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Folding, Easy-To-Install Seating for Any Outdoor Occasion

The Samsonite A chair combines functionality with excellent seating comfort, making it a perfect choice for temporary events with a large number of spectators. Its weather-resistant design makes it ideal for outdoor use. Rapid assembly, safety, and comfort are top priorities at such events, and this chair delivers on all fronts. It is also efficient to transport and quick to set up, ensuring a seamless experience for event organizers and attendees alike.


  • Drainage holes for open-air use
  • Fast install and recovery
  • High transport efficiency

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  • USA

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Stadium and Arena Shows
Open-air Concerts
Awards Ceremonies
Corporate Events
Large Scale Events
Graduation Ceremonies

Special event seating issues? No problem. Our team has got the right solution for you.


Thanks to its practical folding function, the seat of the Samsonite A chair can be easily folded, making it convenient for storage and transportation. The ergonomic shape of the chair ensures excellent seating quality, and at just two and a half kilograms, it is lightweight and easy to carry. With a width of 45.50 centimeters (18 inches), a seat depth of 40 centimeters (15 inches), and a seat height of 44 centimeters (17 inches), the chair offers comfortable dimensions for seating. Its timeless and simple design, along with weatherproof materials, make it suitable for outdoor use.

Product Description

The seat and backrest of the chair are made of high-density polypropylene, while polyethylene is used for the interchangeable feet. The sturdy tubular steel frame provides reliable support, and the holes in the seat allow rainwater to drain off easily. This, combined with the weatherproof materials, makes it well-suited for outdoor use.

Space-Saving and High Transport Efficient

The space-saving folding design of the Samsonite A chair allows for high transport efficiency, with up to 5,200 chairs per load. Upon request, we can take care of preparations, transport, assembly, and disassembly, providing a seamless experience for event organizers.

Technical Data
Seat and backrest: PP-HD with drainage holes for open air use
Feet: PE
Frame: electrically welded steel
Dimensions (l x w x h)
Sitting height: 0.45 m (18 in)
Depth: 51 cm (20 in) incl. backrest; forefoot to hindfoot 46 cm, seat 40 cm (15 in)
Width: 0.45 m (18 in) (incl. comfort connector 0.50 m / 20 in)
Chair folded: 0.98 × 0.45 m (39 × 18 in)
Approx. 2.50 kg (5.5 lbs) per chair
Block signs, seat and row labels, connector clips, floor bars
Additional Information
Stacking height:
75 ea per stack: approx. 2.20 m (87 in)
80 ea per stack: approx. 2.30 m (91 in)
Pallet size (Euro):
Double stacked: 0.91 × 0.98 m (36 × 39 in)
Triple stacked: 1.37 × 0.98 m (54 × 39 in)
160 chairs per (euro) pallet (double stacked)
240 chairs per (euro) pallet (triple stacked)
5,200 chairs per standard trailer
Optional Extras

In addition to the standard clips, we also offer longer comfort clips for the Samsonite A chair, which increase the distance between seats by an additional 5 centimeters (2 inches), providing enhanced seating comfort. We also have black seat cushions available as an option.

Weather-Resistant Labels, Including Block Labels

For optimal orientation, we provide numbering options, as well as custom-made, weather-resistant labels, including block signs. You can choose between block sign sets with Plexiglas inserts or sets with hard foam panels, both displaying the block designations either as laminated DIN A3 prints or stickers.

Connecting Rows of Chairs with Floor Bars

To connect rows of chairs, we offer floor bars that can be hooked into the lower cross struts of the chair legs. This maintains the spacing between chairs, allowing guests to comfortably and safely move between rows. Adjustable floor bars are also available to accommodate different row spacing requirements.


  • Waterproof seat numbers, block signs, and floor bars
  • CAD design to help optimize the planning process and ensure compliance with safety regulations
  • A range of pedestrian and drivable flooring to service all site access requirements
  • Cable Protectors to safeguard equipment and audiences across event sites


Samsonite A at the “Sommernachtskonzert” in Vienna, Austria, and a concert in the RheinEnergieSTADION in Cologne, Germany


The Samsonite A folding chair is ideal for managing spacious seating arrangements at temporary large-scale events. With the help of corresponding clips, the chairs can be connected to form stable rows, ensuring comfortable distances between seats.

Quick Assembly and Disassembly

Assembly and disassembly are quick and efficient. The chair is built to last with its weather-resistant metal and plastic construction and perforated seat, making it suitable for outdoor use, even for long periods. If table seating is needed, we recommend the Big Boy folding chair, which has a slightly higher seat height.

Advantages and Benefits arrow down
  • Comfortable and space-saving folding design
  • Drainage holes for open-air use
  • Fast install and recovery
  • High transport efficiency
  • Precise, space optimizing installations
  • Optional tailor-made cushions for added luxury
  • Optional waterproof seat numbers and block signs
  • A full turnkey service from project CAD design to installation to seat numbering
Application Details arrow down

The Samsonite A system allows for precisely installing thousands of units in multi-block configurations, optimizing available event space. The seats can be firmly connected using clips to build up stable rows.

Open-Air Concerts, Sporting Events, or Other Large-Scale Events

Whether it’s an open-air concert, a sporting event, a company or shareholder meeting, or any other large-scale event held in stadiums, grassy fields, public squares, or other locations, the Samsonite A folding chair provides safe and comfortable seating for every spectator, even in crowded situations.