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Mobile and Comfortable Rooms for a Multitude of Site Uses

Event Containers and Portacabins mean space for more comfort. Moreover, they serve as comfortable sleeping places or high-quality sanitary facilities. Similarly, you can use mobile room systems almost anywhere. Therefore, these are ideal for construction sites, refugee homes, temporary accommodations in camping, etc. Also, these are ideal for backstage areas of music festivals, large sporting events, automobile shows, or other trade fairs.


  • Highly adaptable modular system for both containers and portacabins
  • Strictest safety standards
  • A range of door, window, and step options
North & South America
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Special room systems needed? No problem. Our team has got the right solution for you.


We have stable, demand-oriented container models in many different designs. Moreover, we offer cash desk containers, storage, material containers, and office containers with toilets. Similarly, we offer several sizes and color variants to meet individual needs. You can arrange the different windows and doors variably. A multistory structure, stairs, railings, and roof terraces are also possible.

Product Description

We owe our comprehensive range of products to our partner companies. They have been working with us for many years. Moreover, this also includes special lodges for the best hospitality (MyMolo). Such heat-insulated, soundproofed, and well-ventilated event containers are available furnished. Similarly, these come with electricity connections and electric heating.

Air Conditioning and Sun Protection

We also offer air conditioning as an option. A porch roof offers pleasant sun protection. We also offer storage containers ranging from three meters (9 feet 10 inches) to 12 meters (39 feet 4 inches). All container facilities are lockable. Therefore, these guarantee the necessary security.

Individually Or Combined

You can install Event Containers and Portacabins individually or combined. The combination will form entire building complexes. We can also take care of the assembly and disassembly, and transport. If necessary, we also take care of the interior of the mobile rooms, from the furniture to the decoration. So, everything comes from a single source.

Optional Extras

You have come to the right place if you need ready-to-move-in hotel containers, offices, or container buildings for various other purposes. We procure furnished rooms for events and more – tailored to individual wishes.

Furnishings Of All Kinds

Similarly, we provide furnishings of all kinds and all accessories. The furnishings range from beds, including bed sheets, tables, and chairs, to practical hanging fixtures. Therefore, our options are ideal for refrigerators or other appliances, wardrobes and mirrors, desks, shelves and cabinets, carpets, and decorative materials.

Container Walls as Advertising Space

Special anti-theft devices increase security. Parasols or sun sails provide shadow on the terrace. The darkening curtains or Venetian blinds enhance comfort by protecting privacy. These also enable a good night’s sleep. Moreover, we also offer room numbering and the option of using the container walls. You can use these options as advertising space. Event Containers and Portacabins open up tailor-made solutions for VIP camping next to the concert stage or for a special trade fair.


  • We can also supply various furnishings, from seating, carpeting, and decor to air conditioning and stages
  • A range of pedestrian and drivable flooring to service all site access requirements
  • CAD design to help optimize the planning process


Event Containers and Portacabins are available in various sizes and configurations to meet individual requirements


Mobile Event Containers and Portacabins offer a high degree of flexibility. These are ideal as comfortable accommodations on a festival site. Moreover, these are ideal as a sales stand in an exhibition hall. Similarly, you can set it up at the most diverse locations. The stable constructions meet the most varied requirements.

Fast, Tailor-Made Solutions

We can quickly put tailor-made solutions for short-term events and projects into practice, thanks to short construction times. We also offer low cost. Some models convince with exceptionally high transport efficiency. This is possible due to their compact form. Moreover, the transportable rooms come with weatherproof and robust features. Similarly, these provide the best comfort at any location.

Advantages and Benefits arrow down
  • Highly adaptable modular system for both containers and portacabins
  • All systems conform to the strictest safety standards
  • Walkways available to connect multiple structures
  • Unique lighting options
  • A range of door, window, and step options
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You can use container modules individually or combined to form entire building complexes. For example, you can create a ready-to-use office in no time at all on a construction site or the event site of an open-air festival.

From The Cash Desk to The Multistory Office

You can use container constructions in many different ways. This system is ideal as an information desk, cash desk, gatehouse container, and a secure storage room or dressing room for artists. Moreover, it is also suitable as a comfortable bedroom or multistory production office for a concert tour. So, the modular construction principle of the Event Containers and Portacabins makes it so much more possible.