Mobile showers offer well-being and hygiene at open-air events. Shower facilities give festival visitors comfort and refreshment on event sites and ensure a wellness factor even in the rough outdoor environment.

The perfect choice: shower containers and shower tents

The transportable mobile showers can be set up at almost any location. We carry different systems that are ready for use in a short time frame. A compact shower container offers many shower places within a relatively small footprint. Shower tents provide comfortable functionality to users and flexibility to organizers.



Mobile shower rooms are an optimal hygiene solution for open-air events lasting several days or other temporary projects. Due to the numerous showerheads that the units can provide, they perfectly suited to events with high visitor numbers.

Pleasant stay due to exceptional comfort

Designed to meet the needs of short-term outdoor events. Our adaptable shower systems can be set up quickly and easily at a wide variety of locations. Whether on campgrounds or behind concert stages: The sanitary facilities enrich music festivals, open-air exhibitions, or other events with comfortable shower facilities. The system helps ensure a pleasant stay for both guests and crew members.


A transportable shower container can be used in many places. On a large event site, any number of containers can be configured as required to provide the necessary comfort. The compact form ensures the optimal use of the space. In the context of special aid projects, such as temporary clinics or refugee homes, people are provided with effective container solutions in efficient timeframes.

Non-slip floors and heating

We offer incredibly stable container constructions, each equipped with several shower places. Partition walls and shower curtains create separate cabins. The high-quality sanitary facilities include electric radiators, water-saving self-closing taps, and washbasins with wall mirrors, among other things. Non-slip floors and drainage channels ensure a secure foothold for users.


We also provide mobile showers as shower tents. This extremely spacious sanitary facility is particularly suitable for open-air festivals, sports events, or other large events. Several shower modules with various quantities of showerheads are available in the weatherproof tent. Like the containers, the modules are also characterized by non-slip treads and water-saving, environmentally friendly self-closing fittings.

Partition walls and shower curtains for more privacy

Partition walls and shower curtains are available as an option, which provides appropriate privacy protection. In addition to the numerous shower options, the shower tent construction also stands out for its pleasant freedom of movement; large crowds can quickly utilize the system. A further advantage is the unique flexibility of this mobile shower room system. The number and arrangement of the individual shower modules can be tailored to individual requirements. With different furniture and selected accessories, a bespoke shower tent system can be created.


A stable and robust design characterizes each of these flexible shower solutions. In the case of missing (sewer) connections, we provide drinking water and wastewater tanks to ensure smooth operation.

Planning, cleaning, and disposal

On request, we can take over all services from planning and connection work to cleaning and disposal with pump trucks. For the shower tent, we also offer supplementary pieces of furniture and utensils that complement the tent roof equipment – whether it be wardrobes and changing benches in various designs or suitable lighting.

Suitable extra: banners and flags

Our extensive and suitably printed banners and flags lead both men and women to their goal: mobile showers invite you to clean and feel good.