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We celebrate sports, and suitable event equipment spurs on top performances

Sport, together with its infinite variety, is regularly demonstrated at the Olympic Games and numerous other competitions. Moreover, every year, athletes compete for victory in a wide variety of disciplines. Therefore, they set personal best times and new records.

Excitement on all levels

During a sports competition, there is a thrill on all sides. Therefore, sporting events are popular. The thrill and the ultimate adrenaline rush are amazing. Coaches and fans celebrate their key players around the world. They spur them on to give their best performance. Suitable event equipment motivates athletes.

Equip and secure sports event locations

Therefore, we support sporting events of all kinds with mobile infrastructure. For example, we offer equipment in the form of terrain and track barriers. When sporting event locations are optimally equipped and secured, athletes can offer top performances.



Sports offer shrill referee whistles, loud chants, and crowds of fans sweeping the stands. There is always something special in the air at soccer matches. Moreover, there is something exciting at other sports competitions. Similarly, excitement and anticipation fill stadiums, halls, and arenas.

We provide venues and competition tracks with ground and turf protection to create this atmosphere. Moreover, we offer barriers and other rental materials.

Best conditions for speedy admission controls

Similarly, we handle playing fields, spectator stands, catering, and merchandising areas. We also offer construction fences and banners, or other barrier systems delimit backstage and VIP zones, among others. In addition to this, our admission gates create the best conditions for speedy and controlled admission.

Whether individual sporting events or sports festivals

As an international company, we have an extremely good network at our disposal. In other words: We are everywhere. Moreover, we can develop customized concepts and provide many other services on request. This applies to individual sporting events and sports festivals.

Similarly, we also set up public squares or other venues for public viewings. Whatever and wherever it is: we take care of it. Long before the starting signal.


Water sports or winter sports? Martial arts or athletics? Motor or cycling, ball or equestrian sports? Ultimately, the sport determines where the competition or tournament will take place. Moreover, this determines the choice of equipment. Therefore, we offer comfortable seating stands for sports enthusiasts.

Similarly, we also provide space-saving standing stands for city centers. On these, spectators can keep a close eye on their favorites during marathons or cycling races.

Properly secure route sections

Moreover, we properly secure each individual section of the course. For example, red and white lines of the PVC water-filled traffic barriers clearly mark the course of the track. Safety is also a top priority in sports.

Barrier lines – modular systems with various special elements

Our GIGS barricades are ideal with preference at large events. They serve as barrier lines or for the demarcation of VIP areas. Moreover, these can withstand the highest personnel pressure. In addition to this, the modular system opens up flexible assembly options with its various special elements. Similarly, it offers functional versatility.


Emergency exit at the push of a button: This is what our GIGS IO Gate promises. In addition to this separation system, we also offer other inlet systems. These also impress with their intelligent functions. The various barrier systems have one important task: to secure a wide variety of areas effectively. We offer equipment for stadiums, arenas, ski resorts, or other places.

Solid bases and safe paths

Moreover, ground and lawn protection systems have other tasks to perform. Sometimes, they even make parking easier. A meadow becomes a safe parking lot with a suitable ground cover. The covers serve as solid substructures.

Moreover, these can level non-slip walkways and load-bearing driveways. In doing so, they increase the load-bearing capacity of the subsoil in question. Similarly, they offer natural surfaces and sensitive soils the best possible protection.

Transform venues in the blink of an eye

As a result, we are able to transform venues in the blink of an eye. For example, we offer heavy-duty flooring, like our Arena Panels, and turf protection solutions, such as Terraplas. These transform the interior of a soccer stadium into a boxing venue. Where soccer players normally run across stadium turf, boxers enter the ring. All around, the audience is spread out on comfortable seating.


Outdoor venues present different challenges than indoor venues. Sometimes tents, containers, or other space systems, such as lodges, are necessary. These are ideal when it comes to camping in the context of sports festivals. Moreover, we provide sufficient sanitary facilities everywhere. Similarly, we keep site material, such as mobile lighting, production vehicles, and cable protection bridges, and banners and flags ready.

Safe competition venues for athletes, crew, and fans

Moreover, we support professional CAD drawings, transport, as well as assembly, and disassembly or final cleaning. With our help, beach volleyball tournaments are possible on the beach as well as in the middle of the big city. We create safe competition venues for athletes, helpers, and everyone who comes to cheer. We offer something for everyone who wants to be up close and personal and experience how much sport unites.