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Efficient transportation for artists, crew, and VIPs across event sites

With a Golf Cart, guests, VIPs, and event team members can quickly and comfortably travel from one place to another. We offer high-quality golf cars in two- or four-seater options, powered by gasoline and covered for added convenience. These production vehicles are ideal for medium-sized event sites, ensuring safe and efficient transportation for all.


  • Suitable for use in pedestrian areas
  • Electric or petrol-powered options are available
  • Available with a windshield and a roof

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  • USA

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Escort Vehicles for Large Events
Stadiums and Arenas
Greenfield Sites

Tired of traveling around the event site? No Problem. Our team has the solution for all your needs.


The Golf Buggy is designed to easily transport passengers and cargo. Equipped with a trailer coupling, it allows for the transport of extensive materials in the trailer. This gasoline-powered buggy also comes with a windshield and a roof for added comfort. Available in various designs and colors, it offers versatility and style for your transportation needs.

Product Description

Our Golf Cart is available in two variants to suit your needs. The two-seater variant weighs around 355 kilograms (562.18 pounds) and features a functional loading area. With dimensions of approximately 2.40 meters (94.49 inches) in length, 1.18 meters (46.46 inches) in width, and 1.70 meters (66.93 inches) in height, it offers compact yet efficient transportation.

Golf Cart in Different Variants

We also offer a four-seater variant that is slightly longer, higher, and minimally heavier for larger groups. It measures around 2.60 meters (102.36 inches) in length, 1.18 meters (46.46 inches) in width, 1.77 meters (69.69 inches) in height, and weighs approximately 365 kilograms (804.69 pounds). Both variants are available in dark green and red, and we can handle delivery and collection upon request.

Technical Data
Aluminum chassis and frame
Dimensions (l x w x h)
Two-seater: 2.4 × 1.18 × 1.7 m
Four-seater: 2.6 × 1.18 × 1.77 m
Two-seater: ca. 355 kg
Four-seater: ca. 365 kg
E. g. Dark green, Red
Additional Information
Available as a gasoline engine or, on request, with electric drive and, if required, with road approval
Two-seater: 11 pcs. incl. transport platform
per semitrailer
Four-seater: 8 pcs. incl. transport platform
per semitrailer
Optional Extras

At our company, we prioritize efficient and convenient delivery of our Golfmobiles. We can accommodate up to eight four-seater or eleven two-seater Golfmobiles on a semitrailer, which are loaded using a forklift truck with a two-ton load capacity. Each Golfmobile is delivered as standard on a stable transport platform, ensuring safe transportation.

Sustainable Electric Model Option

As part of our commitment to sustainability, we also offer a model with an electric drive, providing an eco-friendly transportation solution for your event. This electric model guarantees optimal mobility while minimizing environmental impact. By choosing our Golf Cart, you can enjoy the convenience of a single-source solution for all your rental needs, including cost-efficient transport options.


  • eps offers a range of pedestrian and drivable flooring to service all site access requirements
  • Cable Protectors are available to safeguard equipment and audiences across event sites


A golf cart is ideal for ferrying reduced mobility attendees, crew, artists and VIPS around event sites


The Club Car is designed with ergonomic seats, comfortable backrests, and generous legroom, providing excellent seating comfort for passengers. The easy-to-reach controls and simple steering ensure ease of operation, making it user-friendly for all. The chassis and frame of the Golf Cart are made from durable aluminum, ensuring its longevity as a reliable companion for your transportation needs.

Reliable Protection and Smooth Operation

One of the advantages of the Golf Cart over other production vehicles is its roof and windshield, which provide reliable protection from wind and weather, ensuring a comfortable ride for passengers. The Golf Cart also operates quietly, allowing for smooth and peaceful transportation. However, for larger event areas and more challenging terrain, we recommend faster vehicles, such as the Gator, designed for transporting materials in such conditions.

Advantages and Benefits arrow down
  • Suitable for use in pedestrian areas
  • Available with a windshield and a roof
  • Electric or petrol-powered options are available
  • Road-legal options available
Application Details arrow down

The Golf Cart option is ideal for management staff, including the technical director, supervisor, or site crew leader, as it allows them to cover a large area during event preparations. This significantly reduces workload and accelerates the overall process, making it a valuable asset for event management.

Press, artist, and VIP shuttle

Furthermore, the Golf Cart serves as an excellent press, artist, and VIP shuttle within the venue. Influential personalities, stars, and journalists on festival or stadium grounds can rely on the Golf Cart for quick, comfortable, and safe transportation from point A to point B and back. This option is suitable even in inclement weather conditions, such as rain and mud, ensuring reliable performance throughout the event.