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Highly Customizable Smart Access Control for All Your Safety Needs

Our Intelligent Access Gate is an all-in-one indoor and outdoor solution. It offers safe and secure entrance control for employees and visitors. Moreover, it is entirely contactless and flexible. The system includes video screening technology. This system measures the body temperature of moving masses of people in real-time.

If fever is detected, the software immediately activates an alarm and closes the entrance gate. Due to the integrated AI, the system allows for simultaneous counting of people and ticket scanning. Additional extras, such as mobile disinfection and a body scanner or container models for outdoor use, offer extra safety and hygiene.


  • Contactless control
  • Temperature upper limit
  • Multi-person scanning

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  • USA

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Schools and Universities
Public Events
Arenas and Stadiums
Workforce Safety
Commercial Premises
Arts and Culture Institutions

Special security or line-up issues? No problem. Our team has got for all your needs the right solution.


We developed and manufactured this gate in-house. Moreover, the Intelligent Access Gate has a modular design available in four variants. The integrated AI checks the body temperature of visitors contactless and in real-time at the access gate. The system sets off an alarm if a fever is detected. Similarly, it automatically closes the gate. The measurement accuracy is +/- 0.5 degrees. In combination with a thermal and regular camera, the custom-designed software simultaneously detects up to 1,600 people, depending on the gate model.

Product Description

All four models, including the Smart Gate, come with a thermoscanner camera, crowd counting, an automatic gate, and a ticketing scanner. The Multi Smart Gate and container models also have mobile disinfection and an X-ray scanner. We recommend the Smart Box and Multi Gates Box container models for outdoor use. These also have solar roofs.

Pressure-Stable, Robust and Durable

The dimensions, materials, and other details depend on the entrance interlock selected. All our security interlocks convince with pressure-stable, robust and durable properties.

Technical Data
Dimensions (l x w x h)
0,90 × 0,60 × 2,50 m (35 × 24 × 98 in)
50 kg (110 lbs)
Additional Information
Body temperature measurement, ticket scan, desinfection, body scan
Compatible with all GIGS entry systems of eps
30 per a special dolly
Optional Extras

The Intelligent Access Gate offers numerous options. Moreover, you can quickly expand it with additional extras with its modular design. A mobile disinfection system and body scanners are available for indoor and outdoor versions. The container models also have a privacy screen, a roof, and an integrated solar panel for an independent power supply.

Compatible With All eps Access Gates

The Intelligent Access Gate is compatible with all eps access gates. Moreover, it offers precise counting and calculation of distances between people. Therefore, it enables controlled access at all times. You can also combine the entry systems with various barrier elements.

Rental Materials and Services from A Single Source

On request, we can provide additional rental materials such as floor protection systems, lighting, signs, or cable bridges. Moreover, we can also take care of all the necessary services. Therefore, you can optimally create safe and highly flexible barriers and tailor them to the event, local conditions, and individual needs.


  • Mobile disinfection or X-Rays for the Smart and the Professional Solution
  • The Professional models include an integrated solar panel for an independent power supply
  • CAD design to help optimize the planning process


The Intelligent Access Gate is an all-in-one indoor and outdoor solution – completely contactless and flexible


Our technology has a pioneering role in video AI. Therefore, it enriches security barriers in a particularly intelligent way. You can combine the software with thermal imaging and a standard imaging camera. So, it opens up many functions that reduce risks in entry areas to a minimum.

Contactless People and Ticket Counting System

All data is transmitted in real-time. This includes reliable counting, precise measurements of the distance between people, and body temperature. Moreover, this speeds up the entry process. So you can check many people and tickets simultaneously.

Automatic Temperature Measurement and Disinfection

Furthermore, the system includes an automatic admission stop if a higher body temperature is detected. You can use the software in 32 languages, which is compatible with all browsers. We sustainably produce the multifunctional Intelligent Gate at our facilities in Italy and the USA. Quick to transport, it is ready for use at any location in no time at all.

Advantages and Benefits arrow down
  • Contactless control
  • Real-time measurement
  • Temperature upper limit
  • Crowd counting and ticket scan
  • Multi-person scanning
  • High accuracy
  • Accurate tracking of people flow
  • GIGS compatibility
  • Mobile disinfection
  • X-rays
  • Green energy (solar panel)
  • Blinds by box solution
Application Details arrow down

The Intelligent Access Gate can be ideal indoors and outdoors. It is suitable for all public and private facilities. Moreover, it is the perfect protection for schools, libraries, conferences, sporting eventsfestivals and venues, theatres, and clubs. Furthermore, it can significantly increase security for all parties involved.

Security Check for Staff and Visitors

The system also offers a security check for staff and visitors. This is what security will look like in the future. Trust is good, but the Intelligent Access Gate is better!