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Lightweight Floor Covering System for Heavy Loads

Arena Light Panels are a ground protection system, ideal for stadiums and similar venues. They are suitable for large events that require heavy-duty traffic for set-up and tear-down on sensitive ground. Similarly, they can handle the heaviest loads despite their lower weight than similar systems.

They ensure safe substructures in stage areas and are ideal for access roads suitable for heavy loads on softer subfloors. Moreover, they are also perfect for spectator areas. You can lay down the lightweight aluminum panels by hand or use the new panel laying machines with vacuum technology for faster installation (please check the video below).


  • Comparatively light and still highly durable
  • Easy to lay by hand, no crane truck required
  • High transport efficiency
North & South America
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Protection of Sensitive Soils
Stadium Turf
Stage Areas
Temporary Access Roads
Fire Department Road Detour
Parking Lots
Storage Areas
Under Temporary Structures

Installation of aluminum heavy-duty Arena Light Panels with semi-automated laying machines (double-click on video to enlarge)


Special ground issues, difficult terrain? No problem. Our team has got the right solution for all your needs.


The Arena Light Panel by eps is a lightweight solution among heavy-duty systems. It weighs just 143 kilograms (315 pounds). One panel measures approximately 6.45 square meters (69.43 square feet). It is also relatively flat, with 3.50 centimeters (13.77 inches). We made it from continuously cast aluminum. Therefore, the system has a slightly profiled surface.

Product Description

The silver-colored, unpainted aluminum panels have a sturdy, fire-resistant texture. We deliver the highly transport-efficient Arena Light Panels in packages of 12 panels each on a standard truck trailer. Moreover, transport by standard sea container is also possible. Similarly, we will gladly take care of the transport. Moreover, we can handle the assembly and disassembly on request. If necessary, one of our assembly managers will assist on-site. We also offer the material for long-term rental.

Excellent Load Distribution and Load Capacity

You can firmly bolt Arena Light Panels together on all sides. Therefore, you can create closed, level, and trip-free surfaces in no time. Similarly, these surfaces guarantee excellent load distribution and load-bearing capacity. Therefore, the substrate is effectively safe from high point loads. The compact heavy-duty slabs also have another advantage. You can quickly and effortlessly lay them down by hand with the aid of a forklift truck.

Technical Data
Strand-cast aluminum
Dimensions (l x w x h)
2.098 × 3.078 × 0.035 m (82.598 × 121.181 × 13.77 inches)
Approx. 143 kg per Panel (315 pounds)
Slightly profiled, pedestrian-friendly surface with fully retractable connecting screws
Geotextile or EnkaMat
Additional Information
Passable for vehicles with up to 12 t (26455 lbs) axle load
170 Arena Light Panels per 13.60 m tarpaulin / tautliner
Approx. 1,105 m² (11,894 ft²)
Optional Extras

We keep all the utensils necessary for laying ready. Therefore, our collection includes screws, washers, and the corresponding tools. Supplementary underlays such as PE film, non-woven geotextile, or EnkaMat prevent contamination. These also protect green areas at high temperatures.

Ramp Elements for Safe Access

Ramps provide smooth transitions between the laid floor protection panels and the covered subsoil. Therefore, we offer various ramp elements for this ground protection. Moreover, this allows safe access and relaxed ascents and descents. Similarly, you can seamlessly combine Arena Light Panels with other ground and turf protection systems, such as eps Pro or Supa-Trac.


  • Various ramps for safe and smooth transitions to the covered substrate
  • Optional underlays for additional protection of the subsoil and for better adaptation to the soil conditions
  • Compatible with many other soil or turf protection systems from our range
  • Cable covers to protect cables laid on the ground, guests and personnel
  • CAD drawings by eps that optimize the planning process


Arena Light Panels are ideal as light but strong floor protection for sensitive surfaces, as shown here at Ed Sheeran Concert in Frankfurt, Germany


If you opt for the lightweight yet heavy-duty Arena Light Panels, you will not need a crane truck for installation. You can easily lift the panels by hand and place them at the desired location with the help of the appropriate tools. All that is necessary to secure the material supply is a forklift truck.

Suitable for Pedestrians and Free of Tripping Hazards

Furthermore, the floor panels are particularly suitable for pedestrians compared to other heavy-duty systems. This is due to the light surface profiling that provides a firm grip. Due to recessed screws, Arena Light Panels open up surfaces free of tripping hazards. Therefore, you can also use these in spectator areas.

Advantages and Benefits arrow down
  • Comparatively light and yet highly stable
  • Enable access for heavy vehicles up to a maximum weight of 12 t per axle
  • Easy to lay by hand, no crane truck necessary
  • High transport efficiency
  • Pedestrian-friendly, slightly profiled anti-slip surface and recessed connecting screws
  • Load distribution protects the subsoil and counteracts soil compaction
Application Details arrow down

The panels are particularly suitable as a base for temporary structures. Moreover, they create stable foundations and temporary access roads for trucks, cranes, and forklifts. Similarly, they are also ideal for the short-term construction of safe parking lots, parking and storage areas. They can also be ideal in public areas thanks to their pedestrian-friendly nature.

Easily Meet High Requirements

Soft, sensitive surfaces receive the best possible protection. Therefore, if arenas, soccer stadiums, or similar venues are subject to high load requirements, the aluminum system proves to be a good choice. After all, Arena Light Panels can withstand large crowds and heavy vehicles with ease.