassembly. Small panel sizes or low weight favor efficient loading units.


Some of the handy panels come with elongated recesses all around. This allows them to be easily hooked in or hooked together. Moreover, it enables an entirely screw-free connection for edge-free, safely walkable, and permeable surfaces and construction site roads.

Gentle on the subsoil but still resilient

Easymats and Hexagon are substrate-friendly and flexible plastic ground protection systems. You can use them for light to medium loads. Moreover, you can also use them on uneven floors without any problems. You can also use Remopla to create heavy-duty roads on firmer surfaces.

They prevent the abrasion of sensitive surfaces on paved pedestrian areas or tartan running tracks. Moreover, the rubber sheets are ideal for indoors, on sports hall floors, or on ice surfaces.


Upon request, we can take care of CAD drawings, transportation, and more. Moreover, a multi-layer installation can increase the load-bearing capacity. Similarly, the ground protection matting systems offer several possible combinations. These include access roads made of PistEco panels and adjacent crane pads made of HD Panels or Box Panels.

Curved elements, ramps, and more

Furthermore, the aluminum panels complement Remopla. This is due to their similar height. We provide the necessary accessories, curved elements, or other components. Moreover, you can achieve gentle ascents and descents with the help of ramps that create smooth transitions.

Additional protection with underlay material

We also carry various underlays. Moreover, these provide additional protection for the covered surface. You can use suitable paving slabs for mobile construction roads. Similarly, these create the best conditions for successful construction projects.