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Create Gentle and Stable Event Floors on Green Spaces

Rollaway provides excellent protection for sensitive turf in stadiums, golf courses, and parks, making it ideal for various weather conditions. It also serves as a solid surface for sales stands, stages, or other structures. Additionally, the rolled-up turf protection can withstand moderately heavy loads. Depending on the weather conditions, longer laying times are also possible, making it a versatile and durable option for event flooring.


  • Quick large area laying
  • Non-slip for secure grip
  • Withstands medium-heavy loads

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Greenfield Sites
Stadium Turf Protection
Golf Courses
Under Stages and Grandstands
Underground for Sales Booths
Parking Lots

Special ground issues, difficult terrain? No problem. Our team has got the right solution for all your needs.


Rollaway allows you to easily and quickly cover large areas as it comes in rolls. This plastic turf protection system is designed to withstand light to medium loads and features individual sheets with fins and holes for added stability.

Product Description

The white plastic sheets are made of high-density polyethylene and come in standard sizes of 12 meters (39.37 feet) in length and 2.40 meters (7.87 feet) in width. They weigh 12.80 kilograms per square meter (2.82 pounds per square foot), and customization of sizes is possible to suit specific requirements.

Non-Slip, Weather-Resistant, and Lawn-Friendly

The non-slip and weather-resistant ground covering ensures adequate water and oxygen supply to the lawn through small holes and lamella profile, which also helps distribute loads evenly, preventing punctual stress on the green surface. This protects the turf and promotes the regenerative capacity of the covered lawn.

High Load Capacity and Additional Accessories

Depending on the stability of the substrate, Rollaway can bear up to 4 tons per square meter (881.85 pounds per square foot) under optimal conditions. We also provide accessories such as draw hooks and special transport carts for installation and longitudinal connectors for connecting the strips on the long sides, which act as expansion joints to compensate for material movements.

Technical Data
High-density Polyethylene
Dimensions (l x w x h)
Per Sheet:
12 × 2.40 m (39.37 × 7.87 ft)
12.80 kg/m² (2.82 lbs per ft2)
Additional Information
Non-slip and weather-resistant
Approx. 1,500 m² (16,145.87 ft²) per 13.60 m trailer
Optional Extras

We provide accessories such as draw hooks and special transport carts that are necessary for the installation of Rollaway. Additionally, the turf protection system comes with longitudinal connectors by default, allowing you to connect the strips on the long sides with these elongated and white plastic elements. These connectors also act as expansion joints, explicitly compensating for expansion or other material movements during use.

Compatible with Heavy-Duty Systems and Underlays

Furthermore, Rollaway can be combined with all heavy-duty soil protection systems. We also offer various underlays that provide additional protection for the subsoil, and the choice of appropriate underlay depends on the condition of the soil. This makes it easy to customize and adapt Rollaway to suit different soil types and conditions while ensuring optimal performance and protection for the turf.


  • Underlays for additional protection of the subsoil and better adaptation to the soil conditions
  • Compatible with all drivable floor panels from our range
  • CAD drawings created by eps that optimize the planning process

Rollaway creates turf-friendly and safe surfaces in the blink of an eye


Rollaway’s slatted profile and fine air holes offer many benefits, including optimal load distribution and longer lying times. Additionally, these features ensure adequate ventilation and irrigation of the covered turf, allowing the temporary event floor to remain in place for several days.

Insensitive to High Temperatures and Cold Weather

The durable turf protection system is highly resistant to high temperatures and cold weather. It can cope with temperatures ranging from 50 degrees Fahrenheit and above at the surface, to 20 degrees Fahrenheit below freezing with ease. The associated longitudinal connectors also serve as expansion joints in this context, accommodating any material movements.

Easy Adjustments and Extensions

You can easily adjust the sheets of Rollaway to the desired length in no time, and extend them as necessary by simply plugging them together. Laying out the system is easy and quick, allowing you to create a safe event surface in no time at all.

Advantages and Benefits arrow down
  • Non-slip for a secure grip
  • Quick large-area installation
  • Allows water and air to covered lawns
  • Withstands medium-heavy loads
  • The distribution of the load protects the subsoil and counteracts soil compaction
  • The ease of installation makes Rollaway suitable for dry hire as well as serviced hire
Application Details arrow down

Rollaway offers the best protection for sensitive lawns and can withstand medium to heavy loads, making it ideal for rolling out a load-bearing surface for various outdoor events. It’s perfect for accommodating large crowds of visitors at concerts, heavy equipment, catering stands, grandstands, or smaller festival stages.

Versatile Usage for Grass Areas and Parking Lots

Grass areas such as soccer stadiums, parks, or gardens can be covered with Rollaway for several days, depending on the weather conditions, thanks to the fine air holes and structured lamellar underside. The system is also suitable for constructing parking lots for cars and motorcycles, offering versatile usage options.