Crowd Control Barriers are utilized globally as an easily deployed site management system for both pedestrians and vehicles. These lightweight structures, also known as Bike Rack Barriers or Pedestrian Barriers, are the go-to solution for site demarcation.

Technical Data
hot-dip galvanized steel piping
Dimensions (l x w x h)
2.35 m (92 in) barrier: 2.35 x 0.03 x 1.20 m
2.50 m (98 in) barrier: 2.50 x 0.03 x 1.20 m
2.35 m (92 in) barrier:
approx. 18.00 kg (40 lbs) (heavy-duty construction)

2.50 m (98 in) barrier:
approx. 17.00 kg (37 lbs) (light construction)
2.35 m (92 in) barrier:
approx. 1,360.00 m (4,462 ft)
overall length (580 pieces) per standard trailer (open)

2.50 m (98 in) barrier:
approx. 1,500.00 m (4,921 ft)
overall length (600 pieces) per standard trailer (open)


Made from strong yet lightweight galvanized steel, Crowd Control Barriers are light silver in color providing strong visual contrast to aid delineation. Each barrier is 2.35 /2.50 meters in length and can quickly be deployed to support site and crowd safety.


Special crowd control issues? No problem. Our team has got for all your needs the right solution.


  • Cost-effective site demarcation for the construction and event sector
  • Lightweight, easy and quick to install and recover
  • Drop and lock connection system
  • Easy installation means suitable for dry hire
  • Can be deployed safely across urban areas in preparation for road closures
  • Effective scaffold for branding and signage
  • Not suitable for crowd loading. If significant crowd loading is anticipated, the GIGS Barrier Series is recommended, delivering a safe and robust, pressure-stable environment


  • Queuing lanes and walkways
  • Route demarcation
  • Temporary road closures
  • Area creation
  • Festivals
  • Road races
  • Carnivals
  • Stadiums and arenas
  • Conferences
  • Construction sites