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Elevate Your Visitors' Experience with Luxury Camping

Glamping, the trendy concept from the tourism industry, has now arrived in live entertainment. Festival-goers are no longer satisfied with standard muddy meadows, uncomfortable sleeping spaces, and porta-potties. They are currently seeking luxurious and comfortable accommodations. We believe in providing a “boutique hotel” festival experience at eps.

A Complete Package for Luxury Camping

As part of our glamping accessories, we offer a comprehensive package that includes move-in accommodations, high-quality sanitary systems, paved paths, parking spaces within walking distance, wellness, and chill-out areas. With eps, you can offer your visitors an extraordinary festival experience. Whether you need a unique VIP area on your premises or a holistic glamping event, we support you in planning to implement your vision successfully.


Would you like to offer your visitors more luxury? No problem. Our team has got the right solution for you.


When it comes to your festival glamping or VIP area, eps is here to support you every step of the way. Our in-house CAD drafters will provide professional CAD plans tailored to the available space and your ideas. In addition, our experienced project managers will ensure that the entire tent resort becomes a highlight at your festival.

Comfortable Accommodations for a Feel-Good Experience

We offer a range of accommodation options for your glamping project, including tents for two to four people. These tents come equipped with sleeping bags and air mattresses. For a touch of luxury, we also provide mobile homes with full beds, chairs, a table, and electricity connections. Our variants, including exclusive prints and banners, can be tailored to your festival’s corporate design.

High-Quality Sanitary Facilities for Convenience

You can choose from various comfort options for sanitary facilities, including toilet units, drinking water stations, mobile sinks, shower containers, and shower tents. We ensure that the hygienic facilities meet high standards to provide convenience and comfort to glamping visitors.

Safe and Eco-Friendly Walking Paths

We lay down walking paths to protect the camping site and preserve the ground. These pathways provide glamping visitors with a safe foothold to move around the camp with clean feet. We also offer additional infrastructures such as temporary lighting systems, cable protectors, and crowd control measures to enhance safety at the campsite during glamping.


Glamping: the new luxury camping at festivals, here at “Openair Frauenfeld” and “Rock am Ring Experience Camping


Are you looking for a glamping experience in a unique location? As a leading global service provider for event infrastructure, we are equipped to handle remote areas. With more than 25 warehouses worldwide, you can rely on us as a single source for building your project.

Efficient Logistics for Cost Savings

Our extensive worldwide partner network ensures short communication channels and low logistics costs. We offer everything you need, including infrastructure, branding/corporate design, furniture/interior design, and more, delivered on time and efficiently.


Transform your glamping into a true wellness paradise with our additional amenities. We can create entire chill-out and lounge areas, self-service grill stations, and catering areas. Whirlpools and massage therapy provide a special touch of relaxation. Other extras include WiFi, power connections, lockers, refrigerators, and pavilions to enhance the comfort and convenience of your glamping experience.

Hotel-Like Check-In Experience

We’ll set up a reception and service point for your guests, allowing them to check in and relax upon arrival. Our team will guide them to their accommodations, and on request, we can also provide goodie bags as gifts and souvenirs for your guests, adding a special touch to their glamping experience.