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GIGS Smart Gate

For maximum transparency with contactless controls


The GIGS Smart Gate raises security standards in the admission area to a new level. Moreover, this is because the turnstile comes with an integrated ticket scanner. Therefore, it enables maximum transparency with contactless and thus hygienic controls.

Real-Time Information

The automated solution is modular. Therefore, you can combine it with the line-up gates and barricades of our GIGS series. Moreover, it is compatible with all current ticketing systems. Similarly, it provides detailed and tamper-proof information in real-time.

Attendance Moments Better Monitored

As a result, the digital system increases security at events of all kinds. Moreover, it contributes to successful crowd management both indoors and outdoors. You can easily monitor and control crowds and visitor flows. Similarly, we offer an expansion option that saves personnel, time, and space.

Technical Data
Additional Information
Turnstile with integrated ticket scanner
Terminal solution compatible with all ticketing systems
Processing of ticket data from multiple service providers in event
Ticket scanner reads all common code systems: Barcodes, QR codes, RFID, NFC
Can be used online and offline
All information is available transparently and tamper-proof in real time for event organizers


Sometimes, local conditions or other factors create difficult conditions in inlet and outlet situations. Therefore, we have developed a solution for this. You can easily control access automatically with the intelligent linking of the mobile turnstile and ticket scanner. Moreover, you can use the real-time system both online and offline. It meets all the requirements for contactless data exchange between ticket and reader.

Suitable For Any Ticketing System

You can connect the ticket scanner to any standard ticketing system. It reads tickets with barcodes, QR codes, and all other common codes. It is ideal for season tickets or tickets made of thermal paper, print-at-home tickets, or mobile tickets.

Similarly, the GIGS Smart Gate works well with cards, wristbands, or other carriers with RFID or NFC chips. It is also possible to process ticket data from multiple service providers within one event.

Turnstile with Panic Function

In addition to this, the three-arm turnstile has a panic function. In the event of a power failure or an evacuation, the turnstile arm folds down automatically. We are happy to support you with customized admission concepts.

Moreover, we can take care of permits as well as technical implementation. Our staff can also help with connection to the existing ticketing system and overall logistics.


Special security or line-up issues? No problem. Our team has got for all your needs the right solution.


Advantages And Disadvantages

On the one hand, the modular design principle opens up flexible and individual solutions for secure inlets and outlets. On the other hand, the contactless and more hygienic form of access control helps protect against Covid-19 and other diseases. Moreover, the GIGS Smart Gate relieves the burden on admission personnel and security by automating the control of persons.

How To Reduce Costs Significantly?

With our GIGS IO Gate, you can easily reduce costs. This is because inlet and outlet phases require a maximum workforce and a lot of time and space for rebuilds. These are eliminated with the GIGS IO Gate. This double line-up gate converts into an emergency exit at the push of a button. Therefore, you can use it at stadium shows in the front of stage barricade lines, golden or platinum circles. Similarly, you can use this at sporting events in the second security ring or in venues with limited escape route capacity.

Security Forces Deployed Optimally

Moreover, you can optimize processes and the deployment of security forces with this cost- and resource-saving combination. Incidentally, most visitors are drawn back to the entrance in case of emergency. Thanks to the panic function of the turnstile, the double gate remains suitable for emergency exits.


The GIGS Smart Gate is also compatible with all versions of our GIGS line-up gate as well as with our GIGS barricades. It offers connections to other products in addition to the GIGS IO Gate. Another advantage of the former combination is that it increases spectator capacities. Moreover, it enables the development of new venues with limited escape route capacities.

Fitting Table Elements

Curved connectors allow you to bolt our pedestrian interlocks together and stably and seamlessly integrate into the barricade line. They enclose the turnstile and terminal. Furthermore, we have suitable table elements and waste garbage cans. These make the work of employees easier.

Employees Coordinate Better – Visitors Evacuate Safely

Knowing exactly who, how many and where visitors are on the event site at all times makes a significant contribution to safety. This is due to tamper-proof information. This is especially true for large events with a high number of visitors and several cordoned-off areas. Therefore, it is also ideal for emergencies. The GIGS Smart Gate makes it easier to coordinate staff and evacuate visitors safely.


  • Stadium shows – in the front of stage areas or the Golden Circle
  • Sporting events in the secondary safety circle of the venues
  • Locations with limited escape route capacities