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A spacious shower tent has several advantages as a sanitary system. Moreover, these include a large number of shower places and pleasant freedom of movement. In addition to this, it leaves plenty of scope for individual design. As a mobile shower room system, you can use it anywhere and.

Our extremely sturdy Shower Facilities are custom-designed for large, multi-day events, such as festivals and sporting tournaments. Moreover, they are ideal for use in campgrounds and backstage areas.

Ideal for camping and backstage areas

The solution features several shower modules. Moreover, you can tailor the number and placement to individual requirements. Thanks to its size, the tent with the shower facilities are ideal for large-scale events lasting several days.

Moreover, it is almost a permanent fixture in every camping or backstage area of open-air festivals, sporting events, or other events. Similarly, the shower facility offers various guests the special comfort of taking a soothing shower at the same time.

Technical Data
side and partition walls: Dibond® panel
floor: ribbed aluminum panels
Dimensions (l x w x h)
5.00 x 2.00 x 2.20 m (16 ft 5 in x 6 ft 7 in x 7 ft 3 in)
shower-stall dividers, shower curtains, shower containers, tents, and storage shelves
Additional Information
water connections:
inlet water: knuckle coupling (2")
grey water: sewage pipe 100 mm (4 in)
12 shower modules per standard trailer
Equivalent to 144 shower units


Each shower module under the protective tent roof has twelve shower places. You can find six on each side. Moreover, we offer solid partitions and shower curtains. Similarly, these convert open spaces into cubicles and serve as a pleasant privacy screen. Moreover, the side and partition walls are made of special aluminum composite panels. We use a checker plate of aluminum for the checker floor. Therefore, this makes the tread surface non-slip and ensures optimal grip.

Environmentally friendly shower systems

One module is 5 meters (16 ft 5 in) long, 2 meters (6 ft 7 in) wide, and 2.2 meters (7 ft 3 in) high. Stable and robust features also characterize it. The showerheads are equipped with water-saving and thus environmentally friendly self-closing fittings. Here, a specialist can set the flowing water duration in advance in the range between 5 and 50 seconds. The shower design has a kind of instantaneous water heater that generates a constant water temperature of 37 °C.


Each Shower Module comprises 12 shower units (6 on either side) and features an instant water heater that keeps the water running at 37° Celsius (98° Fahrenheit). For conservation purposes, showerheads are fitted with self-closing valves and can be programmed to automatically shut off after an interval of between 5 and 50 seconds.

The modules feature ribbed aluminum flooring and drain to safeguard against slipping. For ease of installation, every module is constructed from interlocking components that can be easily loaded and positioned with a forklift.


Special mobile showers needed? No problem. Our team has got the right solution for you.


A shower tent offers two things above all: sufficient space for many visitors and a high degree of flexibility. You can set up the spacious shower facility at a wide variety of locations. In addition to this, you can optimally adapt to individual conditions and requirements.

Stable and weatherproof showers

Depending on requirements, you can set up the individual shower modules separately or close together. This creates numerous showering options in no time at all. Moreover, different numbers and arrangement of the modules, various accessories are also available. Therefore, the result is a shower tent system with tailor-made equipment. Stable and weatherproof, the sanitary facility brings plenty of comfort to large outdoor event areas.

What are the Advantages of Shower Facilities?

  • We offer portable solutions such as holding tanks and waste disposal for event sites without an existing water supply or sewage system.
  • eps also offer planning services, delivery, connection, intermediate and final cleaning, and pick up
  • Female, Male, Gender Neutral, and Accessibility signage available on request


We supply water via a Storz coupling, more precisely via a C-coupling with a thread size of 2″. Moreover, we ensure the sewer connection via a high-temperature pipe. Therefore, we use an HT pipe of nominal size 100. If appropriate (sewer) connections are missing on site, we have drinking water and wastewater tanks ready.

Matching interior equipment: furniture, utensils, and lighting

In addition to the associated shower modules and the optional partition walls and shower curtains, the tent structure also comes with supplementary furniture and utensils as required. We organize everything that enriches interior design, from wardrobes and changing benches in various designs to lighting.

Matching signposts: printed flags and banners

We carry matching banners that show the ladies and gentlemen at the tent entrance the right way for the outdoor area. Therefore, you can take care of all event participants. We also offer an individually furnished shower tent. Therefore, the participants can enjoy even more and feel freshly showered.

What are the Extensions for Shower Facilities?


  • Festivals
  • Backstage areas
  • Greenfield sites
  • Corporate events
  • Sporting events and spectator areas
  • Outdoor events and functions