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Suitable material solutions

Success is based on customized infrastructure for concerts and tours. Moreover, it’s what happens on stage that counts. However, in which setting a concert takes place is at least as relevant. Therefore, the following applies: The material makes the music. It is important how heavy loads can safely reach the stage area. What the stage stands on is also important. How audience areas, backstage, and VIP areas are designed is also relevant.

We help to run your shows smoothly

Mobile sanitary facilities are an important part of the planning. Moreover, precisely calculated audience seating is also important. From load-bearing event floors that are gentle on the ground to well-organized visitor guidance: We pull out all the stops to ensure that shows run smoothly. In the process, we also make contactless access control possible.



It pays to delve deeper into the world of music. Some people are familiar with the variety and differences between individual music genres and concert formats. Therefore, they can equip concert venues to suit their style and needs. Moreover, the different tours and individual shows require individual measures.

Some like to summarize that all the trappings are a basic requirement for successful performances. The respective venues and their special features also dictate the choice of concert equipment.

For those who prefer to enjoy music seated

Moreover, personal wishes also play a major role. We cover all areas with our extensive rental equipment, ranging from floor protection to flagpoles. For those who prefer to enjoy music from a seated position, we have the appropriate temporary grandstand and comfortable concert seating. Moreover, our stable barriers create safe spectator, stage, and backstage areas.

Load-bearing foundations, walkways, and transport routes

Therefore, we also offer selected ground and turf protection systems that create load-bearing foundations, walkways, and transport routes. Similarly, open-air concerts have different requirements than concert events in halls or clubs. Therefore, we organize what is needed for beautiful and unique concert visits. We also offer mobile space systems.


A key objective with thoroughly planned infrastructure for concerts and tours is safe visitor guidance. Therefore, we provide several barrier systems. These include mobile fencing, bike racks, or police fencing, as well as high-quality printed banners and flags and cable protectors such as cable bridges.

Effective crowd management

An event fence encloses the concert area. Stage fences secure the stage area, the Golden Circle, or other selected audience areas. Moreover, appropriate concert banners mark escape routes and construction fence tarpaulins shield backstage and VIP areas. Similarly, special barricade attachments serve as visual protection for concerts.

Particularly effective crowd management: Especially at large events, our GIGS barricades offer a high level of security. The stage barricades can withstand extreme crowd pressure. Moreover, the modular construction principle and various special elements open up highly flexible and multifunctional barrier solutions.

Use innovative functions and accelerate entrance processes

Contactless access control? That works without a hitch with our GIGS Smart Gate. The access system features a turnstile and ticket scanning system that speeds up admission processes.

Therefore, we carry various other admission gates that also impress with innovative functions. Similarly, a functionally well-thought-out personnel airlock is indispensable at concerts.

crowd-control-barriers-in-Chicago -Los-Angeles-2.jpg


Does the musical event take place in a green area, on a paved market place or on the noble floor of a ballroom? Suitable event flooring types make up an important part of the concert equipment. Therefore, it offers special protection to natural and sensitive substrates. Moreover, they increase their load-bearing capacity. Similarly, they pave safe paths for pedestrians and vehicles.

Ensure enough amount of parking lots

Moreover, heavy-duty floor protection systems, such as our aluminum panels or Remopla, serve as stable foundations for stages, information stands, or mobile WCs. The various systems are ideal depending on the type of ground and load.

Lawn protection is primarily ideal in public areas. Moreover, our eps Pro turf protection solution can be ideal under delay towers and FOHs. It ensures a sufficient number of parking spaces.


Moreover, our wide range of products includes sanitary systems and helpful site equipment. Therefore, these include production vehicles and mobile floodlight poles, such as the Hydro Power Cube or our flagpole with Powermoon®.

For concerts and locations of any type and size

Event equipment is part of our core business. Moreover, this also includes various services, such as the preparation of clear CAD drawings, professional touring logistics, or set-up and dismantling. On request, we supply everything from a single source.

On top of that, we are globally positioned and extremely well-networked. This enables us to offer complete individual solutions all over the world. Therefore, we offer solutions for concerts and tours of all sizes and locations of all kinds.

Advantages on all aspects

With our know-how and high-quality products, we efficiently create safe conditions for concert participants, musicians, and helpers everywhere. Advantages on all sides include an individually and carefully coordinated infrastructure for concerts and tours.