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Enhance Your Event Experience with Comfortable Chairs for Indoor and Outdoor Events

Comfortable seating solutions are essential to ensure that events are enjoyable, especially for events that last several hours or days. Our wide range of chairs is perfectly suited for any type of event.

Weatherproof or Luxuriously Padded

The type of seating solutions you choose depends on the available space, safety requirements, the number of visitors, and the best possible view of the event. Our chairs can be arranged in various configurations relative to the stage. We recommend weather-resistant folding chairs such as the Big Boy and the Samsonite A for large open-air events for their transport efficiency and durability. Alternatively, lightweight and sturdy plastic chairs are also suitable options. For indoor events such as galas or other special occasions, we offer stacking chairs designed for superior seating comfort, with options for ergonomic shaping or luxurious design.

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Seating Solutions provide comfortable seating opportunities for visitors at all kinds of event locations, like here in the stadium at a Bon Jovi concert

Seating Solutions: Frequently asked questions

Seating solutions are an important aspect of event planning. This article provides all the essential information about the different types of chairs and why folding chairs are popular. What types of seating solutions are available? What kinds of chairs are commonly used? Find out in this article.


Comfort is our top priority when it comes to seating. That’s why we offer a range of sturdy seats, from ergonomically shaped to softly upholstered. Good transport, assembly, and disassembly methods are also crucial, which is why we provide lightweight and foldable or stackable solutions that offer many benefits. Different methods of connecting chair models to form rows and the resulting distances are also important factors to consider.

Weatherproof Constructions

We offer a wide range of chairs in large quantities for both indoor and outdoor use. We have chairs with clips and seats with integrated connection systems, making it easy to connect them to form rows quickly. The Big Boy and the Samsonite A are sturdy models made of tubular steel and plastic suitable for outdoor events. Our stackable, durable plastic chair can withstand various weather conditions and has holes or slots in the seat to allow rainwater to drain away quickly.

Seating Surface

Each chair model offers excellent seating comfort, whether a stackable chair, a lightweight Samsonite A, or an ergonomically shaped folding plastic chair. The Big Boy stands out with its wide seat and flame-resistant certification, making it ideal for indoor use. Our comfortable stacking chair, which comes with a fully upholstered seat and back, is available with a fire-safe certified shell chair variant upon request.


Most of a product’s CO₂ footprint is generated at the beginning of its manufacturing process. However, its sustainability increases with use. Therefore, you can contribute to sustainability by embracing the sharing economy and renting seating solutions instead of buying chairs. Our chair models are highly durable, so you can use them frequently for an extended period.

Lower CO₂ Emissions

Our folding chairs offer eco-friendly benefits beyond durability. At the end of their life cycle, we separate the plastic from the metal frame and recycle both materials. Additionally, they are highly transport-efficient, benefiting the environment and significantly lowering CO₂ emissions.


  • Rental chairs are more ecological
  • Robust and long-lasting
  • Material separation and recycling
  • Highly transport efficient


Our seating solutions are used to cover large halls and spaces, for example at the Fortitude Music Hall in Brisbane, Australia.


High temperatures, sunshine, rain, hail, or snow showers – outdoor seating requires solutions that can withstand different weather conditions. Therefore, we recommend weatherproof seating solutions for events that take place outdoors. Additionally, it’s worth checking the weather forecast to determine if additional seat cushions are needed.

Flame-Retardant Chair Models

When it comes to indoor events, the chair’s suitability for indoor use arises. We recommend using fire-protection-certified models such as the Big Boy or the stackable chair variant for these cases. These chairs are certified (German B1) and considered flame-retardant.


Integrated connection system, clips, or cable ties? There are different ways to connect individual chairs. An integrated mechanism lets you quickly combine the Big Boy to form rows. Additionally, you can attach the Samsonite A with clips to form fixed rows, creating comfortable distances between seat neighbors. Special comfort clips can be used to increase the space further. Connecting stackable chairs depends on the design; the shell chair has an integrated connection system so that it can be hooked, while the object chair requires clips. Cable ties can be used for the plastic chair if necessary.

