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A foundation for successful events

Infrastructure for festivals: It takes more than a good program or nice weather to make a festival and experience. A perimeter fence, controlled entry areas, or a stable foundation under the stage gives us the feeling of security. Therefore, our mobile festival equipment includes mobile fencing, admission systems, ground and lawn protection, and mobile sanitary facilities, and much more. Moreover, it makes a decisive contribution to relaxed high spirits.

We are at home on the festival grounds

From event flooring to spectator seating to crowd management: we take care of it all and feel at home on the entire festival site. Our detailed CAD plans help keep everything in view.



Show your festival wristband, grab a good spot – enjoy. By the time the show starts, everyone has already used most of the event equipment. Moreover, the equipment depends on the type of festival and the location.

Sufficient number of parking spaces

Therefore, if it’s a large music festival in a green area, mobile event flooring will provide a sufficient number of parking spaces that are safe for driving. Moreover, the ground or lawn protection systems are also ideal as load-bearing substructures for mobile sanitary systems, stage constructions, or in the spectator area. These always depend on the subsoil and the load. Therefore, a crowd separation system guides guests safely through the barrier.

Bleachers and chairs for optimal comfort

Moreover, printed event banners and flags serve as important orientation aids to facilitate the search for paramedics, emergency exits, or the nearest WC. In the audience area, mobile spectator stands or suitable chairs for events, such as the Big Boy or Samsonite A, provide optimum comfort. Therefore, we offer all this and other rental equipment, such as cable bridges, mobile light poles, or production vehicles. A well-thought-out festival infrastructure is one of the pillars on which event success is built.


Long-time festival-goers can certainly tell you a thing or two about it: Mud. The solution is lawn or ground protection. Moreover, depending on their load-bearing capacity, the mobile covers open up load-bearing and non-slip surfaces and access routes.

Transport routes to the stage area

Similarly, these provide excellent grip for pedestrians and vehicles. Among other things, this creates a temporary parking lot. Moreover, these create transport routes to the stage area or temporary paths that run along the camping or glamping grounds between the accommodations and various sanitary facilities such as event toilets, event showers, and drinking water stations. Our heavy-duty aluminum panels, such as our Arena Panels, are versatile and especially suitable for soft grounds.

Ensuring cleanliness and hygiene

Moreover, our eps Pro turf protection system or flexible floor protection systems, such as Easymats or Hexagon, adapt perfectly to uneven surfaces. In addition to effectively protecting the ground and ensuring its load-bearing capacity, appropriate infrastructure for festivals also ensures cleanliness and hygiene. If there are enough sanitary facilities distributed on the site, this speaks for the quality of the event.


In all this, customized barrier solutions are indispensable. We offer complete perimeter fencing with a mobile fence for the demarcation of individual areas, such as backstages, sponsors, and press lounges. Moreover, these also support areas in certain price categories, such as the Golden Circle. Stable and individually tailored barriers ensure safety. Therefore, these are of great importance for crowd management.

Various combination possibilities

Our pressure-stable GIGS barricades are ideal for large events with heavy crowds. Moreover, they can be used as front-of-stage barriers and effectively secure stages, FOHs and delay towers, and many other areas. The modular construction system and various special elements open up maximum flexibility and a wide range of possible combinations.

Controlled entry and exit

Moreover, our product range also includes construction fences, barriers, and police barriers. As a supplement to the barrier systems, we offer stable entry gates such as our GIGS IO Gate or GIGS Smart Gate. These allow controlled entry and exit and convince with innovative functions.

crowd-control-barriers-in-Chicago -Los-Angeles-2.jpg


If you are well taken care of and can also choose between different accommodations or viewing platforms, you will feel good. We make sure of that. Moreover, this includes setting up short walking distances and shuttle services with comfortable production vehicles. Therefore, this includes the Club Car. Lighting systems, such as the Hydro Power Cube or the flagpole with Powermoon®, facilitate nighttime stage setups, illuminate info points, escape routes, and other important areas.

Benefit from decades of experience

On request, we also provide support with professional CAD planning or concepts for glamping and VIP areas, in addition to transport, setup, and dismantling work. Those who make use of our services benefit from decades of experience and comprehensive know-how.

Plan B is always in the hand

Moreover, we ensure that everything runs smoothly long before the first grid is in place and even after the last screw has been picked up from the ground. We have little influence on the weather. However, we always have a plan B and the right infrastructure for festivals up our sleeve.