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Great Contribution to The Cleanliness and Satisfaction of All

Mobile sanitary systems: Many things that determine our everyday life involve sanitary facilities. We at eps know what form and number of sanitary facilities ensure optimum event comfort.

A Necessity for Every Event

Portable urinal, portable toilet, toilet trolley, or toilet container: mobile toilets are essential to sanitary systems. Moreover, these contribute to the hygiene and satisfaction of all event participants.

If You Need More

Mobile showers like a shower container or shower tent are a boon, especially at multi-day summer festivals. Mobile hand-washing basin: Wash stations like these are the number one place to go at such open-air events. Moreover, their foldable construction offers numerous advantages. Mobile drinking water station: Water retrieval takes less time.

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Mobile sanitary facilities provide appropriate facilities in the fastest way wherever necessary. This usually concerns large open-air events, construction sites, or other temporary projects. Similarly, you can set up portable systems in no time at all. In case of missing (sewer) connections, drinking water and wastewater tanks are simple solutions to guarantee smooth operation.

Sanitary Comfort for The Welfare of Guests, Crew, and Artists

Demand-oriented planning ensures sanitary comfort. Therefore, sufficient toilets, sinks, and showers of appropriate quality should be available in adequate quantities for the well-being of guests, crew members, and artists. After all, hygiene and health have always been closely related. Therefore, we provide mobile sanitary systems of various designs, including barrier-free models for events and other areas of use.


Are you planning to use mobile sanitary systems? There are some aspects to consider that contribute to sustainability. For example, systems with self-closing fittings are always an excellent choice to keep water consumption as low as possible. Moreover, you can further optimize this in the case of mobile showers. For example, you can ask a trained specialist to adjust the water flow to fewer seconds in advance.

Drinking Water Stations Mean Less Packaging Waste

Moreover, large holding tanks for mobile toilets are advantageous because one less intermediate cleaning also reduces the CO₂ footprint. Furthermore, providing a mobile drinking water station or several such washing stations is advisable for all event participants. Therefore, visitors and employees can easily refill their bottles or similar containers. And that, in turn, means less packaging waste.


  • Eco-friendly self-closing fittings to keep water consumption as low as possible
  • Mobile showers, where you can adjust the flow of water
  • Mobile toilets with large holding tanks that allow longer standing times without intermediate cleaning
  • Mobile drinking water station to fill up bottles or similar containers brought along and thus avoid packaging waste


We provide comparatively spacious toilet stalls. So, these also have a generous holding tank. Therefore, long-standing times without intermediate cleaning are possible depending on the area of use. The well-known unisex toilet is often ideal on festival grounds, construction sites, or even at the roadside as part of a sporting event. Whether it is a single mobile toilet or a container with several toilet cabins: We organize WC systems of all kinds.

The Best Choice for Every Event

Mobile sanitary systems are also suitable for events of different sizes, such as the high-quality equipped toilet trolley. Its fold-out stairs allow convenient access to the separate men’s and women’s areas. It is also particularly easy to transport as a two-axle car trailer. With a sturdy toilet container, you can equip the backstage, public, and camping areas of popular festivals, particularly with many WCs. Cabins accessible from the outside and gutter urinals in the immediate vicinity prevent long waiting times.


Mobile sanitary systems, such as compact shower containers, are convincing in different areas. This is especially true regarding events lasting several days or special aid projects such as refugee homes or temporary clinics. A container system proves to be a quickly implementable solution. It provides diverse showering opportunities. Moreover, electronic radiators support well-being.

Custom Shower Solutions

The shower tent is a very spacious and highly flexible sanitary facility for large events. The weatherproof tent can come with several shower modules that provide various shower places. Similarly, you can arrange and combine them in different ways. Furthermore, our versatile range includes furniture and accessories for an individually designed shower tent solution.

Outdoor Events
Sporting Events
Corporate Events
Greenfield Sites
Spectator Areas
Backstage and VIP Areas
Crew Campsites


Washing stations ensure the water supply at large open airs, music festivals, and sports events. They come with various water taps and are accessible from several sides. Therefore, they allow many people to wash their hands, drink or fill empty bottles simultaneously. Also, they enable quicker usage in a space-saving way.

Smart and Space-saving

Steel and stainless steel materials give the hand basin and drinking water units stable and robust properties. The drinking water station taps are also at a convenient height. Smartly designed hand-washing basin: Fold-in and fold-out pedestals create plenty of space for visitors and also prove advantageous during transport. Moreover, if demand is low, we also offer smaller wash units you can place in front of catering tents.

Optional Tools

We offer toilet paper holders, mirrors, towel and soap dispensers, and other necessary utensils. On request, we can also provide all services from planning and installation to cleaning. Everywhere and always well supplied: Mobile sanitary systems reliably cover elementary needs from using the bathroom to brushing teeth.


  • CAD-Drawings
  • Implementation of local approval requirements and administrative formalities
  • Delivery and removal
  • Assembly and disassembly
  • Cleaning in between and at the end

Special mobile sanitary systems needed? No problem. Our team will be happy to help you.


Would you instead look on your own first? Our checklist helps with product selection. Check It Out.
  • How many visitors, artists, and employees do you expect? How many sanitary systems would ensure good hygiene, sufficient comfort, and the shortest waiting times for them?
  • How large is the event site, and at which positions are sanitary facilities necessary to guarantee quick accessibility?
  • What kind of sanitation solutions are already in place?
  • Is it a one-day or multi-day event, and will mobile showers be needed?
  • What site conditions do you need to consider? How much space is available for set-up and dismantling?
  • What is the nature of the subsoil at the respective sites? Is ground protection necessary there?
  • Are barricades such as a temporary fence, including privacy screens, needed for separation, demarcation, and screening?
  • At what time will the event take place, and is lighting required in the sanitary areas, if any?
  • How well are the sanitary areas visible, and are outdoor flags, banners, and mobile flagpoles necessary for better orientation?
  • How important should the topic of sustainability be at the event? How about a drinking water station to avoid unnecessary waste by bringing your own refillable bottles?