Event Seating and Accessories for Safe, Comfortable Seating

In addition to cable ties and similar accessories, we offer other helpful items for event seating. These include custom-made, weather-resistant labels and matching block signage to help guests find their seats. The Big Boy and Samsonite A folding chair models can be completed with matching seat cushions or pads like the shell chair. Rows of folding chairs can be connected with floor bars to ensure fixed row spacing and good accessibility.

Create CAD-based Seating Plans

We are happy to provide transport, setup, and dismantling of the seating, supervised by one of our expert supervisors. Additionally, we can take on comprehensive services during the preparation phase, including planning work, inspection appointments, preparation of CAD-based seating plans, and handling local approval processes and official business.


  • CAD-Based Seating Plans
  • Implementation of Local Approval Requirements and Administrative Formalities
  • Delivery and removal
  • Assembly and disassembly
  • Equipment with labels, including block signage
  • Cleaning


Various aspects of seating solutions are crucial when it comes to safety. Stable chair legs, seats, and backrests provide secure support, and maintaining certain distances between chairs is necessary, especially during pandemic periods. By using floor bars, for example, you can quickly move fewer rows of chairs, ensuring clear paths in emergencies. Fixed rows of chairs also guarantee uniform distances between neighboring seats.

Flame-Resistant Chairs for Indoor Use

Certification is also a crucial aspect to consider. Using flame-retardant chairs indoors ensures complete protection. Therefore, we recommend using flame-protection-certified chairs like the Big Boy or the appropriate shell chair version of the stacking chair for indoor events.


Today, logistics processes still cause a considerable share of carbon dioxide emissions. Therefore, the key to an environment-friendly future includes route optimization and high transport efficiency. So, this is equally true for seating solutions.

More Than 5,000 On One Truck

The stacking and plastic chairs combine to save space when loaded and transport efficiently. However, the Big Boy and the Samsonite A particularly stand out. Therefore, you can fold both models to save space and transport them extremely efficiently: With more than 5,000 chairs that fit on one truck, the folding chair models are top-rated and our logistics world champions.

Stadiums and Arenas
Open-Air Concerts
Awards Ceremonies
Corporate Events
Large Scale Events
Graduation and Commencement


Award ceremonies with banquet seating create the best conditions for networking at the same time. Row seating arranged in blocks provides better orientation at large events. Moreover, you can reach the seating, toilets, or exits as quickly as possible via the resulting gangways. No matter if it concerns the seating of a meadow area or the indoor space of a stadium or hall: Short-term events of different sizes at different locations require tailor-made solutions that you can implement quickly.

Best Suited for Large Outdoor Seating Areas

Types of upholstered object chair variants of the stacking chair look good on tables. Moreover, they are an excellent fit for charity events and corporate events. A white plastic chair performs well at outdoor weddings. Weather-resistant folding chairs proved their worth at concerts, sporting events, or large-scale events held in stadiums or open-air theaters. Like plastic chairs, they are ideal for large-scale seating in rows and blocks outdoors.

Armrests, Writing Surfaces, and Co.

There are many different ways to set up chairs. The most well-known seating solutions include formal, banquet, row, block, or herringbone seating. Furthermore, you can arrange chairs and tables in a U, T, E, or square shape. However, which shape and which chair is most suitable depends mainly on the local conditions, safety requirements, number of guests, and the type of event. We will also provide seats with armrests, folding writing surfaces, bar stools, bistro or office chairs, or other chair models on demand. A comfortable seat for every public member: we provide safe and comfortable seating solutions.


Special seating solution issues? No problem. Our team will be happy to help you.


Would you instead look on your own first? Our checklist can assist you in selecting the right product. Check it out.
  • Is your event in an outdoor or indoor area, and do you need weatherproof properties and a fire safety certification?
  • WhWhat time of year will the event take place, and what is the outdoor weather forecast? Would extra seat pillows be helpful?
  • Which chair model is best suited for the location and complements the event's theme?
  • How comfortable should the seating be - e.g., upholstered backrests or extra-wide seating surfaces?
  • What type of seating is appropriate for the event, and how much time is available for assembly and disassembly? For example, is a chair with an integrated connection system recommended?
  • What should be the distances between individual seats for row seating, and which chair model best suits this?
  • How much space is available, and which is the best model for that area?
  • Do you need turf or ground protection for the seating area?
  • Would you like to provide space numbering or block signs? Do you need appropriate accessories for this?