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With the right equipment, successful performance is not confined to the stage

Professional-grade site materials offer successful events. You will need Production vehicles and other aids. These ensure that things go smoothly. Moreover, this increases safety. Similarly, these items speed up assembly. Lastly, these items speed up the dismantling processes. Moreover, our equipment offers comfort.

Designing Attractive Events with The Right Equipment

We offer production vehicles, such as golf carts or gators. These transport crew or guests quickly and comfortably across the site. We also offer mobile flagpoles with Powermoon® or Hydro Power Cube.

Our mobile lighting offers the best orientation at nightfall. Our outdoor banners and flagpole flags also serve as an orientation aid. Moreover, these also serve as an advertising measure. Similarly, you can also use these for pleasant visual protection. We also offer portable flagpoles, cable Protectors, water-filled traffic barriers.

The right equipment makes events safer and more efficient.



People who get work aids and materials enjoy smooth processes for events, film or TV productions, and construction sites. We provide a wide range of products for this purpose.

High-quality, versatile, and mobile

Our solutions and items are adaptable and mobile. We offer high-quality accessories for active sites: extendable cable protection, flagpoles, transportable floodlight systems, and vehicles.

Best when used for temporary events

Our products are suitable for temporary purposes. Moreover, they offer a valuable basis for events. You can create the best conditions with our solutions. We offer mobile and flexible solutions.


Our production and commercial vehicles offer a special comfort for large event sites. You can use these for artists, VIPs, and journalists. Similarly, you can enjoy a productivity boost for the crew. Production vehicles allow site management to cover wide areas quickly. Moreover, our vehicles are safe. These are suitable for use amongst pedestrians.

The Right Choice for Transporting Materials and People

The comfortable golf cart offers a roof and windscreen. You can use it to transport people. Moreover, those people will have protection from wind and weather. The all-terrain Gator is ideal for transporting materials. The robust vehicle works well on bumpy and muddy grounds in festivals—production vehicles: the perfect work aid from the site materials portfolio.


We also offer flagpoles, flags, and banners. These liven up events with various functions. You can also use temporary fence banners as wind and privacy protection. Moreover, these also offer advertising space or orientation aid.

Visible information

Large-scale pictograms offer visible information. Moreover, this information is useful for visitors and crew members. They can find their way around the site with ease. You can print text, arrows, pictures, or symbols on the flag cloths or textile banners. These will show the way to the toilets, paramedics, or emergency exits.

Mobile Lighting for A Safe Environment

Our mobile flagpole with Powermoon® comes with a balloon light at the top. Moreover, the Hydro Power Cube is a compact and transportable floodlight pole. It offers efficient orientation. You can use it around parking lots and sanitary facilities, entrance and exit areas, or other surfaces to illuminate far-reaching areas. Effective lighting creates a safe environment.


Water-filled traffic barriers create red-and-white striped lines. Moreover, these lines offer a special signal effect. Similarly, these form a traffic guidance system. This system guides athletes and road users to their destination. You can quickly make short-term changes to these systems. We offer interlocking and movable guide elements for quick changes.

Trip-free Due to Cable Protection

We offer cable protection in many designs. We offer XXL versions with wide channels. You can use these channels for fire hoses. Moreover, you can also use these channels for other cables with large diameters. We also offer suitable barrier-free versions. Similarly, we offer ramps for wheelchair users.

Site Materials: Tailored to Your Needs

If needed, we will be happy to take care of the delivery. Moreover, we will also offer:

  • Transportation
  • Assembly
  • Dismantling

We use the following elements to determine the section: occasion, location, and individual requirements. This way, site materials offer an efficient assembly process. Moreover, it offers a quick dismantling phase. Similarly, it also offers more safety.