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Ground protection systems applications for all kinds of construction work

Ground protection mats are suitable for a variety of applications. The fields of work in the construction industry are as varied as the construction machines. Whether it’s forestry, power transmission, or renewable energies, if vehicles are to move safely on the site, suitable ground protection mats help.

Ground protection for loads of all kinds

We offer various ground mats. Moreover, these create temporary roadways and trackways for all kinds of applications. Similarly, the panels protect a wide variety of substrates. Moreover, these options increase their load-bearing capacity. Ground protection systems also ensure optimum traction. Easymats and Hexagon provide fast support for medium-heavy loads. For special heavy-duty applications, our HD Panels and Box Panels perform big.



Soil protection measures vary from construction project to construction project. Each area, from pipeline to overhead line construction, has specific requirements. Therefore, transports and construction work with different vehicles and equipment are carried out in various locations. This means that you must match the soil protection solution to the subsoil conditions and type of load.

Health & Safety

Safety is the overarching goal. Therefore, we always keep this in mind. Mobile roadways, parking, and assembly areas prevent forklifts, trucks, and excavators from getting stuck. Moreover, these also prevent them from sinking on soft ground. Similarly, the cover systems also stabilize.

Moreover, these protect solid, natural, artificial, level, and uneven foundations. Therefore, these options make any terrain safe and gentle for driving. The applications are many and varied.

Roadways, area protection, and more

The application examples for mobile construction roads range from driving slabs used as foundations for lifting platforms to driving slabs that create long routes for heavy-duty transport. Moreover, ground protection panels are ideal as transport paths. Therefore, these work for road construction work.

Moreover, these also work from access routes to solar parks, hydropower plants, or other facilities. Therefore, they create solid undergrounds for containers and temporary parking lots. Operations with cranes, in particular, require appropriate surface protection.


If the ground is yielding and the load is high, load-distributing properties come into play. The best solutions are HD Panels and Box Panels. We make these from aluminum. Moreover, we make PistEco heavy-duty floor from plastic. The heavy-duty systems ensure ideal load distribution and traction.

Power Transmission and Distribution

Ground protection mats are ideal for power transmission. Moreover, extremely profiled HD Panels enable heavy vehicles to travel smoothly. Therefore, these work even when old power transmission towers are located in impassable, damp areas. You can also use heavy-duty panels to overcome bottlenecks on longer transport routes.

Bring wind turbines and co. to their destination undamaged

They widen routes for transporting oversized goods. Moreover, they can handle high weights and point loads. Ground protection mats are ideal for renewable energies: This is how gigantic wind turbine components or other construction elements of power plants for renewable energy sources reach their destination intact.


We offer a wide variety of ground protection mats. These can create a wide variety of driveways and access roads, compound areas, crane pads, and assembly platforms. Moreover, this also guarantees smooth logistic processes. Similarly, heavy-duty slabs are ideal in prefabricated and modular construction or road building or help repair large-scale forest damage.

Floor systems for landscaping

You can install ground protection by hand. Moreover, it is the ideal solution for gardening and landscaping. These flexible plastic sheets or rubber mats are easy to install. They quickly cover surfaces of small to medium-sized construction sites. Easymats and honeycomb Hexagon conform to uneven surfaces and both soft and hard floors.

Protection for sensitive grounds

Soft Remopla offers excellent protection to synthetic floors such as tartan tracks. Box Panels are also suitable for such sensitive locations due to their smooth underside. All the systems listed have one thing in common: you can join the panels to form flat, partly seamless surfaces.


Temporary floor coverings can only adequately fulfill their task of protecting construction sites from the ground up. This happens if you match them precisely to the local conditions and the construction work involved.

A multilayer installation or a combination of different floor coverings can prove to be a sensible solution. We provide additional components such as ramps for convenient access and exit or extra protective underlays.

Pick up yourself and reduce costs

These are ideal for shorter or longer-term rental periods. Moreover, if you wish, we can provide everything from planning to final cleaning from a single source. Expert project managers provide on-site support as needed.

Besides, we offer material for self-collection. This allows anyone with the means to do so to reduce costs. Ground protection mats: We know which system is suitable for which construction project.