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Join in live when star athletes are born

Events of great importance take place in sports event locations time and again. Moreover, this spurs us on preparing stadiums, halls, and arenas, various outdoor locations. Moreover, we prepare competition tracks for sports competitions in the best possible way.

Focus on mobile infrastructure and innovations

Therefore, we rely on mobile infrastructure. This means that fans at any location can be there live when personal bests are achieved, records are broken, and star athletes are born. Similarly, we provide venues with barriers, ground protection, grandstands, and more.

Moreover, we also take care of optional set-up and dismantling, as well as many other services. Therefore, we put a lot of our heart and soul into technical innovations. This makes sporting events ever safer and processes more efficient. For example, we offer GIGS IO Gate.



When setting up a sports event location, local characteristics are highly relevant. Sports halls, pitches, and fields are ideal in many different ways. Moreover, meadows, public squares in city centers, or other outdoor locations also offer space for competitions and tournaments.

Competitions can happen almost everywhere

One time, the playing field of a soccer stadium is to be transformed into a boxing ring complete with a spectator area. Another time, a marketplace is to serve as a court for a stream volleyball tournament. Therefore, with mobile equipment, competitions can happen almost anywhere. The surface determines which ground and turf protection systems are necessary. Among other things, they serve as non-slip paths and surfaces for catering and merchandising areas.

Set up venues safely and conveniently

If marathons or bicycle races lead through large cities, standing grandstands prove to be a space-saving solution. Moreover, we offer various barrier systems to demarcate the racecourses effectively. Similarly, those who need support can count on us. Moreover, we have decades of experience in setting up venues for sports events locations safely and comfortably. That starts with parking and extends to backstage and VIP zones.


The broad spectrum of sports is accompanied by the diversity of competition venues. Whether it’s a tennis court, an indoor riding arena, or a motorsports racetrack, there are a wide variety of sports facilities and many other sporting events locations. Moreover, location and event determine which equipment is ideal.

Effective signage and advertising space

We take care of spectator stands and seating. Moreover, we also take care of adequate sanitary facilities. Printed banners and flags mark important areas, serve as signposts or advertising space. Similarly, open-air venues, especially those hosting sports festivals, often require mobile space systems. Moreover, we can provide large event tents or comfortable lodges for camping.

The most important security measures

Large sports event locations, in particular, should be prepared for high crowds. In this respect, careful site and route fencing, as well as controlled admission, are among the most important safety measures. Our range includes sturdy mobile fencing, barrier fencing, and police fencing.


Our GIGS barricades are particularly pressure-resistant and offer a wide range of assembly options and functions. Moreover, access control is fast and secure with our entry gates. Our GIGS IO Gate can even be ideal as an emergency exit in no time. All it takes is a simple push of a button. Entrance is completely contactless with our GIGS Smart Gate. The gate has a turnstile and an intelligent ticket scanning system that reads any type of ticket code.

Covering systems for stadium turf, tartan and artificial ice rinks

Last but not least, suitable ground and turf protection solutions are often ideal for protecting surfaces and optimizing their load-bearing capacity. Moreover, the individual cover systems are suitable for different loads and soils. Similarly, they open up safe parking lots and pedestrian walkways, access roads, transport routes, and service roads. Our heavy-duty Arena Panels are used on the stadium turf. Remopla is ideal for tartan and artificial ice rinks.


If desired, we can prepare detailed CAD drawings in advance, take care of transport, and do many other tasks. Moreover, we develop tailor-made concepts for a wide variety of locations. Similarly, we offer equipment for ski slopes, harness racing tracks, or other race tracks.

Implementing of short-term change requests

In sports, speed, endurance and flexibility are what count. This is also important in our job. For example, we handle everything during set-up and dismantling or the implementation of last-minute change requests. Mobile lighting such as the Hydro Power Cube or production vehicles such as the John Deere Gator makes the work of the helpers easier.

The necessary technology that leads to success

Moreover, we also offer cable bridges and other site equipment to ensure reliable supplies for all event participants. Similar to a professional athlete, we also master the necessary technology that leads to success: Equipping sports event locations in the best possible way.