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Safe separation of areas and routes to protect vehicles and pedestrians

If one Water-filled Traffic Barriers element joins the other, it creates red and white lines with signal characters. These indicate, for example, the route for cyclists. Moreover, they separate the roadway from the public area or guide traffic past temporary obstacles. Similarly, these lane dividers mark the different lanes at parking lots, airports, companies, trade fairs, or other event sites.


  • Safely separate crowds and vehicles
  • Flexible and highly adaptive
  • Ease of installation makes Water-filled Traffic Barriers suitable for dry hire
North & South America
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Route Demarcation and Safety
Lane Delineation
Road Closures
Road Races
Sporting Events
Greenfield Sites
Corporate Events

Special traffic guidance issues? No problem. Our team has got the right solution for all your needs.


The Water-filled Traffic Barriers’ white and red plastic elements are each 1.25 meters long (49.2 inches), 35 centimeters wide (13.80 inches), and 50 centimeters high (19.70 inches). With their weight of 7.50 kilograms (17 pounds), you can transport them easily and quickly.

Product Description

Furthermore, the guide elements stand out as robust and durable. Therefore, you can firmly connect them. Similarly, they remain flexible enough so you can variably assemble them up to an angle of 90°.

Water and alternative filling material

Moreover, each guide element has reflectors. These reflectors make it easy to see even in the dark. Similarly, we carry out the linear assembly and disassembly using a plug-in system. You can fill the elements with water to increase the weight and thus the stability. Moreover, you can also use sand as an alternative filling material for the Water-filled Traffic Barriers.

Technical Data
Dimensions (l x w x h)
1.25 × 0.35 × 0.50 m
(49.2 × 13.8 × 19.7 in)
Rare weight: 7.50 kg (17 lbs)
Water filled: approx. 110 kg (243 lbs)
Red and white
30 Pallets à 10 units per standard trailer
Approx. 375 m (1,230 ft)
Optional Extras

The generally temporary traffic facility achieves a high signal effect. This is because of its red and white color scheme, resulting from juxtaposing the individual guide elements. Moreover, useful accessories can attract attention even at nightfall. Therefore, we offer additional accessories to our clients.

Equipped with reflectors

For this purpose, we equip each element with reflectors on both sides at the top center. Therefore, the Water-filled Traffic Barriers ensure maximum safety in any place, especially at any time.


  • Temporary Fencing
  • Crowd Control Barriers
  • Grandstands
  • eps offers a range of pedestrian and drivable flooring to service all site access requirements
  • eps offers CAD design to help optimize the planning process


Water-Filled Traffic Barriers are ideal for sporting events, road races, traffic management and construction sites


Water-filled Traffic Barriers enable the construction of a highly stable and extremely flexible link chain. Moreover, angles up to 90° can optimally adapt the chain to roadways and obstacles. Therefore, you can realize curved routes without any problems.

You can fill it with water or sand

Moreover, thanks to this flexibility, you can adapt installed rows to new situations anytime. When empty, you can move the elements with a light touch. Similarly, they absorb more impact energy when filled with water or sand. However, you might want to use them as a purely visual marker for a route or to yield in the event of an impact. Therefore, you can also use them empty or only partially filled.

Quick assembly and disassembly

You can transport Water-filled Traffic Barriers in a space-saving manner. Moreover, the simple plug-in system favors short assembly and disassembly times. Similarly, the robust material withstands collisions very well and makes use over long periods possible.

Advantages and Benefits arrow down
  • Quick deployment
  • Safely separate crowds and vehicles
  • Lightweight at only 7.50 kg (17 lbs) when empty
  • Highly stable when filled
  • Ease of installation makes Water-filled Traffic Barriers suitable for dry hire
  • Effective traffic management solution
  • Flexible and highly adaptive
Application Details arrow down

Water-filled Traffic Barriers are ideal for temporary traffic management and flexible route design. Furthermore, they create the best possible conditions for a smooth traffic flow. Therefore, you can use these for sporting events, road races, traffic management, and construction sites. You can also implement short-term changes to the lanes in no time with the firmly interlocking and movable individual elements.

Traffic guidance system with signal effect

The temporary traffic conditions are always transparent with this traffic guidance system. Whether at a major sporting event, at another event, or on a construction site: due to Water-filled Traffic Barriers and their colorful signal effect, athletes, motorists, or other road users can reach their destination safely.