The Arena Panel system is custom designed by eps for use in stadiums and other large-scale venues that need to accommodate heavy equipment and/or large crowds. The system can function as a stable base for large stages and grandstands or as safe access for forklifts, site traffic and heavy goods vehicles.

Technical Data
strand-cast aluminum
Dimensions (l x w x h)
2.15 x 3.00 x 0.048 m (7 ft 1 in x 9 ft 10 in x 2 in)
approx. 190 kg (419 lbs) per panel
slightly textured, pedestrian-friendly surface with fully retracted nuts and bolts
geotextile or EnkaMat®
approx. 806.25 m² (8,678 ft²)
125 panels per truck


Arena Panels connect on all sides via an internal bolt and plate system creating a completely even surface and ensuring the most efficient weight distribution possible. Capable of supporting the heaviest of loads, the panels are also compact and light enough that they can be laid manually with the help of a forklift.


Special ground issues, difficult terrain? No problem. Our team has got the right solution for all your needs.


  • Pedestrian-friendly textured grip and counter-sunk connections
  • Weight distribution of load protects subsurface and reduces compression
  • Supports access for heavy vehicles up to a maximum weight of 12 tons per axel
  • More efficiently transportable compared with other aluminum roadways
  • eps Box Panels are recommended for uneven/undulating ground conditions
  • Constructed from 100% recyclable materials


  • Ramp accessories to ensure safe and smooth transitions to subsurfaces
  • ADA Ramps facilitate wheelchair access
  • eps offers an optional range of underlays to protect subsurfaces and adapt to ground conditions
  • Transition products seamlessly connect Arena Panels with other ground and turf protection systems
  • Flexi Panels create seamless curves in roadways
  • Compatible with eps’s range of pedestrian and drivable flooring
  • Cable Protectors are available to safeguard equipment and audiences on the event floor
  • eps offers CAD design to help optimize planning processes


  • Stadiums: turf and running-track protection
  • Greenfield sites
  • Sensitive ground protection
  • Temporary event spaces
  • Temporary access roads