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Folding and comfortable chairs for events

Seating solutions: The correct seating choice makes an event successful. You can make long-lasting events more comfortable. If the show lasts for several hours, guests will get tired. So, choosing the right seating will help you.

Chairs for indoor or outdoor use

Moreover, we offer weatherproof folding chairs. These include the Big Boy and the Samsonite A. These are suitable for large open-air events. Our comfort chairs are available for most seating comfort at banquets, ceremonies, or other events.



You can enjoy different chair configurations with our seating solutions. Moreover, you can enjoy a rounded formation for conversation and networking. Similarly, you can also go for a straight line seating arrangement. This is ideal for the best view for a stage. We can also quickly install the chosen seating system.

Quickly form rows

Moreover, you will find a variety of chairs. Similarly, these are ideal for indoor and outdoor use. You can also enjoy integrated connecting systems. Moreover, you can connect these systems to form rows quickly.


Our weatherproof folding chairs have successfully helped major events. Moreover, you can easily store and transport our chairs. This makes them suitable for large outdoor seating arrangements.

Comfortable seating

You can connect our Samsonite A chairs to create fixed rows. Moreover, you can also use adjustable clips. Similarly, these clips will increase the distance between chairs. The Big Boy system allows for a wider seating surface. Moreover, it still offers flexibility to suit a wide variety of events.


We recommend our comfort chair for events with a more formal setting. These events include awards ceremonies or corporate events. Similarly, this stackable chair offers first-class seating quality for guests at dinners, galas, congresses or classical concerts.

Ergonomic seat shell

You can connect this upholstered chair with clips. We also call it the shell chair. Moreover, it offers an ergonomic seat shell. Similarly, you can easily hook it to the integrated connection system. These chairs are ideal for table seated events.


We offer comfortable seating units. Moreover, we also offer custom-made accessories, such as:

  • Weatherproof Labels
  • Matching Seat Cushions
  • Block Signs for Guest

You can enjoy a fixed spacing with our floor bar systems.

CAD-based plans and approvals

eps can also assist with the planning phases. Similarly, we offer site visits. Moreover, we help with the preparation of CAD-based seating plans. Similarly, we also handle local approvals.

If needed, we can offer seats with armrests. Moreover, we also offer seats with folding and writing surfaces. You can also request bar stools, lounge, and office chairs. We offer comfortable seats for all events.