The Samsonite A system allows for precision installation of thousands of units in multi-block configurations to help events optimise their use of available space.

eps offer a full turnkey service from project Cad design to installation to seat and block numbering.

Technical Data
seat and backrest: PP-HD with drainage holes for open-air use
frames: made of electrically welded steel piping
legs: PE
Dimensions (l x w x h)
0.45 x 0.45 x 0.45 m (18 x 18 x 18 in)
seat height: 0.45 m (18 in)
seat depth: 0.45 m (18 in)
seat, width: 0.45 m (18 in)
(incl. comfort connector 0.50 m / 20 in)
seat folded: 0.98 x 0.45 m (39 x 18 in)
approx. 2.50 kg (5.5 lbs) per chair
block signs, seat and row labels, chair clips, floor bars
160 chairs per (euro) pallet (double stacked)
240 chairs per (euro) pallet (triple stacked)
5,200 chairs per standard trailer


The Samsonite A chair is field tested for major events. The weatherproof steel and high-density plastic construction make it particularly well suited for outdoor use. The chairs come with standard PVC chair connectors. Alternatively, we can supply comfort connectors, which increase the space between chairs by 4.50 cm (1¾ inch).

Space-saving folding design affords high transport efficiency with up to 5,200 chairs per load.


Special event seating issues? No problem. Our team has got the right solution for you.


  • Designed for comfort
  • Drainage holes for open-air use
  • Fast install and recovery
  • High transport efficiency
  • Precise, space optimizing installations
  • Optional tailor-made cushions for added luxury
  • Optional waterproof seat numbers and block signs


  • Bespoke cushions, waterproof seat numbers and block signs
  • eps offers CAD design to help optimize the planning process and ensure compliance to safety regulations
  • eps offer a range of pedestrian and drivable flooring to service all site access requirements
  • Cable Protectors are available to safeguard equipment and audiences across event sites


  • Stadium and Arena shows
  • Open-air concerts
  • Awards Ceremonies
  • Receptions
  • Corporate events
  • Large scale functions
  • Weddings
  • Graduation and Commencement ceremonies