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eps PRO

Plastic Ground Protection for Medium Loads in Sensitive Areas

eps Pro is an innovative plastic ground protection solution with a patented clip system. It is capable of supporting medium loads in sensitive areas and does not require any tools for the assembly or disassembly of the panels. Our eps Pro floor tiles are suitable for protecting stadium and golf course turfs, as well as covering horse racecourses or other grass and meadow areas. These tiles are also suitable for use on irregular grounds.


  • Patented foot-clip system to build pads of any size; no tools required
  • Assembles and decouples up to 70 % faster than legacy products
  • Lightweight and flexible panels adjust to uneven surfaces effectively

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  • USA

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Medium Duty Crowd Solutions

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eps Pro sets the industry standard for medium-load ground protection. These panels come with a patented clip system, inter-panel flexibility, and a lightweight design, allowing for up to 70 percent faster assembly and disassembly compared to legacy ground protection products.

Product Description

The lightweight turf protection flooring is made from polypropylene copolymer, making it light, water-, and air-permeable, and capable of protecting sensitive green areas for up to five days. Depending on weather conditions, it ensures optimum air conditioning for the covered lawn area.

Flexible Click System

The patented click system enables a firm yet flexible connection between individual turf protection panels, allowing for easy management of minor irregularities in the event area.

Other Colors

Each sheet of eps Pro is 2.70 centimeters (1.06 inches) high and consists of eight firmly bolted elements, weighing about 16 kilograms (35.27 pounds), and covering an area of approximately 2.26 by 1.13 meters (7.41 by 3.71 feet). In addition to light grey, various other colors are also available. The panels are transported on pallets, each containing 40 sheets. We can also provide transport, construction, breakdown, and final cleaning services upon request.

Technical Data
Polypropylene copolymer
Dimensions (l x w x h)
Per sheet (cover dimension): 2.263 × 1.129 × 0.027 m (89 × 44.5 × 1 in)
Per element: approx. 0.562 × 0.562 × 0.027 m (22 × 22 × 1 in)
16 kg (35 lbs)
Light Grey (other colours also possible)
24 pallets of 40 panels per standard trailer
Approx. 2,452.64 m² (26,400 ft²)
Optional Extras

The pre-assembled connectors of the click system, usually in red or grey, ensure a firm yet flexible connection between the panels. You can attach red or white ramps to the panels, available in male or female versions according to US ADA standards for barrier-free access. Additionally, you can combine our turf protection system with heavy-duty drivable event floorings like our Arena Panels.

Easy Connection with Other Floor Protection Systems

You can easily combine eps Pro with drivable event floorings such as Arena Panels. For a smooth transition between the turf and drivable aluminum floorings, we recommend a double layer of eps Pro.


  • Ramps for barrier-free access
  • Custom-colored clips and ramps
  • Optional range of underlays to protect the sub-surface and adapt to ground conditions


eps Pro installed during a Robbie Williams concert and the open-air festival “We are Lignano” in Italy


Choosing eps Pro comes with several advantages. We offer firm and flexible plate connections up to plus or minus ten degrees. Therefore, you can create smooth surfaces on uneven grounds. This makes it ideal for medium-term protection of sensitive surfaces, such as natural grass on playing fields or grass tracks for trotting races.

Quick and Easy Installation

The turf protection system is easy to install with a simple click system that facilitates handling and speeds up installation. The breakdown is also quick and easy with the associated connectors, and no additional tools are required. This makes the solution ready for use in no time.


Another advantage of our turf protection product is that you can easily replace the bolt-on connecting pieces, which serve as rated breaking points, allowing for extended use of the panels over many years.

Advantages and Benefits arrow down
  • Patented foot-clip system to build pads of any size; no tools required
  • Assembles and decouples up to 70 % faster than legacy products
  • Lightweight and flexible panels adjust to uneven surfaces effectively
  • Transport efficiencies; 2,229.67 m² (24,000 sqft) per standard flat-bed truck (70 % more than legacy medium-load ground protection products)
Application Details arrow down

Our eps Pro ground tiles are suitable for protecting stadium and golf turf, as well as covering horse racing tracks or other grass and meadow areas. Designed for medium-heavy loads, these tiles can create safe pedestrian and spectator areas, including wheelchair access and accommodating guests with strollers.

First-class turf protection

eps Pro can also support light vehicles such as Gators or golf carts, making it versatile for temporary parking spaces or subsurfaces for FOHs, delay towers, or similar constructions. Whether it’s festivals on bumpy terrain, concerts on soccer fields, or open-air events on sandy beaches, eps Pro offers first-class turf protection.