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Site equipment for safe construction sites: ground protection mats and infrastructure

The construction or reconstruction of a project is a complex challenge. You must coordinate the construction site facilities, equipment, and logistics. Moreover, this ensures that construction equipment, personnel, and materials are always available. Tailored planning and site equipment, including temporary roadways, are essential. Moreover, these coordinate construction site infrastructure processes efficiently and cost-effectively.

Health and safety

eps offers more than 25 years of experience. Moreover, eps offers 3,000 satisfied customers worldwide every year. Therefore, eps can support you in coordinating your construction site infrastructure. Health and safety is a top priority for us.

You can take advantage of our planning expertise. Moreover, you can benefit from our know-how and broad product portfolio. Similarly, we support you in turning your idea and vision into reality. Moreover, we also offer assistance with customized and professional CAD plans.



The construction of a project requires precise planning. Moreover, it also requires comprehensive construction site facilities and equipment. Similarly, this includes portable roadways. However, the acquisition of materials and tools is often associated with high costs. Therefore, renting is the best solution for your project.

Site equipment and infrastructure planning

Our experienced project management and logistics teams plan the temporary construction site facilities and equipment for you. Moreover, we organize, deliver and assemble the desired rental material. Similarly, we take care of the planning and delivery of transportation routes. Therefore, it includes access mats and temporary roadways.

Construction with eps: Just in time, just in place

You get all services from a single source with eps. Moreover, we offer a single contact for consulting, support, service, and material rental. Therefore, you can start work “just in time” and “just in place“.


Load-bearing substrates for safe horizontal haul roads, fundaments, and surfaces are essential for construction site facilities. Moreover, you can use temporary roads as mobile heavy equipment mats or ground covers. These are reliable systems for reducing pavement damage, preventing stuck loads, increasing work safety, and protecting the environment.

Ideal Ground Protection Mats for Every Project

Our broad product portfolio includes ground protection for different substrates, loads, and tractions. For example, we offer mobile roads made of aluminum. Moreover, these include Box Panels and HD Panels. Similarly, these include roadways made of plastic, such as PistEco, Easymats, and Hexagon, or the rubber ground protection mats Remopla. Therefore, you can put your construction projects on solid ground with our systems.



The protection of people and property is a top priority in any construction site infrastructure. Therefore, temporary ground protection matting contributes to safety. However, site security and access control are an essential part of construction site facilities.

We will provide suitable construction fencing, including gates and emergency exits. Access controls, known from the event industry as line-up gates, can offer additional protection for employees and the entire construction area.

Cable covers

Our robust, modular cable protection systems offer optimum protection for cables, wires, and hoses. Moreover, they guide them across the site in orderly paths and cover them safely. Similarly, they provide employees and vehicles with surfaces free of tripping hazards. Therefore, you can walk and drive over these surfaces without any problems. Moreover, these are available in various designs. Similarly, we also offer the systems in XXL, extra-flat, and wheelchair-accessible versions.

Construction site lighting

We install mobile lighting to monitor your site infrastructure. Moreover, this allows us to continue the work at night. You can quickly install our robust lighting systems. Therefore, you can provide a safe environment. Moreover, you can choose between the transportable floodlight pole Hydro Power Cube or the mobile flagpole with Powermoon®.