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Production Vehicles

Drive quickly and comfortably through large event areas

Production vehicles transport VIPs, artists, and other crew members together with their cargo quickly, comfortably, and safely across the event site. Managers and supervisors can cover their distances much faster.

Material transport or shuttle

We offer electric or gasoline-powered vehicles. Moreover, we offer various designs. Artists and journalists can comfortably reach their destinations with the golf cart. This is ideal as a press, artist, and VIP shuttle. Moreover, it can offer covering even when it rains. The all-terrain gator offers material transportation. You can also use it in public traffic areas.



We focus on quality in production and commercial vehicles. Moreover, our high-quality vehicles offer durability. Similarly, our vehicles offer a high degree of safety. Our comfortable golf carts and vehicles safely transport guests and members. These vehicles also work on bumpy and muddy grounds.

Fast work processes

Usually, the cars have a trailer coupling. Similarly, this coupling helps transport:

  • Material
  • Tools
  • Utensils
  • People

These couplings are useful at larger festivals or open-air events. Such events take place in extensive event areas. Moreover, these events need off-road means of transport. Our vehicles offer relief for the personnel. Moreover, these shorten the travel times. Similarly, these vehicles speed up the work processes.


The golf buggies offer a roof and a windscreen. These items protect against wind and weather. We also offer ergonomic seats. These seats offer comfortable backrests. Moreover, you can enjoy generous legroom. Similarly, it increases comfort. Moreover, the elegantly designed Golf Cart offers easily accessible controls. It also comes with simple steering.

Two or four seats

We use durable aluminum to create chassis and frame for our vehicles. So, these run pleasantly quietly. Moreover, you can use these for transporting people to medium-sized event sites. Similarly, you can use these vehicles as transport vehicles for the technical manager. Other management personnel can also use these vehicles. You can also use our vehicles as shuttles for artists.

Our golf carts are available as two and four-seater. Moreover, you can enjoy various colors.


The Gator is relatively fast. Its high speed pays off. Moreover, it is useful when transporting material across large event areas. For example, you can use our vehicles when dismantling large-scale fencing perimeters. Similarly, we offer special off-road capabilities. These features allow you to drive on difficult ground.

Road Approved

You can transport heavier loads with this robust commercial vehicle. We offer the Gator CX and  the Gator TS.  You can also drive this vehicle across camping sites. Moreover, you can also drive it to outdoor public traffic areas. You need the appropriate driving license for this vehicle.

Both models are two-seaters. Similarly, both vehicles offer a loading area. Moreover, these are easily accessible and offer understandable controls.


If you want, we will take care of the delivery. Moreover, we will also take care of the removal. We offer these services for our other rental products. Moreover, we can transport all vehicles on one articulated lorry. We also deliver each vehicle on a solid transport platform.

Similarly, we also use a stable transport rack. We generally load the vehicles with a forklift truck. This truck offers a suitable load capacity.

Electric Golf Cart

If needed, we provide a golf cart with an electric drive. We also offer petrol-driven models. We guarantee reliable mobility with all vehicles. This can help you with the successful staging of larger open-air events. Our first-class production vehicles are here for you.