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Success Secrets - Enthusiastic Visitors and Satisfied Musicians

Making concerts and tours unforgettable is the dream of every concert and tour organizer. Many factors come together for this to happen. Moreover, intensive preparation and customized event equipment are elementary. Similarly, the main focus is on sold-out halls, enthusiastic concertgoers, and satisfied musicians.

Execute shows and tours in the best possible way

That’s where we come in. We create the necessary conditions from secure parking to access control and backstage. These conditions produce concert formats such as individual shows. Moreover, you can also optimally stage concert tours. Therefore, we provide mobile infrastructure for concerts and tours of all kinds.

We also offer ground protection or security solutions and signage. Our experts tailor the equipment precisely to individual wishes and the different requirements of each concert venue.



Good organization is half the battle. This is just as true for individual concert events as it is for guest performance tours. Similarly, reliable provision for all event participants and accompanying safety precautions form the basis for relaxed and unique concert experiences. This is true for solo artists, bands, orchestras, and choirs or musicals.

Floor protection, seating, lighting, and much more

Therefore, we offer a comprehensive range of rental equipment. This equipment can quickly and individually equip any concert location. This includes grandstands, seating, barrier and admission systems, ground and lawn protection, mobile lighting, sanitary facilities, and production vehicles.

From halls to stadiums to extraordinary open-air locations

Moreover, the selection is dependent on the location itself. It also depends on other aspects, such as the genre or event size and expected audience numbers. We know the ins and outs of the various events and venues, such as halls, arenas, stadiums, theaters, and unusual open-air locations. Therefore, we support smaller live acts in clubs with the same passion as the performances of world stars on large open-air stages.


This is due to the global positioning of our company. We have been offering high-quality equipment all over the world for decades now. Moreover, we can guarantee consistent quality for every single concert at every location. Similarly, we can organize logistical processes extremely efficiently. This ensures fast setup and dismantling, even for acts with tight schedules.

Full service during events

Our wide range of products includes various site materials, such as cable bridges, banners, and flags. This equipment ensures all-around provision during concerts and tours. Moreover, we always have local peculiarities in mind.

Various ground and turf protection systems

Depending on whether a car concert is taking place in front of a stadium, concertgoers are standing on a soccer field, or heavy equipment has to go across the marble floor of a festival hall, various floor and turf protection systems are applicable. In this way, the respective surface receives the best possible protection.


Heavy-duty systems, such as our aluminum panels, PistEco or Remopla, offer the best performance. We also offer load-bearing transport routes to the stage or as corresponding substructures. Lawn protection systems provide spectators with safely accessible areas. Our eps Pro turf protection solution also supports FOHs and delay towers. Moreover, it is suitable for temporary parking zones.

Infrastructure for your events

In addition to this, barrier and entry systems are indispensable when it comes to infrastructure. Stable construction fences, barriers, and police fences delimit complete event areas, the stage area, backstage and VIP areas, or individual audience areas of certain price categories.

Pressure-resistant and adaptable

Thanks to the modular construction principle, you can ideally adapt our certified and extremely pressure-resistant GIGS barricades to a wide variety of stage layouts. Similarly, we offer massive and multifunctional access gates, such as our GIGS IO Gate and Intelligent Access Gate. This allows safe, fast, and even contactless access and egress control even in crowded areas.


Our flagpole with Powermoon® illuminates entrances, escape routes, or other relevant areas. If stage setups are taking place at night, the Hydro Power Cube guarantees optimal working light.

Support with transport and all types of setups

Moreover, our all-terrain John Deere Gator for transporting materials is ideal for setups for food and merch. Our VIP shuttle via club car can also help with this. We take care of everything. Just like our products, we stand for maximum flexibility to meet individual needs and implement changes at any time.

Let’s conquere the stages of this world

In addition to providing support with our mobile equipment, we take care of many other tasks. Similarly, these tasks may arise in individual events and concert tours. We can handle everything from planning detailed CAD to transport, setup, and dismantling to final cleaning. Moreover, we can provide you with everything from a single source if you wish. Let’s conquer the stages of this world together so that people will remember concerts and tours.