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Portable Hand Washing Stations

Hygiene measures and thirst-quenchers for outdoor events

Portable handwashing stations are necessary for water supply at music festivals. Moreover, these are important for open-air events. You can use these for washing hands or refilling empty drinking bottles. Above all, fresh water is essential.

Effective Thirst Quenchers and Best Hygiene

You can handle the basic needs of people with transportable drinking options. Moreover, you can also use transportable washing facilities. Our units help support health and hygiene by keeping everyone hydrated, clean, and refreshed.

Mobile Sink and Rater Refilling Stations

We provide different models to fulfill different site needs. We offer a mobile sink. It offers sufficient washing places. Moreover, it creates the best conditions for more cleanliness. Similarly, our water refilling station offers quick and easy access to water.



The various mobile sanitary systems can offer clean water for drinking, brushing teeth, washing hands, and face.

Moreover, the system is useful at large open-air gatherings, such as:

  • Major Festivals
  • Exhibitions
  • Other Events

The Right Refreshment for Several Visitors

The mobile sinks and water refilling stations offer various taps. Moreover, several people can use these at the same time. Similarly, they can refresh and cool down at any time. Moreover, these are helpful during periods of high temperatures. These are also helpful after dance concerts. People can fill empty bottles in no time.

Quick and Easy to Set Up

You can quickly and easily set up our portable handwashing stations. Moreover, these offer efficiency. Similarly, these are available for thirst or hygiene needs. In this way, the facilities ensure a significant part of the sanitary supply.


We offer Water refilling stations. Moreover, these facilities are a key feature of every campsite. These are also useful for multi-day major events.

If you need a sufficient supply of drinking water at events, eps can help. We can calculate the needed number of units. Each drinking water module has several stainless steel water taps. Moreover, these offer an auto-closure function.

All-Round Freedom of Movement

We offer space-saving designs. These are accessible from both sides. Moreover, various people can use the taps simultaneously. Similarly, these offer comfortable freedom of movement. The efficient system helps reduce long wait lines.

Robust, Stable, and Safe

The steel frame offers stability. Moreover, it offers steadiness. High-quality stainless-steel tubes offer durable properties. The fittings also offer:

  • Water-Saving Design
  • Environmentally-Friendly Properties
  • Self-Closing Mechanism


Mobile sinks are key to the overall hygiene and health of an event site. This is a hygienic measure that plays an essential role in terms of health. The mobile sink is used at large open-air events. Moreover, it offers several long sinks. Similarly, these are accessible from both sides and many taps.

Accessible from Several Sides

We offer a space-saving design. The arrangement of water points is reachable from several sides. Moreover, the system offers many washing places in a small area. Folding and unfolding stand offers more freedom of movement. Moreover, it makes transport easier.

Stable and Non-Slip

This sanitary facility offers environmentally friendly taps. Moreover, it also offers self-closing taps. It also comes with:

  • A Stable Steel Frame
  • Non-Slip Wooden Floor
  • Stainless-Steel Fittings


Moreover, we can handle all tasks from:

  • Planning
  • Transport
  • Connection Work
  • Cleaning
  • Disposal with Pump Trucks

If there are no (sewer) connections on-site, we can help. We provide drinking water and wastewater tanks. You can supplement the sink system with clip-on mirrors. Moreover, you can also get soap dispensers.

Site Orientation Through Banners and Flags

eps offers custom fence banners and flags. Moreover, these flags help guests find their way to the sanitary facilities quickly.