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Design and maintain green areas in a soil-friendly manner

The preservation of topsoil has the highest priority. Moreover, this is true in an area that involves the creation and maintenance of green spaces. Therefore, the use of landscape protection mats is indispensable.

The fields of activity in gardening and landscaping are multifaceted. Nevertheless, earthworks often form an everyday basis of construction projects. For example, these are ideal for in-home gardens, roadside greenery, or sports facility construction.

Move construction machinery without ground damage.

The Remopla, Easymats, and Hexagon landscape protection mats create an optimum basis for construction machinery. Moreover, the machinery can move around the construction site as gently as possible. Similarly, you can lay down these cover panels quickly by hand.

In contrast, Box Panels, HD Panels, and PistEco have a particularly load-distributing effect. We provide a comprehensive range of floor protection materials. Moreover, these are also for self-pick-up.



Humus provides plants with nutrients. Moreover, soil cover plates can protect the humus-rich soil layer. Similarly, landscape protection mats prevent damage to the soil and counteract soil compression. This allows earthmoving or transport equipment to pass over construction sites without any problems.

Ensure ground protection on construction sites

It is often small to medium-sized construction sites in horticultural landscaping where you must ensure soil load capacity. Moreover, landscape protection mats support earthwork and planting, tree pruning and maintenance, paving work, and fences, walls, and stairs. This allows processes such as creating lawns, watercourses, ponds and paths, construction site clearing, or the relocation of underground irrigation systems to run smoothly.

Make soft and hard surfaces passable

Landscape protection mats are ideal for a natural or artificial, level or uneven surfaces. The various ground covers make soft and firm subsoils passable. Moreover, in the construction of leisure facilities such as playgrounds, gardens, and parks, they open up load-bearing and level surfaces with optimum traction.

Landscape protection mats are also ideal in the construction or remodeling of indoor riding arenas, tennis courts, and other sports fields. They also provide a safe roadway for cranes transporting bulk material for gravel strips as part of large-scale green roofs.


Landscape protection mats are ideal for green lanes and planted roadside embankments, landscaped traffic islands, or other construction projects. Moreover, the mobile construction roads help mini-excavators, skid steer loaders, or front-end dump trucks over unpaved and paved surfaces. In this way, they contribute to a greener environment.

If it needs to be done quickly

You must select landscape protection mats according to the soil conditions and load type. Moreover, every construction site is different. In addition, you have to complete smaller construction projects quickly.

This criterion is met in particular by Remopla, Easymats, and Hexagon – manual covering systems. Moreover, this makes installation quick and easy by hand. These floor tiles give covered floors optimum protection.

For hard and flexible substrates

Flat Easymats and honeycomb Hexagon allow asymmetrical surface shapes. Moreover, these are suitable for hard and compliant substrates. Similarly, the flexible plastic sheets adapt very well to uneven surfaces. Moreover, they support light to medium loads.


Remopla is ideal for heavier loads on a level, firmer ground. The heavy-duty rubber mats protect firm lawns or paved areas. Similarly, they prevent soiling and damage to sensitive tartan tracks. Similar to Hexagon flooring, you can join these to form bolt-free surfaces. Moreover, the relatively small panels are ideal for creating efficient loading units.

Master rough and sloping grounds

Box Panels are our specially developed and manufactured heavy-duty aluminum systems. Moreover, these are also suitable for road paving, stadium turf, or tartan running tracks thanks to their smooth underside. Similarly, the aluminum panels, like our HD Panels and PistEco, are ideal on soft meadow surfaces and forest floors.

HD Panels even cope with rough, sloping terrain. Moreover, flexible PistEco copes with hollows in the ground. Similarly, this heavy-duty plastic floor and our landscape protection mats create level, highly stable, and slip-resistant access roads. Moreover, they transport routes for larger construction machinery.


Optionally, we provide various services from planning and installation to final cleaning. Alternatively, we open the possibility for everyone to minimize costs.

Therefore, we offer our material, which is ready in our warehouses. Moreover, we also offer self-pick-up. Therefore, anyone who can carry out all the work themselves will only have to pay for the pure rental of the material.

Recycled and recyclable

Our range includes various landscape protection mats made from recycled, recyclable materials. Moreover, these solutions eliminate the need for topsoil removal. Similarly, we recommend a multi-layer installation or even a combination of different systems.

We keep in stock the necessary accessories and additional components and underlays that provide additional protection to the covered soil. Landscape protection mats make environments greener.