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Efficient Transportation for Large Event Sites

Production vehicles provide swift and convenient transportation across event sites for VIPs, artists, and crew members, as well as their equipment. Event managers overseeing the setup and dismantling process can cover distances quickly, ensuring smooth workflows in the event sector.

Material Transport or Shuttle

Our range includes gas-powered vehicles in various designs. Our covered Club Car is perfect for use as a press, artist, or VIP shuttle, ensuring comfortable transportation even in rainy weather. For transporting materials, the all-terrain John Deere Gator is an ideal option. We also offer a model approved for use on public roads for transportation in outdoor areas.

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Similarly to the range of other products, we focus on quality in production and commercial vehicles because high-quality transport vehicles ensure durability and high safety. Our comfortable Golf Carts and other proven transport vehicles reliably bring guests from one place to another, even on bumpy and muddy surfaces.

Speed Up Work Flows

Our vehicles come with trailer couplings, allowing you to effortlessly transport materials, tools, and other equipment on trailers. Fast transport suitable for off-road use is increasingly relevant at larger festivals or other open-air events in extensive event areas. Production vehicles greatly relieve staff, shortening travel times and accelerating work processes.


We are keen to work with you to promote environment-friendly transport. We provide gasoline-powered production vehicles and e-vehicles, depending on your requirements. For example, the golf caddy is available as a model with an electric drive.

Aluminum: Long-Lasting, Low-Maintenance, Recyclable

We focus on sustainable materials and manufacturing processes. For instance, the chassis and frame of the Club Car are made of aluminum. This highly durable and long-lasting material requires less maintenance than other metals. Therefore, it requires less energy and is easy to recycle.


  • Electric drive models
  • Long-lasting, recyclable aluminum frames and chassis


Production vehicles, such as the Club Car, are equipped with a roof and windshield, which protect against wind and weather. Additionally, ergonomic seats with comfortable backrests and generous legroom increase comfort. The elegantly designed Golf Cart features easy-to-reach controls and simple steering for added convenience.

Two-Seater With Loading Area or Four-Seater

The production vehicle, with its aluminum chassis, runs quietly and is ideal for staff transportation on medium-sized event sites. It can also serve as a transport vehicle for the technical director and management staff or a shuttle for VIPs. The vehicle is available as a two- or four-seater and in various colors. The two-seater model also features a helpful loading area.


The John Deere Gator is relatively fast. Its high speed is helpful when transporting materials over vast event areas. This applies, for example, to the construction and dismantling of large-scale construction fences. Moreover, the special off-road capability even enables driving on difficult ground.

Utility Vehicle With Road Permit

This robust utility vehicle can transport quite heavy loads without any problems. Both models come as two-seaters with a loading area. Moreover, both also feature easy-to-grip and intuitively understandable controls. In addition to the Gator CX, we also rent the Gator TS, which is also available with a road permit if necessary. This means that drivers with the appropriate license can also access parking lots, campgrounds, or other outdoor areas that are part of the public traffic area.

Escort Vehicles for Large Events
Stadiums and Arenas
Greenfield Sites


We are happy to take care of the delivery and removal of the production vehicles on request. Moreover, we can carry out both with other rental products. You can transport a combination of different types of vehicles, such as Golf Caddies and Club Cars, on a single articulated truck. We deliver each production vehicle on a solid transport platform or a stable transport rack. Loading is usually done with the help of a forklift truck, which should have a suitable load capacity.

Golf Caddy With Electric Drive

Besides the gasoline-powered models, we also provide Golf Caddies with an electric drive on request. Regardless of the model, first-class production vehicles guarantee reliable mobility. Therefore, this significantly contributes to successfully staging larger open-air events.


  • Implementation of local approval requirements and administrative formalities
  • Delivery and removal
  • Cleaning

Enough of walking around the event area? No problem. Our team will be happy to help you.


Would you instead look on your own first? Our checklist can assist you in selecting the right product. Check it out.
  • How large is the event site?
  • What should be the maximum speed limit for the production vehicles?
  • What type of terrain will they be driving on? Will the ground be bumpy or uneven, and are there any steep inclines or declines?
  • What is the expected weather during the event or construction project, and how might it impact the terrain or road conditions? Will there be potential for mud or other challenges?
  • What is the intended purpose of the vehicles - for management staff, VIP shuttles, or materials transport?
  • Which vehicle models are best suited for the intended purpose - should they have a loading area, trailer hitch, roof, two-seater, or four-seater capacity?
  • What type of loads will the vehicles need to carry? Will any special permits or licenses be required for the vehicles, and who will be responsible for obtaining them?
  • Where precisely will the production vehicles be used? Will they require a road permit to operate in public traffic areas, such as parking, camping, or other outdoor areas?